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In Norway, when the draft was being extended to women, this was actively opposed by the feminists.

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A very, very common feminist tactic early on was to actually push for genuine equality - knowing that it wouldn't ever pass.


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Kushner isn't mentioned anywhere, only Trump and Ivanka. And why is he a "rat"? A rat is usually thought of as a snitch.

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He’s seen an uptick in interest among black voters, so now he’s pandering to them with some vague promises. What did you expect?

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Well, it comes from the cities mostly. I have found that even in California you don’t have to go far into the countryside to find people rolling their eyes at this bullshit. You’ll hear about it on the news of course.

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....and where were they when Bill Cosby was raping white women?

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Not only a black person, but a woman. I think pussy pass plays a part here. A double reason why she's always innocent, even with tons of evidence pointing at her. Quote:

"That December, a favor he asked of her — renting a car and lending it to him — ensnared her in a murder inquiry. A man was found slumped over the wheel, eight bullets riddling his body. Inside the car were three baggies of drugs and Ms. Taylor’s rental contract, court records show."

She was "ensnared" poor thing

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I wonder if it would be possible to actually use some of the brush and shrubbery as fuel for power? I mean we already collect those things in green containers from people’s homes.

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Mia Khalifa trying to be a "proper lady" complete with fainting couch. Ship has sailed Mia.

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The way it works in SJ:

  1. look for evidence of racism and sexism.
  2. If you don’t find it, you’re not doing it right.
  3. Point to the oppression you “found”, run in circles, scream and shout
  4. Profit
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I’d say Bill Maher is much more capable of seeing the flaws in the left, John Oliver doesn’t even try.

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I bet the OP doesn’t even know why Jews were doing money lending to begin with.

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They won’t of course. And if they don’t there’s no chance of getting investment in anything. This thread is moronic.

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Who cares if it’s porn? Besides; Major reasons for the inflation were paying past war debt and reparations (i.e. losing WWI). Not some Jewish interest rate.

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What does have to do with book burning? Can we please stop these bullshit threads

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I looked into this. It seems to be almost all about Liet Kynes. This was a blond man in the Lynch movie, but is now a black woman. I suspect the original book meant him to be a Middle-Eastern tan or black man. But honestly, it's been 20 years since I read it, and I had almost forgotten this character. It's definitely not one of the most memorable characters from the book. I'll re-read the book after the movie I think so I don't get too hung up in details.

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A little piece of good news for SF fans; I think one of the reasons why people are so positive about the Dune trailer is that there’s very little sign of social justice in it (so far)

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