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Now add to that the US Department of Defense...

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One more thing to add: American Billionaires Vanish From Russian Fund's Website

This article is dated Sept. 3, 2014. Allow for a week or two to research and write the article and have it cleared by the editors. That puts the event in mid-to-late August 2014. Do you remember anything notable happening in the mid-to-late August 2014?

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Can you post US politics to Jap forums? There's a lot of stuff that does not get out in the English speaking world. They probably have no idea what is going on here.

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Independent, kek. Iran was conquered by the PLO which was itself a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and a proxy army for the Organization of Islamic Conference, and the PLO was supported by the USSR at the time. Russia has been using Iran as a proxy ever since. The rumor today is that Iran works for China. The world is a giant clusterfuck of entangling alliances like that. The only independent countries are those with nothing to offer the major powers.

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The point is to devalue religion's influence on the greater population by bastardizing one of it's holiest tenets. Gay marriage was never about two consenting adults living together how they want. It was always about the destruction of religion and the nuclear family and through them ultimately the country.

And THAT is a reason to oppose this trend, no matter how liberal you are and how much you don't give a damn if gay people get married. Especially when we've found a sanctioned Russian state bank attached to at least one of the signers, and another is a foreign power ("Sir").

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I saw the opposite purity spiral. GG started out as nearly all leftists and then a year or two in several namefags demanded that everyone go full Hitler and they left to join ggrevolt when they wouldn't get their way.

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Going on the offensive would have gotten people arrested. Anti-GG was all government agents who had a harassment case prepared by the FBI before the Zoe Post hit and they had a grand jury prepared to issue indictments. What people should have done is name and shame them, but we had an anti-doxing rule that was interpreted everywhere as never mentioning anyone who opposed us.

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Did we ever get a more complete explanation? He seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. That can happen when someone gets a legal or other threat, but he's been quiet about it and no one is talking.

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It's set to private. Can you make a copy of the list and repost it here?

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Make a list of sites that it blocks but shouldn't, then talk to IT and find out what filter they are using. It's probably a third-party product.

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Before anyone asks, I don't know the source of this image. I can't find the post on the 4plebs archive.

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Obvious criticism, it's just a list of names with no proof. I got it from here which apparently has the information sources.

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They also racketeer against their competitors to stop any of them from becoming successful. This is what made Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com hire a WSJ reporter to investigate them and start Deep Capture. And from our research the Swamp turned out to be MI6 and the Rothschilds running Russian and Islamist operations with the entire PR industry, all of Microsoft, and several heads of the American Bar Association implicated in treason.

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It's the British running other countries' operations: Qatar, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Hamas, the Organization of Islamic Conference. Mega Group, which runs the Mossad, is actually a British front for the PLO. One branch of the Dem 50c army is Demos and you will see some familiar names there. Demos is run from Whitehall which strongly suggests that they are a government agency.

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