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so it’s contributing to vaccine hesitancy

Telling people that lead is poisonous contributes to lead-piping hesitancy. I sometimes wonder if these people actually hear what they say.

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Meh, the non-radical wing of feminism has dehumanized women for decades. Nothing new under the sun.

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Be that as it may, but waiting for someone to save them led them to where they are now. This isn't something that can happen from top down.

Those that supposedly want to denounce the culture have to do so consistently. Even if it's their friend, their brother, their wive. You can't close your eyes and overlook bad behaviour because the person is close to you, because the next thing you know is that you start overlook bad behaviour because the person has the sam skin-color as you.

If one wants to better the lives of those he cares about, he has to start holding himself accountable and then hold those he cares about accountable.

Is that easy? No, probably not, but forgiveness without remorse and redemption leads to where we are right now in regards to black people in the US and women worldwide.

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They just discredited their entire University's diploma system

I mean, I am sure they descredited it long ago? I can't imagine a finnish University not being dominated by feminists and all the devaluation of academic excelence that comes with it.

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Eh, just wanted to be reeeeaaaaally sure not to underestimate the time.

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So, you need a celebrity to denounce something? I don't follow.

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that downgraded her school from outstanding to inadequate

damn, must have been the patriarchies fault

Ms Perry's family said the 53-year-old had described the inspection in November as the worst day of her life

I mean, obviously you had a lot of good days while you were busy destroying the institution you were entrusted with and ruining many a childrens lives while you were at it.

It is clear that school leaders up and down the country are placed under intolerable pressure by the current approach

Yah, who cares about the children. These poor school leaders shouldn't be held accountable for fucking up.

These judgements do not do justice to schools and colleges, and negative outcomes are devastating to leaders, staff and communities

Still no word about the children that had to endure her incompetence. Oh right, nobody cares about them.

A petition calling for education secretary Gillian Keegan and Ofsted chief inspector Amanda Spielman to review the inspection and to make changes to the inspection system has so far gathered more than 40,000 signatures

And anything that isn't 'oh, we change everything so mentally unstable people that are inadequate for the position ever feel bad again' will be rejected by you lunatics that don't even begin to question how the fuck a school can slide from excelent to the lowest possible rating and what the consequences for the children that have to go there, are

Because buhuuuu, someone got cought up by the consequences of their complete and utter uselesness in a job she'd certainly wouldn't have gotten, if she was a man with the same (or way better for that matter) qualifications and if there's one thing we just can't let women suffer then it's consequences.

Get fucked.

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There's a real need for black white supremacists. Black people that, as a block, denounce these faggots.

But they can't. The in group bias is so strong that they rather be lumped in with these chimpouts than put their foot down and denounce black 'culture'

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leading to former host Adam Sessler throwing a tantrum and refusing to apologize

So, a Day ending in y?

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Yah, it really should be an echochamber. Let's curate the shit out of this win so we only hear what we want to hear.

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Yah, as if that would work. I'm willing to bet that you can fund a whole city that'd be populated completely by black people, give them enough money to get everything started, including buisnesses. Only blacks allowed.

It'd turn to shit within a decade and they'll blame whitey and demand reparations and DiAngelo would lead these demands.

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maybe they imply that these women don't wear underwear so their jeans are full of gender-fluid?

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Even when pretending that there's no abuse going on, the schedules these children are forced into are insane.

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I don't think he cares. Imp doesn't like men, he hates women. It's like the communists. They don't like poor people, they just hate the rich. Or feminists. They don't like women. They just hate men.

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to say nothing of supporting her creative or financial vision

I figure that's about as much as she can say of these things herself.

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We need to break that

What a disgusting little rat. This sentence doesn't refer to the vaccination but to the principle of personal freedom. And of course he only means other people's personal freedem, never his own.

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While we do have a fuckload of rules nobody asked for there is no rule on what content is allowed and is not allowed. This is intentional. This was intentional from the beginning.

As you said, there's other places to discuss the stuff you like. Just go there and stop grandstanding your vision of what this place should be.

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A lot of things that are true but he's, like, all over the place

Also: Is he black enough to not get cancelled over this?

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some unfuckable pig

Literally. She's a walking Miss Piggy Cosplay

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I was a woke committed liberal until this game and school came into my life

It's all fun and games until YOUR personal limit is reached, isn't it? You could have taken the sensible approach, that is, sexuality and especially the sexuality of teachers, have no place in a classroom but you let it fester for virtue points and for your inherent need to fit in.

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  • GoTG

  • Outer Worlds

  • Nier: Automata

Played all of them with a 1060, was plenty enough

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Well, it should at least be a warning to all parents (especially but not restricted to 'marginalized communities') to not trust schools to be truthfull about their childs development.

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