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I'm not assuming anything. They're mentally ill dimwits.

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Who is the avatar pic of? Some actress or model?

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I listen to 10 seconds, I hear mental illness, delusion and low IQ talking, I close.

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Yeah, that was the point of "not if I hire well". I was just surprised I responded so quickly with that. Probably because I'm well aware of subtle warning signs and I felt the interview was leading toward something like that.

And in hindsight, though it was a reflexive response at the time and I didn't map it out to be HR proof, it still is. Although I meant it specifically for her position at the moment I would easily explain to HR that I was implying not as long as I continue to hire well as I have done with all employees. Those darned white males can be problematic, amirite, Director of HR Karen?

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I interviewed a woman with classic 'problem glasses' about 4 months ago for a single technical job in a operations labor group of 26, typically made up 100% men. I always let the candidate know in the interview, when female, that it is pretty much all males so they are informed, as some females might be uncomfortable with that. No other motivation than I always try and let any candidate know the playing field so they are best informed and I don't shine them on.

So in the middle of my standard carefully and politely phrased diatribe she pops in with a look and haughty tenor and says "will that be a problem?!?". And I quickly responded without even thinking "not if I hire well". You could see the buttcheeks clench and as far as I was concerned, the interview was over.

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I think you're full of shit.

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If everyone and everything is AwEsUm, then.... words have no meaning anymore. I live in a world of fucking idiots.

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And you watching supports him and their actual purpose financially. It's sad to watch the lowbrow crap and guests he and Waters put up just to keep you monkeys engaged in shit flinging.

Fox is the enemy, equal to the MSM. Where were any of these fucks at critical mass time, post election up to Jan. 6?

Pro-Tip: Distrust everything. Stop aligning with R's. It is not R vs. D. It is Us vs. Them. GLOBALIST UNIPARTY. NWO in full control.

Form hypothesis and then listen to no words but watch actions and see if they fit.

First Lesson: Assume D.C. is NWO controlled and the R's and D's are globalist uniparty who continue to sell out the country, the constitution and the actual citizens. That's it.

Now watch what they DO (not say) and see if bit by bit it fits what I laid out or not.

I voted for Obama the first time, but once I figured out he hated the country and was an agent sent to destroy it, everything he did made sense.

Now go away and don't bother me until you figure this shit out for yourself. I don't have time for repeating the same crap I have been right on for so long. If you think this is too harsh... well the time has long passed for having the leisure and comfort to give reach-arounds.

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Fuck Carlson. He's there to keep morons engaged so they can be gaslit in between. He showed his true colors.

P.S: Fuck Fox News was implied. I'm proud to say I've never 'tuned in' to them once in my life.

It's not R vs. D. There is a globalist uniparty. It us vs. them.

Fox and these dipshits like Carlson are here to keep you believing it is R vs. D.

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Vaginas! Vaginas everywhere!!!

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Fuck Carlson. Did none of you watch which side people took post election to after 1/6?

People like him and ass-clown Waters are there to keep hammerheads watching the freak show, but then gaslight as needed on what to think on globalist uniparty candidates etc., telling you what you should believe in, back and support.

It is not R vs. D. It is Us vs. Them. Fox is no different to me than CNN or MSNBC. And McConnell is no different than Pelosi, and that comparison goes far down the ranks. The NWO is in control and it is because 80% of the populace are absolute fools thinking at the same level like you're watching your favorite sports-ball team.

The human race is my own worst enemy. You feckless fuckers.

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You really rolled with that well. Now get off the internet, go outside and learn to have discourse with human beings in person.

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Awwww, somebody thinks he's the Joker in 'The Dark Knight'. Smoke less weed and read more, while also pontificating less out of your ass.

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Justice is cosmic so don't fuck with it

No it's not and this story is bullshit. Life is not fair. Karma does not exist. Evil does sometimes win.

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