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Thing is, regardless of where you stand on that, that type of shit gets dismissed as wacko conspiracy stuff. This doesn't need to have any conspiracy ties. There's nothing secret going on regarding SBI. They are a consulting agency that are credited in these games they work on. They just hate that people are bringing attention to said works.

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It gets creepier when you're aware of running themes among pedophile symbology regarding spirals, and then look at the logo for SweetBabyInc.

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As per usual, remember that SweetBabyInc Detected ISN'T providing a moral judgement on these games. It is and remains to be, credits. That's it. That's all it is.

These people are screaming and throwing a tantrum because the people who worked on a title are being openly credited. That's it. That's the grand crime.

Tell me, is there any sort of work that could be considered noble or worthy that MUST operate in secret? That when exposed those that expose it are deemed the bad people? I struggle to think of any. In times gone past, some could have argued the intelligence community, but as time has exposed, those agencies have always been incredibly rotten when operating in secret (MKULTRA being the most famous example of that).

These people are crying because they're being credited, and they hate it. They hate that people are paying attention to what they are doing.

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To be entirely fair, these designs aren't new for Suikoden, though never this blatant.

Namely, the designs appear in the grasslands region with some of the tribes in that area. Take for example Aila from Suikoden 3. And this isn't a one off character either, one of the 3 protagonists from Suikoden 3 is Hugo who has a similar design too. Suikoden 3 came out in 2002.

It also wasn't the first appearance in the series of these character or their design, though the full body artworks aren't typically seen in game beyond the opening cinematic of Suikoden 2 (1998). And remember, S2 is largely considered the best in the series by most fans, which includes characters like Lucia, whose white outfit is what was used for S2 before she reappeared in S3, Rina and her younger sister Eilie.

This isn't to say that in today's day and age that Eiyuden didn't have any red flags, but the idea that this specific design is foreign to Suikoden isn't entirely true either. And frankly, it seems like the game is mostly okay (not great, not bad) with the main issue being abysmal translation issues and poor optimisation/glitches (like apparently encounter rates being tied to framerate, so playing above 60 fps results in no encounters).

Don't get me wrong. I don't blame anyone for seeing that promotional roster and groaning. Trends set expectation, and trends for the past decade or so scream that there would be issues. But I also don't blame people who hoped it wouldn't be this bad. Sadly, nostalgia is one hell of a thing, and it can be hard to simply turn away from things. But it is what needs to be done, especially now when nostalgia bait and riding on coat tails is the bread and butter of SocJus infiltrators.

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It's not like the graffiti is essential to the game.

Irrelevant. Censorship is censorship. Especially when it's compliancy with the perpetually offended.

That's some dramatic whining lol

Yeah, calling ever growing censorship is the "dramatic whining". Let me guess, the Spanish language needs to change their word for black too, right? Or is that Different™ because it's not a white western culture?

This by itself is, as you're basing your entire point on, innocuous. Congrats, because I'm gonna say that you're right on that part. The issue is that it never stops with the innocuous. It never stops being just that one thing.

The more you kowtow to the perpetually offended, the more they will demand and the more momentum they gain. The only way to stop this is to actually fucking stop kowtowing.

And also, "hard r" is not a racist term. Nigger is a racist term. But "hard R" is nothing more than a description of the term, and an effort (and a poor one at that) to pretend there's a difference between nigger and nigga.

Just to make it clear here as well, you're unironically defending efforts at censorship to appease delicate sensibilities. That's what this is boiling down to. Is this really the hill you want to die on? Because I'm more than happy to die on the hill of Freedom of Speech.

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Do you think the japanese developers were thinking of this? Does that warrant censorship because some fragile little NPCs are getting riled up by the perpetually offended?

Fuck that. This should be ignored by people like Sony, and those offended should be scoffed at for being so fucking stupid.

This isn't a racism thing. It's not even a thing at all, until those perpetually offended spoke up. Ideally, no attention would be given to this by anyone. But Sony is intervening, so shit like this gets a focus and dumbasses come along and say "well, it does look bad", but never really elaborates beyond a feeling of impropriety rather than anything malicious.

