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Nearly all pedos who lacked the impulse control to stop themselves from molesting a kid once will do it again if set free. The ones who don't are the statistical oddity.

Nearly all pedos who molested kids pretend to repent. Be it because lying or sincerity then their lack of impulse control, they keep diddling kids if they can make an opportunity for it.

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Child molesters pretty-much always molest kids again if they get the opportunity. Judges who set them free know this. Politicians who pass laws forcing judges to set them free after X years know this.

Someone who lacks the impulse control to refrain from molesting kids won't develop that in jail or therapy. Their target victims are easily manipulated and overpowered.

You can't "fix" or "teach" them. They knew what they did was abominable. They knew if they got caught people would want to beat their face to a pulp or send them in jail for as long as possible, with inmates that will be glad to have them as a punching bag. They did it anyway.

Maby a handful that abused a kid while on an inhibition-lowering drug can be rehabilitated if they never take such drugs again.

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Ah, a joke. Very funny when White people have to lie to avoid institutional discrimination against them due to their race. Haha.

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Rowling is the absolute hypocrite who first branded Yes Scotland independance mouvement as Harry Potter Nazis.

Then after the successful Brexit vote, immediately said that Scotland had to do the right thing and leave the UK.

She can still figure a human male is not a real woman, but she's an enthousiast user of the "teehee, you're a nazi" when people don't share her ideology and her Twitter bubble emboldens her.

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The cake goes to "migrant dies in German blast".

When a "refugee" muslim was going to allahu-akbar into a crowd at a music festival, got turned away by security, suicide-bombed anyway to avoid getting caught.

Journos managed to word it in a way making German the perpetrator and "migrant" the victim.

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As is BLM tradition, flaming dumpsters are to be hurled at the pumps of gas stations, and shall someone stop the dumpster, the Left considers them fair game for lynching.

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Even if the insurance pays to rebuild, the amount of time and energy you spend setting your buisness back up is huge. I would not do it.

Especially not knowing another riot, with tacit support from Democrats and D-controlled institutions, would get your buisness looted and burned down again.

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A felon pointing a pistol at someone, a career violent criminal round-house-kicking them in the head, domestic abuser bashing them in the head with a skateboard and a serial child rapist trying to take their mean of self-defense away from them is the ACLU's idea of Black racial justice.

This is what they validate as appropriate means to further "racial justice". Aka beat, main, loot and kill you while criminalizing you if you defend yourself.

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Being disgusted, revolted by, and opposed to Islam is a perfectly normal and rational reaction to learning what its pedophile, enslaver, genocidal rapist of a prophet did anywhere he met opposition and rejection.

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Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero and I hope he sues into oblivion all the media orgs that censored this phrase as they explicitly, falsely, claimed he was a murderer to justify the censorship.

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Transgenderism cannot exist without the person having an inner representation of self for it to conflict with biological reality and social conventions.

A doctor ( nevermind, "gender therapist", so a scammer ) should know that. Unless brainwashed and just parroting politically-correct pseudoscience.

So young kids can't suffer from that.

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I was silly enough to think the media wouldn't be able to lie their way into falsely painting someone as a "murderer of a poor victim who dinn do nothing" like they did against George Zimmerman.

Bring that one up, or the UVA rape hoax, or the Duke Lacrosse team false accusations, and the vast majority of leftists still believe the false narratives. A good portion of independants and right-leaning people do to.

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"We're not denying treatment to White people. But White people aren't eligible to treatment, whereas Blacks and Hispanics are eligible."

Giant meteor 2022 please.

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Switzerland superficially seem to makes it almost work, but it has strict linguistic territorialism for its 3 prestige languages. I wouldn't call it a real example of successfully making its native ethnic groups thrive though.

The smaller native languages, as always, got shafted and are declining into oblivion ( arpitan, lombard, jurassian, romanche, walser, alemanic, will go extinct in a few years / decades depending on how far gone they are ).

Even among the 3 prestige languages, French, Hochdeutch and Italian, French has been encroaching on previously alemanic territory ( rather than Hochdeutch taking that role ) and Alemanic + Hochdeutch encroached on Lombard ( rather than Italian taking over ).

Romanche is getting chewed like the other tiny languages mentioned above ( Lombard, Arpitan, Jurassien, Walser ), but much slower because its speakers had a much more sharp ethnic/linguistic consciousness. No Romanche speaker thinks they are inferior for speaking "degraded Italian" and should speak Italian and educate their children in Italian. Maby having Alemanic then Hochdeutch chewing their up rather than Italian spared them the "I speak degraded X" shame.

