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They are getting replaced by AI and the more they whine about ''AI dosen't translate acurately'', the more I want to slap them with a big ''NEITHER DO YOU'' stick.

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I'm not going to pay my friend hundreds of dollars to make pancakes that don't taiste nearly as good as pre-made mix from the store though.

If your art isn't better than AI art, few people are going to pay you $100 for a design they can get for $0.01.

You are, of course, free to explore your creativity as a hobby. But not entitled to other people's money for it.

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Well that didn't take long for SJWs to ruin even the smallest thing.

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Wow they actually put her tits back on.

''The shirtless male character is eye-candy too. The swimsuits are fine.''


I'm going to guess Resetera retards?

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I fucking lost it at the audience vote part.

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"See, earthbending was born out of a terrible lesbian domestic violence shattering the ground itself".

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I rolled my eyes first at the strong whammen walking sterotype, but the "suddenly, lesbians" show it was malicious from the start. Woke retards ruin everything.

I'm sure Leftists will draw no useful moral conclusion ( and the writers certainly didn't realize the implications ) from that time Korra stepped-in to save the poor opressed black spirit... who immediately started growing and destroy the world thanks to nobody keeping it in check.

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If race is a social construct, then DNA cannot give you information on race, retAIrd.

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Especially when people started asking why the doctor didn't contact the police first ( as obligated by law ), but instead journalists to cry for more abortions ( which was already possibpe here because the girl was so young a pregnancy was a danger to her health ).

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Like with the Covington kids video. They did nothing wrong on video. Anti-White retards still accused them of being evil opressors.

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''Jesus only care about White kids.''

Leftists trying to mend my spiritual connection.

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Here is a dirty little secret from elementary school :

The boys knew the guiness book of records had a picture of the world's biggest tits.

If the adults knew about it, they would have removed that page. That was before Clown World.

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Bonus irony is they will claim his tower's value is a fraction, like they did with Mar a Lago, then after stealing it, will claim its full value as an asset.

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There's absolutely no reason

The behavior of the demographics of those cities are reason enough.

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Thanks to Japanese excellence, the tech for earthquake-resistant buildings and infrastructure is within reach of a functional, developped society.

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