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Biden and Gore envision a scenario where Trump clearly loses the 2020 election and then throws a temper tantrum and refuses to leave the White House. Such a scenario is an absurdity.It is far more plausible that the 2020 election will be hotly contested, and Democratic leaders will simply declare victory, and then turn to the press and big tech to endorse their claims. Then, they will turn to the military to enforce what they have decided. It is also possible that, in a contested election, Democrats will order their “peaceful protesters” to invade and menace the capital. If President Trump orders the use of force to maintain order, the establishment will seize upon this as an excuse for the military to revolt against him.

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reminds me of the south park scene from the episode Margaritaville


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Here is a good compilation showing in chronological order what happened with the man defending himself from rioters attacking him in Wisconsin


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"we will not stop until there are more white homicides then Black"

So never?

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From article: "Sweden hoped herd immunity would curb COVID-19. Don't do what we did. It's not working."

They say that as there death count is in the single digits/ day and never had to suffer the consequences of lock down or forcing masks. It's all very suspect and we should not trust them.