Speakers of the other tiny languages think they speak "degraded Insert Bigger Language Here, please assimilate my kids to that through school please".

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"It is unethical and counter-productice to vaccinate children against SARS-2."

The UK health institute concluded from all avaliable data AGAINST vaccinating children.

But in the USA and Canada, comming to the same conclusion is "dangerous misinformation".

It was never about health or truth, but about control.

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I don't think it is realistic to expect to stop transmission of a highly contagious airborne virus indoors, without full hazmat suits and negative-pressure rooms.

Even a properly-fitted N95 mask on a freshly clean-shaven face ( women too, because peach fuzz leaks ) dosen't stay well-adjusted once the doctor starts moving and bending over patients, yawning, talking, sneezing/coughing, etc.

LTC facilities and hospitals were compulsively washing everything and using masks yet they kept having outbreaks during all the periods there was significant transmission for anyone to bring the virus in.

However, those crucial lessons about airborne virus contagion are not being learned because governments and "experts" are stuck in a sort of delusional state where they conclude that a few studies hinting at a reduction of a few percentage points in transmission means "masks totally work and will prevent outbreaks".

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You still need to be vaccinated to take ski lifts or go to a restaurent though. Science!

Please ignore several states ditched all mesures because none of it worked enough to significantly diminish transmission at the end of the day. Delay it a bit at best. Which was the whole argument to help hospitals cope by "flattening the curve". So hospitals have not been at risk since Spring, end the fucking circus.

P.S. : All their pseudoscientific BS about "refusing to let one unvaccinated worker endanger the life of vulnerable patients" always infuriated me.

The vaccines don't prevent transmission long term. They may delay infections by a few months before their limited effect at that falls close to zero after six months.

It's just dragging the inevitable while lying and putting guilt on people who are by now less likely to infect others, because they are more likely to have natural immunity.

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A laid-back utopia, with piling-up garbage, the power going out, and fires that don't get extinguished as few/no victims are rescued and the handful of firefighters scrambling to save anything get injuried and die on the job at unprecedented %, collapsing any remaining station anywhere in a matter of days.


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The mouse utopia's most troubling result to me, above all the eerily similar physical and behavioral problems to what sedentary humans often experience, was the rather abrupt collapse and extinction of the mice population.

They just stopped having babies.

All the other problems can eventually be solved untill extinction of a population. At that point that population is gone forever.

Looking at some human ethnic groups with a birth rate so low each generation shrinks by half, this needs solving really fast, otherwise there will be several dozens of extinctions of humanity's genetic subpopulations in a few generations.

South Korea's fertility index is 0.9

Most European ethnic groups are below 1.6

Minimum for population stability is 2.1

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"Multiple personalities disorder" are entirely the result of suggestion and does not exist as an actual person having multiple "persons" taking turns in the body. It's play-pretend for attention.

It took off when doctors started suggesting and reinforcing the play-pretend and suddenly lots of people wanted that new cool headmates (fake) disorder.

Exactly like the craze of "recovered memories" when a bunch of people started accusing their parents of sexually abusing them as babies and toddlers after multiple sessions of suggestion / reinforcement by their therapist. The poor patients eventually believe those imaginary scenarios they slowly crafted with the therapist are totally real memories.

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Several countries that went very repressive and authoritarian with lockdowns and suspension of basic freedoms such as bans on visiting other people have ended all domestic restrictions months ago.

This irrational sanitary theater is mass hysteria fueled by media, politicians and corrupt academia.

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"This man just se...rrr errr, talked to me in a sexually-harassing manner."

Even she could figure in a split second that her accusation was too retarded and she watered-it-down on the spot. While trying to keep the emotional appeal of a woman crying "sexual harassment".

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Ignoring the SJW comic infestatiom reaching terminal phase.

I can understand not wanting the planet to warm more because of the disruptions to several fragile ecosystems that cannot simply migrate to thrive in a nearby slightly cooler, or shallower place.

But wanting to cool the planet would kill more people that keeping it at current temps or slightly higher.

Hypothermia kills alot more people than heat waves do. Hypothermia deaths are decreasing much, much faster than hyperthermia deaths are increasing.

Don't cool the planet FFS.

And that's not even getting into all the catastrophic failures of greenwashing that also cost lives. Governments "trying to help" against SARS-2 with an authoritarian iron fist did more harm than good. They will fuck up again, especially given Climate Change reached religious zeal levels of unquestioning of the authority and its preachers.

Incomming neverending "two weeks to flatten the GHG emission / temperature curve.". It's not going to work, and they will double-down untill they suffocate you and destroy another large part of the fabric of society.

So the author is either misinformed or cultist enough to want more people to die because his ideology demands it.

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