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Common Canadian "hate group" opinions:

  • The current fiscal policies are unhealthy for the long-term stability of the country.

  • Front-line workers like long-haul truckers deserve more respect than the politicians offer them.

  • Maybe letting in broke people with no job prospects isn't the best idea until we have job prospects for them, instead of just bringing them in to be homeless beggars or criminals.

I don't see why there wouldn't be diversity in groups thinking these things.

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There's forty million hate groups! We call them "individual Canadians", because any opinion, any at all, can be construed as a hate incident.

Want more immigration? Hate on the impoverished minorities, displacing their jobs.

Want less immigration? Hate on the impoverished outsider minorities, who just want a better life.

Want the exact same amount of immigration? Hate on both, because you're not adapting to new situations, you're actively trying to sabotage the growth plans of the country to harm minorities both local and imported.

No opinion on it? Ignorance of the issue is not forgiveness, you're hating on minorities for not educating yourself.

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That just seems odd.

Even when I was doing lower end jobs, 500 wasn't that much. Like, it'd hurt to lose, but it would be there to lose. Don't drink, no drugs, make your own food, avoid owning a car if you can swing it, and the money will add up.

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Many people already call the country "America", why not just make it official? One America.

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Eco-terrorist plotline would easily fit into a spy thriller setting, and make things far more organic (heh) thann anything this writer room could come up with.

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The rest of us can remain insane here. They're the backup save file.

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You're falling for their Begging The Question Fallacy: You're allowing their assumption that they even create these things to begin with. In reality, they're taking existing IPs, existing words, existing stories, and perverting them into something that supports their ideology. They aren't "writing a believable queer character" not because the "believable" part is false, but because the "writing" part is false. The core premise isn't valid, let alone secondary details to spawn from it.

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I'm surprised you remember usernames that well, tbh.

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Let The Past Die, Kill It If You Have To

It doesn't have staying power, but it's a declaration of intent they had for the series that they put into the series of movies explicitly.

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The Islamist stabbed 5 other people. Because they weren't cops, this part is swept under the rug.

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Source: Person who has never had to snap a half-inch thick bar of steel braced directly against the ground with no leverage or fulcrum.

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If they're used to dealing with the USA (and their tweet is in English, so probably a true statement), they're used to white people literally paying them to say "kill white people, white people need to die out!".

They've been trained, on very good training data over a long term with very positive results, that being openly threatening with effective genocide of the native population is not only tolerated, but rewarded.

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"As easy" is the operative words there.

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It's not like they're checking passports, vetting people, or the like. If they're just chucking random people on a boat, and saying "haha, now you're America's problem, or England's problem, not ours!", most docks can have two boats at the dock at the same time, piers tend to have two sides in the water, you can probably cycle them every 4-6 hours, not every 24 hours (which would be 2 boats a day).

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You generally don't do these debates/shows to win over the direct person in front of you. Trump will win more buy-in and support not from the fools loudly proclaiming they will waste their vote, but from those who saw him confront them on TV.

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Imp was nice in that he was genuinely schizo-posting. The sincerity came through, you could feel he really cared... Even if he was a broken clock only right twice a day. Probably better for his mental health to not be online, but at the same time, he could be fun or even downright well-researched on his more stable days.

These trolls, unpaid shills, and astroturf five-cent army posters are just... low-tier.

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It's not a phobia if it is a rational fear, and since she's writing a documentary, it's at the very least a very rational fear to her. The only way her book could spark Islamaphobia is if the Canadian government took some level of extreme action against Islamic law and practices being observed in Canada, making any concerns or fears about ISIS's activities impacting Canadians seem irrational. Otherwise, it's merely a concern or awareness, not a phobia.

If you read a story about someone on an open field being struck by lightning, you'll be cautious about lightning next time it rains, even if the odds of being struck are low. You're not lightningphobic, just over-aware.

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Yup. If a company says "I don't want your money"... Why give it your money? That's mean of you, they don't want it!

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Giantess is a permutation on BDSM primarily, a power-top to the maximum. It often features men or women used as sexual toys for the giant in question, or in more extreme fetishes, as a food source, but both are in the end the same: all about reducing the secondary party into an object to degrade and use, while cementing that the "top", dominant, party is unassailable and unimpeachable from their position of power over others. To reach that level of fantasy domination outside of the giant(ess) genre usually requires some extreme magic-based slavery element in the worldbuilding, which sometimes isn't to the taste of the reader.

It is a sister fetish to the "tiny" fetish: fairies/imps/pixies/etc, all the things less than a foot tall, which accomplishes the "giant(ess)" element without the larger party needing some kind of in-universe explanation as to how they can surpass the square-cube law.

Oddly enough, though, the "tiny" element is more often Male Dom/Female Sub, while the "giant" element is more often Female Dom/Male Sub, from my limited exposure (so at least for the most commonly posted stuff on 4chan or the like). This might relate to the "safe horny" theory posited by a poster above.

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RPGs are more labor-intensive than open-world games for the same duration of gameplay, by a fairly significant margin (that's why open-world games are so popular!), but there's a backlog a thousand games long of very good jRPGs.

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Everyone is so broken because everyone is so pliable, and being pulled in so many directions. If we reach a point where we submit ourselves to AI-based eugenics breeding programs, well, one, we're all completely broken at that point, but two, the AI would have enough power to pull the people back together.

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I've had to take IT internet security training recently. Apparently, "Hello, I am the password inspector, please email me your password" is a big enough issue that actually works that they needed a half hour presentation on that alone. No hacks, no cracks, no phishing, just utter morons.

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