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I was among them, it was so unbelievably retarded my brain refused to accept it. I thought it was faked to trigger the chuds.

in the end, I did not hate these people enough, which is surprising I hate them with all my being.

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she would have and she regrets she hasn't. also slide off BBC threads

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mom! dad! I'm a girl!

mom and dad tranny their son

mom! dad! I am a Pterodactyl!

mom and dad throw their son out of the window

ez logic

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*you have a stat in the game called karma, it does nothing but it goes down every time you pick the "incorrect" choice, the NPCs in-game will talk to you in worse and worse ways the least karma you have, eventually they only tell you a script line saying karma too low comment hidden,

*Alternatively, if you get too low karma you effectively get a game over screen, karma too low this player character is now Hidden.

*skill: paradox, character yells in a balloon something like: Islam is right about women, it deals 9999 damage to NPCs

*during dialogue options your character will have some choices available every time you do you will lose karma, all the choices that make you lose karma perfectly foreshadow events in late-game

*there is a character called Mary Jane in the game, the first time you talk to her her name is just Mary Jane, the second time Is Mary Jaw, the third time is Manly Jane and the last time is Manly Jaw. her jaw became comically larger each time.

*there are shops in the game that sell the coolest names, coolest looking equipment and even recruitable party NPC that look like waifu, when you try to buy them the transaction gets stopped by OyVeyPal.

*you will be unable to pick the choice that would lead to fighting the last boss early because when you do so the NPC will say

*The sixth time you try to save the game the game tells you that you will have to pay 20 dollars to save the game further, and asks if "you consent"

*Anyway any time the game forces the player to make a decision that is clearly a scam it asks the player if "you consent".

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I read the manga and watched the anime of this one and the protagonist was a man. he found the parasyte when it was entering his body and managed to block it in his arm, so it did not took over his brain. from then he and the parasyte had to live a sort of strange coexistence and they eventually became friends. is very based btw.


this is parasyte: the grey, I wonder if they just copied the idea or they own the IP in some capacity.

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I think you have to give your ID to YouTube if you want to monetize or even upload 15 minutes video, maybe 10 minutes video. some years ago they already requested ID to just watch lewd videos as swell

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atleast the AI won't insult you for being white as it bans you...

...for now.

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right virtue signaling also foot in the door for mega social credit score dystopia.

btw mucho websites have porn like see Reddit for example, are we going to give Reddit our ID from now on?

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so youtube is not promoting this soy just to me. mmmm

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he is suing

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is this the method they plan to use to cuckshame japan?

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wanna see why they want to lobotomize AI?

The phrase "prosperity-addled fugue state" refers to a state of mind in which individuals are excessively influenced by a belief in the prosperity or well-being of their country, to the point of being disconnected from reality or critical thinking. It suggests that people in this state may have an exaggerated or distorted perception of their country's state of affairs, often due to factors such as economic indicators or subjective well-being measures .

The term "prosperity" generally refers to the state of being successful, thriving, or flourishing. The term "fugue state" is a psychological condition characterized by reversible amnesia for one's identity, including memories, personality, and other identifying characteristics. It is often accompanied by unplanned travel or wandering and can involve the establishment of a new identity. Dissociative fugue is a specific type of fugue state where a person's mind detaches from reality, causing temporary memory loss and potentially dangerous behavior.

When combined, the term "prosperity-addled fugue state" suggests that individuals are so consumed by their belief in the prosperity of their country that they may lose touch with reality, exhibit amnesia or confusion, and engage in behaviors that are disconnected from their usual identity or circumstances.

This can manifest in various ways, such as blindly supporting policies or leaders that promise prosperity, ignoring warning signs of economic or social issues, and refusing to consider alternative perspectives. One possible explanation for the prevalence of this state of mind is the constant bombardment of messages from media, politicians, and society as a whole about the importance of prosperity and economic success.

In many cultures, the idea of prosperity is deeply ingrained and equated with personal and national success. As a result, individuals may feel pressure to conform to this belief and prioritize it above all else. Additionally, the use of economic indicators and subjective well-being measures to assess the state of a country can contribute to the proliferation of this mindset.

While these measures can provide valuable information, they only tell part of the story and may not accurately reflect the lived experiences of individuals or certain groups within a country. This can lead to an overly simplistic and skewed view of a country's well-being, further perpetuating the belief in prosperity as the ultimate goal.

In extreme cases, the "prosperity-addled fugue state" can have damaging consequences. For example, individuals may support policies that prioritize economic growth at the expense of other important factors such as social equality, environmental sustainability, or individual well-being. This can lead to a widening wealth gap, environmental degradation, and a decline in overall societal happiness.

In conclusion, the phrase "prosperity-addled fugue state" highlights the dangers of being overly fixated on the idea of prosperity and its implications for individuals and society. It serves as a reminder to critically examine and question our beliefs and perceptions, rather than blindly accepting them. Only by acknowledging and addressing the limitations of our perspective can we truly strive towards a more prosperous and well-rounded society.

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