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420 9/11 Yolo.

What are you going to do about that Americans?

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c/GreatAwakening checking in.

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Foreign aide should be suspended generally.

Besides, it's clearly effective. Israels would fund the Iron Dome themselves based on the fact that it blows shit up above them. It's the most effective military propaganda weapon you could possibly have.

"Look what didn't kill you! That is why we should be funded."

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WTF, I agree with you.

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That's because I'm not the strawman you think I am.

I oppose foreign aide generally because it is designed to effectively colonize 3rd world countries.

Israel's government shouldn't be getting foreign aide for the exact same reason no one should be getting foreign aide.

For it's military purposes, they could easily fund it themselves if they wanted to. It's probably Israel's most popular program, I'd be willing to bet.

Israel always works to do whatever benefits Israel first. It's actually one of the reasons the US shouldn't trust them. Canada, UK, the US, Australia, and NZ will typically communicate with each other to decide if something needs to be done. Israel doesn't give a shit. We are closer allies with France than we are with Israel. Israel has, and will, start wars and assassinate leaders with zero warning to the US.

That attitude has come about mostly because they have tactically found themselves being treated as pariahs internationally due to intense Arab pressure. Including the multiple "truces" that were designed to give Arab units time to resupply and re-equip in the first Arab-Israeli War. It didn't help that Israel was straight up prepared to take arms against France and Britain during the Suez Crisis. A crisis that the Israelis basically caused by realizing that they could get something over on the international community and the Globalist order by making the Suez Canal Israeli territory, thus assuring their existence at the point of a gun.

Simply put, the Israelis don't fuck around with their national interests, they never put themselves 2nd, and they are aggressive enough to fight well above their geo-political "weight class".

So, controlling them with foreign aide is an utterly worthless maneuver by the US. They don't really need our help thanks to their own competence militarily, economically, and (in recent decades) diplomatically.

At this point, a lot of thier old potential threats have fallen apart: Syria, Iraq, and Egypt are not much of threat anymore due to tactical and diplomatic reasons. Jordan has always played 2nd fiddle to everyone, but it's no longer a big concern due to it's relationship with the US, and the fact that they couldn't ever wage a war against Israel in the first place. The biggest threats they face are from Saudi Arabia and Iran, who are engaged in a major Arab Cold War for dominance in the region (and is why Syria and Iraq were destroyed by militants). Since Israel has a good relationship with the US, and Saudi Arabia has a good relationship with the US, and a Saudi-Israeli war never totally served Saudi Arabia's interests, they aren't too big of a threat. But their connection to Sunni Jihadists as a proxy force is absolutely a threat to Israel. Israel has to keep a good relationship with the US to help keep Sunni Terrorism at bay.

Iran is a fucking nightmare scenario because it's not just Iran, it's Hezbollah, which supports Shia Terrorism, and has a nasty habit of straight-up taking over multiple arab states and turning them into Iranian vassals. A conquest of Iran is basically a non-option for both Israel and even the US. However, Iran's distance from Israel (and a lack of a strong and independent Israeli surface fleet) means that Iran is out of striking distance from most forms of retaliation, even nuclear (without effective long-range missile systems which Israel may not have). We know they've got bombs, but we don't know that they have missiles, and if they have to go to war with Iran, Saudi Arabia will laugh hysterically, and send fighters to fight Israel. If Hezbollah can vassalize Lebanon, Jordan, or Syria, it's a huge crisis. If Iran takes full control of Iraq (and for a while, it did), then Iran gets a free buffer state against Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Meanwhile Iran uses Palestine & Gaza as a remote launching point of attacks on Israel when desired; extending Iran's military capabilities while Israel has nothing to really counter with besides, basically, the US Navy. Iran was basically setting up a similar situation in Saudi Arabia with the use of Yemen. This is why Trump blasting Solemani's ass was so fucking useful. It properly damaged Iran's proxy force command and control, and allowed the Saudis and Israelis to benefit from a weakened Iran.

For the Americans, there is NO FUCKING REASON we should be sticking our dick in this Tri-State Cold-War mess, especially when we have the ability to fund our own energy reserves, and if the Saudis and Israelis want our military tech, they can fucking pay for it. I can appreciate that the Israelis don't have a good navy, but maybe make that a fucking priority? Fucking hit up Ethiopia for a port to use, say something stupid about ancient ethnic Jews or something, and therefore it's important to have a good relationship with Ethiopia. No one gives a shit. Iran and Saudi Arabia will know exactly what you're up to. They need a better surface fleet (we can sell some ships), and they need better sailors (that's a complete and total political-cultural failure on Israel's god damned part for not taking it seriously for 70 fucking years).

The US should be developing it's off-shore energy reserves, continuing on it's fusion development, and importing oil from fucking Canada, I don't care what the Watermelons cry about.

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I can't tell if the israel defenders here are the "conservative" stereotype, are jewish, or are neoliberal. KiA used to be fairly diverse on Reddit so it could be any.

I think the massive Israeli lobby in the US is a larger threat to Americans' security and sovereignty than most of the social justice we see. It is a bit strange that one cannot enter federal politics in the US while being against Israel's special status.

