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Do (((noticing))) next, this bits' getting kind of old.

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So...nuclear holocaust it is.

Look, I'd honestly rather nuke large swathes of the surface of the globe then have kids, so if you're gonna push me into an either/or, I'll do my part, but not everyone will like it.

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Some people take issue with the idea that their parents decided to inflict a cosmetic surgical removal of healthy tissue from their genitals shortly after their birth.

Crazy, I know, that people might object to irreversible surgeries performed on them without their understanding or consent.

I can even empathize with the ones who chose to do it in adulthood, since the pro-circumcision lobby is strong on the cultural front, and no one wants to say "well, if you chop off a chunk of nerve-rich tissue, your penis will become inherently much less sensitive. What did you think, you evolved that thing by accident?"

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Literally point me to a localizer you think is worth giving money to.

Oxymoron. No localizer is worth anything, not even the bullet it takes to remove that trash from existence.

Translate, don't localize. I will not only die on this hill, I will dig a fucking trench line and set up mortars and machine guns atop it.

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He recently said, “This is frightening, what is about to play out on the stage of the Supreme Court.” An overturned law would arguably make the kind of mass violence that happened on Tuesday even more likely.

Fuck you, you smarmy-mouthed git.

Gun violence will NOT appreciably increase, because the criminals who commit gun violence ALREADY HAVE illegal guns.

All overturning this retarded restriction would do is enable people to arm themselves and keep themselves and the people around them safe.

If anything, crimes like robbery and rape would go DOWN, since the criminals would now have to consider the possibility of their intended victim being able to 2A their stupid asses.

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Sure, but only if you trial run the punishment and give us a personal statement afterwards with regards to the efficacy.

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On today's episode of retard takes, we present:

Don't want a baby? Literally satan. QED.

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I agree. Honestly, who the fuck is this even for?

The casuals don't play DF.

The casual DF players won't know how to check their dwarves' "sexual identity" or whatever.

The serious DF players will chuck all homo-dwarves or trans-dwarves into the lava, because you need normal male and female dwarves to reproduce, and since the fortress MUST grow, we're always in need of more warm bodies.

It's absurd pandering.

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but also retcons some elements of the original trilogy to give the robots credit for things that he'd originally attributed to human characters.

Sounds like a positive to me.

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Oh, no. A woman. How scary!

Not like what matters is their connections to old money or old power families and interest groups. No, it's the damned sinful womanhood that's the issue!

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It's not the fact that she's a woman, you utter loon. It's the presence of pronouns at all that's the identifier.

Engaging with the pronoun bullshit is a sign of either obeisance or mental illness, same as the bright colored hair thing.

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For normal, non-political conversations, there's lots of current and archived content for hobby-specific things.

Yeah, you see the occasional virtue signal, troon and/or tranny enthusiast, LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ+-!? propaganda, and the like, but I've just gotten to the point where if someone intentionally and willfully participates in or promotes that shite, I just click my 'ol buddy "block user" and continue with my day.

I'm not gonna let the AEO faggots and brownshirt legions get in my way. If I get banned, I get banned. I can always make a new account with a burner email if I absolutely need to.

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While I approve of the idea behind this site, this fucking thing gets reposted twice weekly at a minimum.

Maybe give it a bit of a rest, yeah?

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That was always going to be harder to argue against.

Not that hard, actually. Went through all of wave one without a fucking clotshot, wearing everything short of an NBC cleansuit because everyone was acting like we had an aerosolized version of the black death with hints of ebola, without issue, and everyone who actually followed proper infection control protocols was less likely to spread coof (which, for anyone who forgot, spreads on a respiratory vector) then rooming people together because one URI looks the same as another until the lab tests come back or because you're out of isolation rooms again (because fuck modernization, we have government money to embezzle, right admin?)

Now we're down a load of staff over the last mandate, and they're just calling people who tested coof positive but have little to no symptoms to come back and work anyway. Literally people who're coof positive (and, by the fearmongers logic, should be on trains to the arctic to wait out their death plague isolation) being asked to come work direct bedside.

Fuck the mandates; we have tons of arguments for why we should purge them and just beg the people who were fired for being unclean burakkus to come back.

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Go fuck yourself.


one of those healthcare worker scum.

You dumb cunt, you have no fucking idea what actually goes on bedside.

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You really can't help yourself, can you?

So many fucknugget cum guzzling shitboots in the coof facism train, everyone from low-level politicians to prime ministers, break their imposed lockdown rules to do whatever, male and female, and you just can't help but jerk yourself off whenever its an EBUL WYMYNS.

Yes, fuck right off. The men are in on it too. It's not a gender conspiracy, it's the same fucking classism bullshit that the "nobles" have been imposing on the plebeians since our populations grew large enough to have them.

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No, seriously, privilege revoked.

Goddamned noobs can't even fucking triforce.

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Wait, can I still say mods are faggots, or is that a no-no?

I'm old, Dom. I can't keep up with whatever y'all went and changed "it" to.

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Show us on the doll where the Evil Wymyn Conspiracy touched you, Billy.

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For the the enhanced edition of Baldur's Gate, they added a trans NPC who exists purely to tell you they're trans.

They then called everyone who turned their noses up at this bigots.

The funniest goddamned part of that saga was that you can only be a tranny in D&D if you are the laziest piece of shit imaginable.

If you're doing Rules as Written ^TM, you can get a cursed Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity that forcibly changes your sex when equipped. As a cursed item, it's sale value is 0, so you can technically get it from any mage store using the standard sales tables for free.

If you're intent on actually playing the game like some sort of nerd incel, you can just get a Wizard to Polymorph you into the other sex.

Anything else is just "look at me! I'm TRAAAAAAAANNNNSSSSS" virtue signaling.

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Male trannies who undergo genital mutilation surgery to have a fake vagina installed end up with an open wound with a vague, "squint really hard while really drunk" resemblance to a vagina. Since this is an open wound (as opposed to an actual sexual organ), the body attempts to heal it closed. To maintain the openness of this open wound, male trannies insert a rod-shaped object into the wound site to tear apart any repair work and keep it "dilated".

There, you have been cursed with this knowledge, as I have.

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math is full of inequity

Good. That's the point, you subhuman troglodytes. Math is one of the purest methods of expressing what is and what isn't in the universe. OF FUCKING COURSE it isn't going to have magic "equity". Math is hard. Math requires some gods-be-damned hard work to understand.

You fuckers who couldn't even achieve a fifth-grade reading level are absolutely not going to understand even highschool algebra. That's the point. This is reality gatekeeping your retardation from places where your ignorance, your incompetence, your blatant stupidity will cause widespread damage and harm.

Go fuck yourselves with a spiky cactus covered in angry bullet ants, you math "equity" motherfuckers.

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