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I have a good feeling about this (in my pants)

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Let's just not listen to pedos from ConPro for a start

Also, as was stated multiple times already. Anyone that wants to be a mod is unfit to be a mod, because their inherent desire to police a community will inevitably lead to them policing the community in a way that is not in the communities best interest.

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Par for the course, no? I figure the FBI marches at every noteworthy event. Only difference is that they aren't diguised to stirr up shit this time.

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Because that's what marriage is all about. What do I get out of it. What can that thing I have to marry do for ME.

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The original line was the outcome of the sensivity reviews. They most certainly didn't expect any backlash for the line because in their sick minds a black person is opressed (by default) and him being in Japan makes him Japanese. Somehow.

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I'm a successful journalist admired by my peers

Imagine saying that and honestly believing it's not something to be ashamed about.

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Well, obviously adding people to a project doesn't mean it gets done faster.

But a team consisting only of men most certainly gets more shit done than one that has women regardles of menstrual leave.

I'd be courious if productivity was actually up when enough women were on menstrual leave at the same time.

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Hasn't Canada changed the rules because of this trials. As in: With the new rules Ghomeshi would have been guilty of rape.

Girlwriteswhat covered the trial and the fallout. As far as I remember (couln't be arsed to research it while at work) defendants aren't allowed to point out all the things you described above, anymore. Especially the collusion-part.

[EDIT]And something about not being allowed to introduce evidence in favour of the defendant without sharing that evidence with the prosecution so they can coach the "victims" better[/EDIT]

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Unlike whites, where a significant portion actually thinks, it's only the bad conservative whites the sandniggers want to kill.

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A not insignificant number of men are. Not by choice, obviously, but the sex-gap is real.

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How about neither? The milf is damaged goods and probably past her fertile window, the daughter is a cunt.

I agree about this being petty, though.

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She was struck by how many young Arab men valued and looked forward to fatherhood—a sharp contrast with what she heard from young American women, who shared story after story of men “who were simply unready or unwilling to commit.”

Could it be that becoming a father in the arab world doesn't place a sword above your neck that the mother can release for any or no reason at all?

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Sure, but the rule is probably in place to protect poor minorities from '“feel[ing] discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress” on account of their race'

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Maybe that's the problem. Did Brand admit to raping anyone? No? Admitting rape is wholesome, not admitting it is harmful. Easy.

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that forbids teachers from making students “feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress” on account of their race

They didn't think this through, huh?

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It's worse, no? They get treated as equally capable or completely helpless on a whim. Like, whatever is more convinient in any given moment.

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Yah, and then they started to change the law so that such a thing can never happen again. As In: Women colluding and lying about should not be a reason that the man cannot be convicted.

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