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Most rw are libs, not sure why it'd be a surprise.

I think the massive Israeli lobby

It's not so much Israel lobby, as much it's what many libs left & right support for various reasons. Now ADL/etc on the other hand...

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It's because many know history enough not to want another holocaust.

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Oy vey its another Shoah

Stop being a stereotype.

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Hey everybody, Jews are so cheap they won't even pay 0.25% of their GDP to prevent themselves from getting sent to concentration camps again.

RealDrJester -8 points ago +1 / -9

[citation needed]

FYI_Muslims_Inbreed 3 points ago +5 / -2

for what?

RealDrJester -6 points ago +1 / -7

For your claims.

FYI_Muslims_Inbreed 5 points ago +6 / -1

Claims? You're suggesting there will be another Holocaust if the taxpayers of the United States don't give another billion dollars to Israel, a wealthy country with a GDP of >$400 billion. Hell, a Zionist billionaire spent $500 million of his own money on a frivolous presidential campaign last year.

So if your premise is true, then it follows that Jews must be too cheap to prevent their own annihilation if it means handing over a few shekels.

Of course, this is all stupid; even if it were true that only Iron Dome could prevent another holocaust, and Americans wouldn't pay for it, then Israel and its supporters could easily afford it.

You literally invoked the Holocaust so you could mooch off the goyim even when you could afford it yourselves. No business like Shoah business, huh? Stop being a stereotype.

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RealDrJester is a JIDF shill. Everything he writes is defending jews and israel.

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Because they already spent some of that money in defense.

You are also confusing people from the state itself. It is a common mistake that a lot of stormcucks and SJWs commit. Conflating billionaires in America, or Jews in America with Israel and people who live in there.

ISrael is in the middle of a region that historically hates Jews.

America even got the R&D for funding partly, the Iron Dome. Is that a bad deal? Considering this is now protecting some American bases, and is now under development the AIM-9X version.

And like I thought, you couldn't back up your claims, just with unfounded conspiracy theories.

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Not muh 6 gorillionerinos!

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So many joo lovers here.

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I hate when I'm temp-banned for naming the jew and exposing JIDF cucks by archiving the shit they say, then posting links to it.

Jannies are fools if they think optics-cucking is going to save whites.

OPTICS CUCKING IS THE MOST HARMFUL THING WHITES CAN DO TO WHITES, because you're agreeing with the left. You're saying "It's wrong to be a white nationalist and want the jews to stop hurting you". You're pretending there's any kind of legitimacy in an ideology that compromises with the enemy of whites. You're so desperate to pretend you're moral, you waste the time of your moral superiors and insult them by pretending you're morally superior to them.

Optics cucks are lower than jews. Whites standing up for other whites is GOOD optics, not bad optics.

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Lol. Truth hurts doesnt it?

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You can practically hear someone counting their shekels...

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I know I'm being a bit pedantic, but you saying it's "the only thing" bugs me. They're all for taking their own citizens rights away like with the patriot act, or starting wars for Saudi Arabia like in Iraq.

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2 people didn't even have the balls to choose a side.

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Israel serves an incredibly useful purpose to the USA.

It serves a strategic purpose in an area where we literally have no other allies, it serves a military purpose where we literally have no other allies, and it serves a medical purpose as well.

We basically use Israel as a testing ground for new weapons, technologies and medicines, this is a two way street by sending them the ability to defend themselves.

Out of all the shitty countries we send money to this is one of the few that we actually get a return on that money.

tryyttt 33 points ago +36 / -3

"no allies" we have no business being in the middle east to begin with.

Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can't help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East

Grumman 9 points ago +11 / -2

we had no enemies in the Middle East

The United States Navy was founded to kill Arab slavers.

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Turkey isn't in the middle east. They're on a stolen part of Europe.

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The Ottoman Empire also included much of the Middle East.

NoGardE 2 points ago +2 / -0

The only good part of WWI was the collapse of the Ottomans.

TerpenoidTester -11 points ago +4 / -15

That is completely incorrect that we have no enemies in the Middle East.

We have enemies that are trained from BIRTH to hate us, denied any chance to educate themselves out of that mindset, and the only thing stopping them from coming at us is because there happens to be another enemy closer.

I lived in the Middle East for 3 years. It is a nightmare. Pretending that our 'intervention' in the area is the reason for their hatred is absurd, they hate us because of our culture and our way of life. It has nothing to do with whether or not we support Israel.

If the Palestinians get access to anything resembling first world technology their first target after Israel is us. It is a born and bred hatred, taught from birth, that is funded by ultra leftists.

There's nothing scarier then imagining them with oil money and Israel gone, they would be fed resources by every surrounding country and aimed at us like a missile.

What happened in the past isn't changeable, but if we are going to give millions of dollars to countries at least this makes us safer.

RealDrJester -21 points ago +1 / -22

<3 out of context stormcuckery news.

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RealDrJester -13 points ago +4 / -17

we had no enemies in the Middle East

Whoever said this is a retard and failed history.

