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This kind of shit is EXACTLY why slut shaming used to be a thing, and where the prudishness of the Victorian age came from - all the (at the time) incurable syphilis, gono, and other "social diseases" that were rampant by the 1800s. I bet if we looked into the social history of Europe (never mind the politics and wars), we'd be seeing the same clownery going on in the 1600-1700s - even aside from the global sex bazaar that opened up with the Age of Exploration.

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That's what you get for eating wildlife. You don't know where IT'S been.

It's why meat inspectors exist.

Also running through the woods and getting scratches and handling blood. Think they're smart enough to use rubber gloves over there?

Also no standards of food safety, and bad cooking techniques - eating raw, wild shit.

Which is the same argument when it comes to the "wet market" theory of Covid origins.

Leave wildlife alone and eat the slaves you already made, greedies.

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Man's first sin was substituting goats for retards in their "sacrifice" (leaving their sick, deformed and burdened for the predators became random killing for bloodthirsty fake "gods".)

Anyway, my original point was simply that a normal elephant outranks a human retard, so if people can demand rights for retards, then it's not outrageous to want the simplest of rights for an elephant.

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"ENslavement of the nigger is heavily regulated" so it's OK

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Well, at least until they can fix the things in utero. I was only counting ones that didn't have their goddamn umbilical cord attached.

But never mind the mass genocide of multiple species just because they're "in the way" or some asshole can make money off it, or "muh culture" or "I'm too cheap to buy beef and too lazy to raise my own cow, so I'll demand the wildlife support my monkey ass".

Never mind entire cities' worth of dead baby seals because of no reason at all, whose MOTHERS ACTUALLY WANTED THEM, and don't need mother's allowance to raise them. I mean, hey, why should I give two fucks what some gibbering ghetto gorilla does with its OWN foetus, that I don't want to raise, and don't want to pay to raise?

A non-human isn't a fail!human, but a retard is.

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Did I say anything about killing anyone?

It's about uplifting, not tearing down. See, this is the problem with humans, they always default to the worst.

If you can simper over an sub-animal abomination such as a retard, then non-human minds matter, too.

And oh, cognizance is EXACTLY the debate over whether or not other species matter. "Oh,. they don't have thoughts, it doesn't matter what humans do to them, they're here to abuse". Fuck off. If you believe that, and also believe that every species has excess that is food for others, well, then retards are human excess ...

But no, just keep moving the goalposts around because reasons.

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I don't see where it's an either-or.

Also, yeah, a normal elephant > a retarded baby, which should be mandatory to freakin' abort.

I mean, it should be obvious that an adult elephant is more cognizant than a foetus, and certainly moreso than a zygote or an embryo.

To think otherwise is just supremacist totem poling that's no better than preferring a retarded white faggot over a normal, productive black just because it's white or some bullshit.

One can defend both unborn humans AND elephant rights.

"Treated like an animal"? Maybe non-humans don't deserve to be treated like shit just because of the way they were born? Oh, because that monkeypig propagandist Descartes said so, or a bunch of ancient, retarded hebrews? Maybe treat non-humans better, and treat criminals as the TRUE 'animals" of the fucking world.

They never used to believe babies could feel anything, either, in my own kids' lifetime, ffs.

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If AI/Robots weren't meant to be slaves, there'd be no reason for them to exist in the first place.

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Like leopard bites are common anywhere.

But I have heard tell of cults of "Leopard Men", who are totally bad news. And no, I don't mean Western types. I mean turdwhirled types that mean business.

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Been saying that for decades now. PET hated all things Anglo. The rest have all been pro-foreign globalists who prefer foreigners over heritage Canadians. If it isn't the US (mulroney), it's India, and China. Look at how we had that Haiti booster under Harper, ffs (who promised to "fix" immigration, and only made things worse, the fucker).

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Well, they've always been metaphors for "enemies" in general, of course. Their stated characteristics are generally traits considered to be those that are embodied by said enemy.

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I think it's primarily where the style isn't so much big eyes, or "cat's" eyes (which are nice almond shapes), but it's the long-in-the-middle-but-pointy-at-both-ends eyes that bug me the most.

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Yes, of course, agape as opposed to eros, but the Left is all about Eros.

Our grandparents used to teach us that "it's good to make friends of all kinds, but that doesn't mean you have to "marry" them" (with "marry" being a child-friendly euphemism for "fuck", of course), but these freaks see the world as some kind of sex bazaar.

And it ain't nothing new, it goes back to at least Gene Roddenberry, as far as it being out in the open via entertainment (at least in the modern era) goes. Unless you want to count a lot of world mythology ...

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The face I see in the thumbnail looks like a fuckin' demon.

That's actually the one thing that throws me off about the "anime" style in general, is the goddamn eyes.

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Meanwhile, they will tell you there's no such thing as a "slippery slope".

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You know, maybe we do need a third bathroom. One for men, one for women, and one for these goddamned freaks. And if anyone gets attacked in one of those bathrooms, the attack is to be legally IGNORED. Use at your OWN RISK bathrooms.

Because why should I want to share a bathroom with a lesbian that considers itself a male, anyway?

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I now understand what a Hellmouth is. It's not about an ancestral fear of predation at all. It's simply these humans, spewing Hell from their mouths, and sucking others in with the backdraft.

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Maybe monkeypox will do what AIDS was too slow to take care of.

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I remember hearing about that/seeing clips of it. I also remember the Gong Show (yeah, it was that bad, but when you're a kid, it's fun.)

But we also had Real People, That's Incredible!, and Those Amazing Animals, as well as things like The Smith and Smith Comedy Hour, and well, Bizarre and Super Dave.

And lest we forget The Smothers Brothers and Wayne and Shuster (though I don't remember the latter all that well, and mostly only saw the Smothers on other shows.)

And SCTV, and SNL back when Eddie Murphy was still funny.

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