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I'm gay ( virgin ). Turbosluts should be demonized. Because their behavior spread diseases.

There is a disproportiinate amount of turbosluts among gay men, who drape themselves with the flag of "the LGBTQ2SAI+ community" to whine about homophobia when people point out there is a huge problem of sex pests among gay men.

With online anonymity, I don't have to shut up under pressure from the CTRL-Left accusing me of "playing in the hands of homophobes" for correctly identifying degenerates as such.

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Correct me if I'm misremembering, but "monkeypox" is most often contracted from contact with rodden.

A small outbreak in the USA started from a kid playing with a rodden imported from Guinea for a petshop.

A bunch of kids spread it among themselves before it burned itself out, and nobody died.

Most likely scenario here is someone contracted monkeypox from a rodden, that person either was a turboslut or contaminated a turboslut.

Turboslut fucked a bunch of other promiscuous gay dudes, who are now spreading this all over the world à la Globhomo.

Nothing from the "gay community" makes me sad about never having sex. Too many sex pests. Why would I risk that?

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Funny, it symbolises perfectly gay people getting pushed away in favor of braindead "diversity".

Now clap for mass third-world immigration from cultures that want you dead. Do Jazz Hands for trans groomers telling gay teenagers they are actually straight people of the other sex and set the for chemical then physical castration.

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Vox got inspired by Amber Heard and decided to shit the bed too.

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''My pronouns are she and her, now let me talk about educating your kids about transgenderism and gay sex. And I do mean children.''

The degenerate state of Western Academia.

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In the UK, several artists had their show ''canceled'' and re-made ''with more diversity'' and they were all pretty much akwardly saying ''I didn't want this to happen to me, but, I fully support diversity''.

Litterally begging for anti-White racial discrimination, as long as it's done to other people (getting rid of them), or the new generation (not hiring them to start their career in new shows).

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Turbo-sluts managed to develop a HIV strain that isn't stopped by Truvada several years ago anyway.

So that pre-exposure treatment can already fail, and will be useless in a few years, a decade or two at most.

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10% in shitholes where only severe cases bother to make a trip to the hospital.

A few years ago there was an outbreak among children in the USA, from a kid who played with a rodden imported from Africa. Not a single person died.

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I never wanted anything to do with "the community" because I never wanted to define myself by sexual orientation.

The activists who didn't pack and go home after we got equal rights are unhinged lunatics, sex pests or believe they are something oppositve of reality. Oh and groomers too.

The sex pests are very busy at work to this day, given current news.

A couple years back, two turbosluts bareback fuckers managed the first ever documented sexual transmission of malaria, which is a blood parasite usually transmited by mosquitos.

And it's basically a tradition by now for turbosluts to ignore basic sex safety rules and thus breed recombined versions of HIV involving several different strains, causing rising resistance to anti-retroviral treatments.

So reminder for filthy fuckers : just because you both have HIV dosen't mean you can skip condoms. You can infect eachother with different strains that will recombine in a new version that has increased resistance to your antiretroviral drugs. Morrons.

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Well pharmaceutical companies are salivating profusely at the perspective of a reintroduction of routine, or a new mandate, for their useless smallpox vaccines ( there is important cross-immunity between several pox viruses, like cowpox vs smallpox ).

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The media is trying to hype a practically harmless virus.

I recall news of a monkeypox outbreak in the USA years ago. A child got infected from a petshop rodden imported from Africa, and a bunch of kids spread it among themselves before it died-out because it's not very transmissible.

Not a single one died.

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The disease is practically harmless and rarely spread between humans.

Monkeypox cases in the UK seem to be connected to "promiscuous activities".

And despite the vague second-hand embarassment, I will point-out yet again it's gay male turbo-sluts spreading this.

The media saw an opportunity to fearmonger about "smallpox", but it's NOT smallpox despite cross-immunity.

(By the way, "cowpox", another related viral disease, used to be a natural vaccine against smallpox. People would delibarely spread cowpox to cuck smallpox. )

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Meanwhile, jackshit has been done about the Hunter Biden laptop full of extremely compromising evidence against both Hunter AND Joe Biden.

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Oh, look, another leftist who thinks in ComicBook vilain.

I agree that the Supreme Court should overturn their decision on gay marriage.

Not because I care that two adult men want to call their relationship a marriage and have their tax status and other legal provisions matched to that.

Because the idea that the authors of the constitution or its amendements wrote it with intent it protected a right to same-sex marriage is utterly absurd.

Same for Roe vs Wade.

It's not the judges' job to legislate from their bench based on their current-year opinions.

Send this shit back to elected representatives.

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"Inciting" people to use proportional and legal self-defense in a context where they can no-longer retreat, as child rapists and other violent criminals try to kill them... is fine.

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Whining about your cushy job for the government seems unreasonable when your concerns are not getting killed an eaten by the Bantu who think you're some sort of monkey. Good God, Africa is a shithole.

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... he expects his family to fund his degenerate lifestyle while proudly saying he wasted thousands of dollars on dresses.

The pinacle of mental health, according to Reddit.

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And we have no idea what flouride does in the water.

Moderate and severed Dental Fluorosis ( permanent structural damage to the teeth from fluoride poisoning ) now affects ~25% of teens. It used to be rare.

Water fluoration sounds nice untill later, when the kids whose teeth formed with fluoride poisoning, have their adult teeth permanently fucked.

A clear example of why rushing experimental treatments on populations can have disastrous long-term consequences that could not have been forseen.

Yet the "experts" and politicians keep fucking with our lives.

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