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They live in a parallel universe where the vaccinated don't have higher per capita infections.

We can't coexist with lunatics like that because they want us banned from everywhere and dead.

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Because the grease-fire and toxic fumes from the diverse HR hamplanets' mobility scooters burning would pollute as much as half a trip of one of the Boeing planes.

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" "Sneakers", written "snickers" to bypass hate speech filters, is a transphobic slur playing on the far-right conspiracy theory that creeps pretending to be women "sneak" around women's private spaces.

This add is problematic and transphobic on so many levels. The round m&ish figure is deliberately transman-coded to be mocked as fake ( "passing" ), under a thin artificial coating they are "full of shit" ( brown stuff )."

I would have been an excellent Proglodyte. vomits

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That's rich considering one after the other, countries are all removing the under 50's from eligibility to anti-covid serum injections.

And it's definetly because of the suddenlies no matter how they pretend it's not to save face.

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Plate Tectonics was invented by fucking a White male. White science is violence.

I am litterally shaking right now.

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"The Necromorph's axe wound shows extensive necrosis."

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"We must act now" your actions, in the form of mandates and lockdowns, over the past 3 years resulted in 400%+ more excess mortality ( Canada : 29,2% ) than Sweden ( 6.7% ), which didn't go crazy.

It caused an ongoing economic disaster, an educational crash with young children struggling to speak because they couldn't learn properly due to masks and isolation.

And a "mysterious" sharp increase of cardiac diseases in teenagers and adults that is totally not caused by that one thing everyone is thinking about despite tracking extremely well with its distribution by age group.

So sit the fuck down.

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A couple months ago, just before negociations, the mainstream journalists were frothing at the mouth demanding Macron condemn Putin as a nazi genocider terrorist.

To which he replied, you don't insult people before negociations.

I hate his politics, but the broken clock rang the journalists correctly for once.

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I always found it ironically low IQ when someone see a marvel of ancient architecture, has no clue how that civilization could have achieved that and project onto them "nu uh, THEY were too stupid to figure it because I can't, and I am better than them!".

And instead of discovering which engeneering tech they developped for it, or just be content appreciating what others did, go for "supernatural magic/aliens beyond our comprehension".

Specifically, the Ancient Aliens thing isn't racist. At all. It's loonies obsesses with seeing extra-terrestrials everywhere, including as the facilitating factor for major technological developments of Western/White civilizations.

But race grifters don't care, and won't change their tune after learning the Alien Loonies credit to aliens Western tech too.

Race grifters are Ancient Racist Loonies. Every single shortcoming they have will be blamed on Ancient Racists, especially when there wasen't any to blame.

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These guys swooped the country and BTFO the regular US-trained Afghan army in a matter of days when the Biden admin went ahead with their catastrophic run-away plan.

So I hope the US officials or their cheerleaders aren't thinking about mocking the "rural Talibans", not realizing the self-own.

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The globhomos who organize the parades know which streets they can't flaunt their degeneracy on without risk of an Allahuakbar "mostly peaceful protest".

There are some less brainwashed gays who are very aware that mass third-world migration means quickly rising risk of them getting murdered. They are told to "shut up and stop being islamaphoracist".

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The Calisto Protocol has a 105lb tiny Asian woman throw around a 200lb muscular man.

It's ridiculous.

There is also a scene when she catches the 200lb man's arm to save him from a fall and hold-on to him for a while.

... Instead of a physics-compatible scenario where they both instantly drop down (if she somehow summons the grip strenght to hold onto him at the start, which isn't believable either ).

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Oh no, it's retarded.

I had fun watching The Vampire Slayer. Except the eye-rolling "Im' gay now." Willow. At least she still had a character going on after that.

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Elon Musk did.

His Twitter takeover was a mixed positive. Censorship receeded, but remains a problem.

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