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This bylaw is hurting my feelings, so I get to sue the councilors that pushed this horseshit, right?

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>"cant" afford housing > can definitely afford lawyers for a lawsuit

Sounds like someone pushing a grift.

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Race had nothing to do with it, and while I get it was annoying to get doused, any possibility of being in the legal right should be taken away for being such a bunch of pathetic fucking babies that your first instinct is to play the race card.

But then again, they want to be victims. Doesn't matter that these are doctors and similar. Doesn't matter that they're successful enough to have a yard in Queens. All that matters is that they want that sweet sweet currency that only victimhood can provide.

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Aussie still in the country: It really is. Both the coast and the inland is an amazing nation to travel around. Which is why it's such a shame just how much of this place is so utterly fucked through the actions of politicians, and the inaction/compliance of the populace.

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I feel like he played a compelling Dumbledore, though it wasn't truly what the books tried to describe Dumbledore as. He definitely brought his own energy to the character, for better or for worse.

Regardless, he'll be missed for the amazing performances he provided.

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I just don't know if I could forgive people like that if they don't speak out.

Well that's the thing, I don't think I can forgive them either, but I can at least be understanding and sorry for the predicament, even if they put themselves in that situation. Which is why I also don't blame any individual for not wanting to constantly bring up something which could be legitimately traumatic (and I hate the fact using that word makes me feel like it's SocJus language when they've just twisted it so much). For many that don't speak up or even try to defend their abortions, I think it's a coping mechanism to avoid the reality of having to come to terms with the reality that they chose to end an innocent life, because having to face such a reality could utterly destroy them from the inside.

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I'm a firm believer a lot of these businesses were already running out of steam already and tried to go woke to appeal to shit like ESG to stay afloat.

As another user already pointing out referring to Razorfist, that's why it's less "go woke, get broke", and more "go broke, get woke, ultimately croak".

Going woke is their attempt to save money/business. The reality is that it's not demographics and pandering that's the issue. The sad reality that not too many are looking at is that these industries simply aren't viable anymore, certainly not in the way they used to be.

I wish we could go back to the business models of the 90s and early 2000s, but most of these industries have stagnated and those models weren't working. Even the models from the 2010 for publications wasn't sustainable, it was just haemorrhaging less.

These publications and companies are not going to be viable forever. Nor should they be. They've lived too long, and it's time for new content. And I don't mean modernised content, I mean original works that have actual good ideas. These need to be promoted rather than relying on some handfuls of established IPs that are held by a handful of corporations that care nothing for the content and only for the profit.

Markets need to be viable for these companies to survive, otherwise they will keep trying these tactics to get any amount of money possible.

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I actually feel sorry for them. Because I know that for the vast majority of those "lions", it's a coping projection. They know they fucked up. They know they ended an innocent. And they need to convince others that they made the right choice, so that they can convince themselves they made the right choice. Because otherwise, they'd not be able to sleep at night. Someone who is fine with their actions doesn't need to seek the approval of the masses.

Abortion regret is massive. Even the ones that say they don't regret it, regret it deep down. There's only a small sliver that actually don't, that are truly evil. And while those that lie help spread more evil, I feel sorry for them because of the predicament they put themselves in. Not enough for forgiveness, but in the same way I feel sorry for how a junky has put themselves in that situation, hoping they can get better while never forgiving the actions they took (though the obvious difference between the two examples is that one requires someone to take a life, the other doesn't).

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The only thing that the purge got even mildly right is some of the vigilantism and revenge shit that would happen.

But yeah, there would be virtually none of the anti-social crap and anyone trying to go off by themselves would be ended pretty soon.

For a film about no laws, it focuses entirely on murder and murder alone. There's no real theft that isn't the most petty of petty, there's no sex crimes, nothing truly selfish, just violence for the sake of violence. It's a very myopic and misanthropic view of humanity

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pro-choicers would win

I love these little posts where it shows just how ignorant they are on the topic.

For the majority, abortion is a topic they recluse themselves from and don't take a stance either way. But what's interesting is that a significant portion of males who support abortion do so solely because "it doesn't effect them", meaning it's not at all a principled stance. However, even with those numbers, the two sides are more often than not pretty equal in numbers when it comes down to votes/surveys. The key difference being of course that most of the pro-life crowd are principled stances that have thought about the issue at length, while the pro-abortion crowd has a significant portion that simply go with the flow of the media backed message.

If it was an informed vote, pro-choicers would lose pretty much every time.

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"standing against boys in girls bathrooms/changerooms is simping"

Are you alright there? Need a little help with basic functions? Only ask because it seems like you might be severely mentally impaired.

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Your policies are retarded and destroy everything, so you must deny that they are your policies.

Remember, boomers are the years of the hippies. They were apparently fucking everywhere for that generation, and yet it's the boomers that are supposedly also hyper right-wing and responsible for every conservative law ever.

Once you point out the hippies were boomers, people don't really know how to accept that point and reconcile with the fact that an overwhelmingly leftist generation wasn't salvation and more importantly lead to some pretty fucked up laws.

The left has ALWAYS been a cancer.

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Considering how often this happens for both women and men, I barely consider engineering to be STEM anymore. If it's the degree of choice to essentially game the system, it can't be that much of a hurdle anymore. It's definitely not a social "science" or anything like that, but it's not in the same category as things like the Sciences, Technology and Mathematics that make up the rest of STEM.

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Others have mentioned other fan edits, and I've never really watched any of these things in the past. Where in general do you tend to find these things if someone is interested in getting into them and watching more of these fan edits?

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Seems like a good idea

No, it seems like a consolation prize for anyone that couldn't hack it and needed a popularity boost. Anyone that brings attention to being "gender non-conforming" is entirely doing so solely for attention and not simply because they want to. Nobody cares if a woman plays golf. Nobody cares if a guy enjoys fashion. Get the fuck over yourselves and stop being attention whores.

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Hypothetical: Biden gets impeached. What actually happens? No really, what happens as a result of that? Because I can tell you right now that impeachment means nothing anymore. It's like calling someone a racist, it's a worthless and devalued label, because sure it could mean someone with bigoted beliefs that holds racial superiority views, but it could also mean someone who believes criminals should be held accountable regardless of their race.

Impeaching Biden is a RINO distraction. It's not going to accomplish anything. It's not going to save the nation. It's there to further entrench people in sides against one another and fighting a fight that will have no victory. It's a brilliant distraction that nobody can actually really influence. So what's really the importance of impeaching Biden beyond what is ultimately just a lovely little stageshow for the masses?

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It's amazing how THIS is the hill you are adamant to die on as you've refused to move past it for what, a month or two now?

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Jonathan Blow

Once a faggot, always a faggot.

For those unfamiliar with the name, he made Braid and The Witness, and while both are decent enough, he's always been the most pretentious he could possibly be about it. He squarely falls into the same category as Phil Fish.

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Autism. It's unintentional, but it's an association of titles that autists tend to gravitate towards. Funny how mental disorders tend to re-occur with the trannies.

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Most of these are just titles that people with autism are drawn to. Funny how that mental disorder seems to be a commonality.....

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