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Healthcare is paid by the provinces. Trudeau is federal. He did the same with immigration. It's always other people's problems to deal with his dictates.

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Repeat that they have no right to self defense and pass bills to remove all legal guns from most checked and safe citizens in Canada.

Pass a bill to censor and control all speech in Canada.

Forced injections

Building biometric infrastructure for monitoring citizens

Pay off friendly media and give tax breaks, use lawfare with friendly judges and courts.

Injecting his politics into every level and department of government, including new employees. Consolidating power as much as possible.

Ignore leftist violence and murder, amplify libertarian and right peaceful protests

Control Elections Canada. A friend he's paid was the moderator at the one debate. He also used them to go after a reporter for writing a book in the year of an election, ignoring 20+ other books. They eventually sentenced him for a different charge in a secret court.

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and censor everyone to TV and radio standards, or for anything else.

Elections Canada is talking about removing "hate" parties.

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Everything the government does in Canada is constitutional. It has an exemption that allows it.

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They hire immigrants for cheap. Their food is also made in a factory with fresh off the plane immigrants who don't know their rights, and have strict policies of when they're allowed to use the bathroom.

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C-10 passed, but failed in the Senate. It's C-11 now, with first voting the coming week.

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testosterone for your tweenage daughter, or clothing that shows off their assets because perverts taught them to twerk.

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The cost of insurance goes up when you use it. It even goes up when others use it because the companies have established that the risk is higher. This is why some insurance companies like fraud, because they get to charge everyone higher rates.

There's also the broken window effect. Much of the problems that we have can be seen in a similar way. When things aren't treated with respect and kept in good condition, it only invites worse behavior. The institutions, constitution and culture were allowed to rot and fester with corruption, and so here we are.

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There are images posted of US mass shooters (3 or more victims) that include gang shootings.

I don't know of any list for mass shootings worldwide, like OP is asking for. The organizations that might compose a list would probably be biased (intelligence, UN, NGOs)

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They were reportedly funding it since 2018

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UP also is preventing the shipment of nitrogen fertilizers https://archive.ph/0NVrx

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Go to PornHub

subs to their mom

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It had more reason to exist when consoles and available games were substantially different. Now almost every game is on at least 2 consoles (including PC)

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He has a pattern of being heavy partisan left for over a year, then saying something centrist, then going back to being heavy partisan left. People keep bringing up his centrist moments as if even he's finally seen the light, making him more relevant than he's due. He's a shill.

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