I'll let you enjoy Barbary slave trade, and then the Philippines(meme about bacon as a top tip for you)for you.

redguards_are_nwahs 3 points ago +4 / -1

... North Africa and South East Asia?

deleted 7 points ago +9 / -2
RealDrJester -7 points ago +1 / -8

Wasn't it you who said Germans(or was it the palestinians) suffered genocide because they lost land in WWI? I simply inverted your argument.

CatoTheElder 3 points ago +5 / -2

That's just you making more shit up.

RealDrJester -6 points ago +1 / -7

And which religion these two examples am I talking about that comes from the middle East and who works almost in unison when hating infidels?

redguards_are_nwahs 1 point ago +1 / -0

Aren't the majority of Muslims in South Asia?

RealDrJester -4 points ago +1 / -5


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Anon331717 12 points ago +13 / -1

It does absolutely nothing for Americans, only DC.

RealDrJester -16 points ago +2 / -18

Then whyvdid the US get the R&D of the iron dome?

concernedpikachu 8 points ago +11 / -3

step 1: bomb israel to dust

step 2: make the now flat land part of america

step 3: profit

this will literally be cheaper than the current israeli funding and will have the added bonus of solving the majority of the worlds political issues.

MargarineMongoose 1 point ago +2 / -1

Honestly it's probably safer to skip step 2 entirely. No sense in lingering in that region any longer than we already have.

EmotionalSupportPup 6 points ago +6 / -0

This is pretty much correct. That said, this missile defense system is a lot easier to understand funding than all the other rampant funding of Israel it really does not deserve.

Gizortnik 2 points ago +3 / -1

It really doesn't though. And that's because it is diplomatically too costly to side with Israel on anything in the middle east.

If we wanted to have a proper military ally, we would have used them in both invasions of Iraq.

As a purely military ally: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Qatar are better allies.

Israel is just far more competent.

TheImpossible1 -21 points ago +8 / -29

Why are you watching Fox? And on YouTube?!

tryyttt 31 points ago +36 / -5

try to focus on the actual topic instead of deflecting just cause its something you dont like to hear.

TheImpossible1 -14 points ago +6 / -20

I just find it funny how you're funding our enemy, while complaining about the government funding yours.

tryyttt 18 points ago +23 / -5

im not funding anyone but i can tell you are triggered over anything critical over the tribe as usual

TheImpossible1 -12 points ago +6 / -18

I haven't even said anything about that.

The post at the top of this community is to avoid YouTube and yet you're still using it.

Do you not care that you're helping our enemy?

Wait, wait, I can make you care.

(((Susan Wojicki))) is Jewish.

tryyttt 11 points ago +16 / -5

You're addressing the wrong person here. But you are the one who is crying and whining about a different thing, instead of focusing on the original topic, and we all know the reason why

TheImpossible1 -10 points ago +4 / -14

Because avoiding paying the people pushing the vax is more important than stormcuck shit?

I'd love to know how you reconcile the vax push in Israel with the theory that they rule the world. They're killing their own people.

tryyttt 11 points ago +15 / -4

A thread about parties constantly wanting to giving our tax payer money to israel and you start crying STORMCUCK. man the ultra sensitivity from you JIDF is just amazing.

elleand202 1 point ago +1 / -0

I’m going to turn this around on you based on what you’ve said before here. I'd love to know how you reconcile the vax push by women with the theory that they rule the world. They're killing their own people.

And I’ll preemptively guess the answer to both your question to tryyttt and my question to you is that the vax kills more of their supposed “enemies” than their own so it’s worth it.

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RealDrJester -25 points ago +4 / -29

Good. Defensive system, less people dying less destruction. And America got all the R&D for it.

The only objections I see are from stormcucks who want more dead people.

current_horror 20 points ago +24 / -4

Ah yes, not wanting to be the world's police force = white supremacy.

You fulfill the stereotype so completely that I'm starting to think you might be the stormfronter.

Gizortnik -3 points ago +3 / -6

I'm sure that's your issue with them.

RealDrJester -19 points ago +3 / -22

Ah yes there it is one or my favorite stormcuckery proving that he doesn't care about another holocaust, nor cares about people dying. Not he cares that the US is pretty much getting back all they paid forand more with the iron dome.

Amazing how you prove the stereotype and me right with one single post.

Give me a challenge, don't make it so easy.

Lurker404 5 points ago +6 / -1

Defensive system, less people dying less destruction.

That's not how it works.

If your defense is impenetrable you can use your offensive systems without restraint. There's no incentive to hold back because you don't have to fear retaliation.

Unless you only value the lives on one side of a conflict, a defensive system is effectively just as destructive as an offensive one.

RealDrJester -4 points ago +2 / -6

Wow now that's a nice spin off. Israel always held back, even before and after iron dome with its military. You just want more dead people. Israel could have flattened Gaza multiple times yet they didn't. Because they value life.

Gizortnik 3 points ago +4 / -1

I don't think we need to fund any of it. The Israelis are probably more than happy to fund it themselves.

RealDrJester -4 points ago +1 / -5

They were having issues getting the extra funding to finish the project. America, with its funding basically helped finish it and then as a bonus, got the know-how for it.