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Here are mine (TW):

  1. Joe Biden will win the election.
  2. Immediately upon his election or inauguration, the lying media will turn on him, suddenly discovering all the scandals they have been covering up to that point.
  3. If there is any substance to the Burisma/China scandal, he will be toppled.

Why do I think this? Biden was never the favorite of the establishment. Fake News CNN was smearing him in favor of its candidates Kamala Harris and later Elizabeth Warren. I distinctly remember a headline - at an airport - last year, where FNCNN was claiming that "Biden refuses to apologize for segregationist comments".

Right now, they are temporarily allying themselves with Biden go get rid of the Bad Orange Man, and therefore temporarily covering up any scandal.

But like Francis Underwood, Harris will undermine Biden in order to usurp the presidency, and the media will do what they are paid by their billionaire and corporate masters to do.

The lying media will feel empowered by having gotten Trump out of office, that they can also remove Biden in favor of his VP whom they like better. Similarly, the mob will feel empowered as well, so you can expect political violence at regular intervals, which will be branded 'peaceful protests' when they are not being blamed on Wight Supremacists.

These are my honest views, and I'll concede that I also thought that Trump would lose in 2016.

Thoughts, predictions, etc.?

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It's going to be like 2000 with a long delayed result, only during the delay this time there will be lots of nasty riots and protests, mainly in big cities and outside state capitols to pressure elected officials. They will follow the playbook of a "colored revolution," and use "democracy" to justify removing Trump if he is even or ahead in votes. All social media and big media will side with the protesters, and will censor anything pro-Trump or that goes against their narrative. Conservative dissidents will be blocked from even using the internet, and establishment conservatives will cave in to the pressure and reach some kind of compromise by giving a half-hearted nod in exchange for retaining their platform. In the mean time, anything can happen over the next 11 days til the election.

The outcome will be one of the following: : A a decisive Biden victory, B a slow motion coup to remove Trump, C a civil war, D Trump will sell his base out and make a deal to stay president while submitting to the Blue Commies plans.