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Along with the verb nigging.

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You might be right this time, but you're still a faggot.

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Just a post-wall thot struggling with addiction and pining for children. It's a fucked up read.

Probably the funniest part was when she did a pro/con list of a guy and the only pro was "passionate sex" along two pages of cons.

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Yeah that game made no sense except as a propaganda piece. The mechanics were for shit to make it worse.

It's definitely the game I regret buying the most.

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I thought Greenland was mostly indigenous?

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At least in California, it's actively discouraged by whites. Outside rapists are seen as scum. Inside rapists are almost non-existent.

Among the blacks, it's seen as any other crime from the outside. But it's not common on the inside, either.

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I never enjoyed any of it. It's obviously geared towards teens. Or maybe it's just written by retards. Quite possibly both.

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Appearance-based discrimination, termed “lookism” by femcel communities...


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Not to mention pirating circumvents the Uplay bullshit. I was locked out of Farcry 3 that I bought legitimately for years.

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Should've done the abridged version. This might be the end of the bookclub.

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400 10-star reviews.

400 other-star reviews.

8,100 1-star reviews.

"Weighted average" of 5.8.

Bruh. The median is 1.

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That's exactly on point. There's a guy I work with that grew up in Park City, UT. It's a ski town taken over by rich people. It's infuriating how detached he is from normal/poor people. He acts like being poor is worse than death and equally inescapable.

I tell him people join the military (i.e. the most socialized program in existence) to escape poverty and he's both disgusted and incredulous. I tell him people go to community college to afford college and get money thrown at them with grants and scholarships for being poor and he hates that they have to abase themselves with community college. (I don't think he's aware of how inexpensive it is). He doesn't know what subsidized housing is. ("How can people afford to live in Park City on minimum wage?")

Healthcare is a human right except for the unvaccinated. Education is a panacea (even for those who don't value it?)

Meanwhile I grew up in rural Oregon and my standard of whether childhood friends are doing well is if they don't do meth. They smoke pot and work at Starbucks or the Walmart distribution center and are happy as can be.

Anyways, my point is he has no clue how poor people actually live, why they're poor, and what resources are already available to them. He's only met ambitious people all his life. His dad was an Olympian and his mom is a philosophy professor.

Edit: Oh and the kicker is he resorts to some dirty emotional attacks when he knows he's wrong about his views and then projects detachment from the poor on ME, like a typical leftist. He doesn't have a clue how white trash my mom's side is and how trashy my hometown is. Nobody can comprehend that without seeing it. I'm the product of multigenerational good decisions on my dad's side and my mom knows for damn sure it only takes one generation to slide in or out of poverty.

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In the year after her operation, Jazz would require three more surgeries, and then defer Harvard College for a year to deal with her depression. In 2021, she opened up about a binge-eating disorder that caused her to gain nearly 100 pounds in under two years.


Jazz has insisted she has “no regrets” about her transition. (I reached out to Jazz for an interview and never heard back). But subjecting patients to a course of serious interventions that cannot be scrutinized — even by experts — without one risking being tarred as anti-trans seems unlikely to be in anyone’s best interest.

Yeah, that's not science.

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Be a strong woman until playing the victim is more advantageous lol

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