Stop expecting a sanitised world. This whole fucking SocJus shitshow arises from these expectations of sanitised environments. The internet was a bastion of community for all types until it gain mass accessibility in the late 2000s and suddenly everything needed to be scrubbed for normie sensibilities. And this isn't even leaning on conspiratorial aspects. This is hard reality, largely influenced by advertising, something that has lead this sanitisation effort FOR DECADES, if not well over a century at this point. Don't believe me? Here's Rod Fucking Serling talking about it in no unclear terms of EXACTLY that sterilisation of media in 1959.

This shit is a cancer. And until people at large, normies included, stop giving any credence to these sanitisation rituals of the media, nothing will change.

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Easily one of the most under-rated sci-fi films. Does that make it a stellar sci-fi film? No. It's just that it's so dismissed by so many people and it doesn't deserve that. It's a good film that far too many pass on, when they shouldn't.

It's not a masterpiece, but it's definitely a film that presents an interesting idea.

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That's not the point. The point is that neither should be supported and that it's not for America to be the world police.

This is the problem with you freaks, you hate nationalism and colonialism, yet you still expect The West to police the rest of the world, and explicitly at the cost of The West.

Let the Russians/Ukrainians and the Middle East kill each other. It's not for the West to intervene in their issues.

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Man that sounds like a whole lot of cope for being unlikeable. Just totally lacking in any sort of charisma or personality. Just a real fucking sad loser that willingly spends his free time in a place where everyone looks down on him, all so you can maintain your self imposed lie that you're unliked because it's within your control.

i don't need people to like me

Well that's what happens when all you've ever known is being disliked. Why would you want something you've never really had? That you have no concept of?

I mean self-reflect for a second: You're spending hours on here nearly every day. Clicking your profile shows a page of comments just today and just within this sub. All so you can get some attention, regardless of positive or negative, from people you openly dislike. Does that sound like a healthy approach? Does that sound like someone who has known what being liked is actually like?

There is no discernable difference between you, and the freaks that unironically embody the incel stereotype. At least the incels recognise that they're social losers rather than trying to maintain a lie for their own delusions.

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Every person that self-describes themselves as a cunt tends to be the kind of person that is just an unlikeable asshole that self-deprecates to help themselves cope with the fact they're unlikeable by making it seem like it's actually on purpose, and not that they actually lack the ability to be likeable.

In fact, that's how I've seen most self-deprecation in more recent years; people desperately trying to regain control of a situation they don't have control over.

AKA it's less that you've "always been a cunt" and more everyone has always seen you as a cunt. It shouldn't be a badge of pride that people instinctually hate you.

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Has it ever not been your bad? You misinterpret pretty much everything you come across. And it's either deliberately so, or because you really are that fucking stupid.

So which is it, bad faith cunt, or absolute dumb cunt? I guess it doesn't matter when you're still a cunt either way.

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Lysander Spooner has to be one of the most interesting people in American history. Also explicitly proved that the government is an explicit monopoly that will use force to stop anyone that is even a mild threat. For anyone interested, read up on Lysander Spooners mail company that was outlawed because it provided the same service as USPS at a fraction of the cost and the state couldn't compete.

It's almost like the government has never wanted what is best for the people.

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Any normal person would have let it go. But we both know you're mentally ill, so I guess that does end up excluding you from the list of "normal people".

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Interesting that the doctor there claimed there weren't studies, when there absolutely have been, though admittedly in rather low numbers, namely due to the fact that historically there have been rather low numbers of people who ever transition.

For example, here's one from 2008. It shows that of "trans kids", 43% desisted after puberty. 27% lost contact (could be legitimately uncontactable, could be suicide, either way those numbers are discounted as a result). The remaining 30% were continuing. And if we are to generously presume that the 27% that lost contact followed the same trends, that would make it ~59% desist with 41% continuing.

Here's a blog post with sources compiling a bunch of studies on the topic. Desistance after puberty among these studies range from 60% desistance to a staggering 90% desistance after puberty.

Even in the best case scenarios, early studies that weren't influenced by modern trendiness of transgenderism as a subculture indicate that the majority in all studies of "trans" children results in desistance.

And not one of these advocates will look you in the eye and address the reality that they are willing to RUIN these lives in the false hope they might ease a couple in return. Take the most generous numbers, and they're willing to sacrifice 3 children in the hopes that another 2 aren't as bad as before. And note, that's not happy, mind you. That HOPING that they're better off. It doesn't account for those in denial and going down a sunk cost mentality. It doesn't account for those that commit suicide. This is purely of the people that were still alive and able to give their feedback.

There have been studies. Low numbers, sure. But when cross checked, guess what they find out? Best case scenario and that gender dysphoria is a 100% real thing, children are still overwhelmingly not accurate judges about their wellbeing regarding this topic, and psychos out there are willing to abuse children through these methods. That simple.

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That's a fair point. Frankly, merely being an escort is enough to throw serious doubt on him being anything but a leftist. It's not impossible for him to be on the right and an escort, but it's definitely highly unlikely.

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It really is funny how there's virtually nobody that can give any sort of rational or reasonable argument as to why a nation should give foreign aid over taking care of their own domestic problems instead.

And I say that as someone who hates government as a whole, but if we have to have them, why is the money going to ANY nation over domestic spending? It doesn't matter if that money goes to a third world shithole like (throws a dart at Africa) Tanzania, to a barbarian shithole like Qatar, or a developed ally like England, none of them should take even a single iota of priority over domestic issues. And this isn't limited to America. It applies to any nation. And the only "argument" in favour of it is ultimately the idea that developed nations like America are somehow responsible for the rest of the world, which is ultimately just a round-a-bout way of supporting colonialism with a leftist coat of paint.

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You sound not only pozzed, but like you're clearly a newfag to the internet that doesn't even understand what was lost because all they've ever experienced was a sanitised little hug box.

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Damn, you're thirsty for attention when you're trawling back for comments from weeks ago.

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The only time consultation isn't a scam is specifically the type of work that cannot be done in-house or through some kind of contractor work. If it can be done either other way, the consultation is 100% a scam, even those with good intentions. Why is it a scam? Because there are better ways of getting that work achieved.

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That wasn't slow burn shit. Hell, it wasn't even related to that all that much. It is now, but at the time it wasn't and was mostly naive idiots thinking the grass on the other side was greener (and boy were they wrong).

Either way, it doesn't really matter what year you want to put on it, some asshole will come along and say "pfft, you think it's only been happening that long? It's actually this long!", entirely missing the point that there has been a significant shit in tactics.

Also, 130 years pre-dates USSR, and contradicts the point that there has been a shift from explosive sudden changes to subtle long-term changes.

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Do you think they care? Do you think they even truly know? Do you even think they're intelligent enough to understand?

All they care about is that they can gain more power and control. And personally, as doompilled as this is going to sound, I think it's working for them. They're boiling the frog and sticking to it. Part of the biggest issue with the USSR was how fast everything changed. But today? This has been happening for a solid 30 years at least. They've shifted from the Revolutionary methodology and instead adopted the Fabian methodology. The long game. The slow burn. The gradual shift.

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I'd say it's better to go a touch broader with all consulting companies. Literally just name the consultation company, add a link for evidence, and let the user take that as is.

It doesn't invoke that pattern recognition you mentioned earlier as much, but it does promote some level of objectivity through user judgement of each company, while also shining a light on how prevalent these consultation firms are becoming/have become within the industry.

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Frankly, shouldn't have been touching Revisionism anyway. Still not going to touch this from SE and their misleading over Remake. It was pitched as a remake of the game, not that Remake was the subtitle and that this was an alternate story. For that reason alone it's worthy of avoiding.

Then there's the fact that it's Square Enix. And that it's a modern game at all. And that nothing good can come from new entries riding the coat tails of an old success.

How many signs were needed that this was going to be shit? Did it really take you to get to the consulting agency in the credits of the second game to give that away? Really?

Remake, Rebirth, Revisionism, Revolting, Retarded. It's the FF of Reeeeeeing.

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Restrictions breed creativity. It truly is that simple. Remove the restrictions of technological capability, and it's no surprise that the creativity of design also starts to vanish.

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