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Yeah, the casting couch system was no secret, though they tried to pass it off as a joke sometimes.

It's what savvy parents might warn their kids about when it came to wanting to go to Hollywood.

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According to Jared Diamond those people still run through their family trees to find a reason to NOT kill a stranger they happen to meet in the jungle.

I remember reading an article on the matter not that many years ago, and the tribals were lamenting that the missionaries didn't let them eat people any more (beyond possibly the "cultural and beautiful funerary rites" that involve eating a bit of Mom or Dad when they die), with the usual "but it tastes so GOOD" moan.

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The only other dumbasses I can think of who immolate themselves are Buddhists/Chinese.

So are they getting psyopped into it by Chinese "friends"?

Maybe they should have made friends with Doukhobors instead.

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Doesn't mean anything here any more. If anything, it'd be October 17 if anyone felt the need to celebrate.

But it's not like anyone celebrates "End of Alcohol Prohibition" day, either.

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Clara was mostly an example of "enough with the Magical Companion that's the most important person in the whole wide whirled" bullshit.

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Capaldi was robbed by being given the worst writers, and saddled with the worst sidekick.

From then on, they've just been determined to totally kill the franchise, but not before giving it a good, long, hard struggle session.

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Psychopathic narcissists were the demons the ancients talked about. No one ever figured out how to prevent the fuckers from breeding.

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Yeah, the same way anything named "Canadian (Pizza) (Buger)(anything)" is going to be pakijeets or camel clowns.

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It's always mental illness, and then they'll say it's society's fault for not "doing more", which is why they get short sentences if they're sentenced at all.

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The only things Rocky Horror really has going for it is Tim Curry, the music, and the audience participation aspect. It's not that great a movie otherwise.

The same goes for Animal House. It's one of those things you like as a teenager, but as a movie, it's kind of meh, and leans towards shaggy dogginess. But my generation loved it (and my cadet corps was pretty much run by John Belushi cultists.)

My only problem with American Pie is the same one I have with Donnie Darko - I kept tuning in to the same, absolute worst, most off-putting scene over and over, prompting me to change the channel and not be interested in watching the whole thing.

Adolescent humour has always ranged from "midly naughty" to "as raunchy as possible without getting an X rating like Fritz the Cat"

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Installing it mid-game may induce urges to start over.

It not only gives a place to store and display all the named and special stuff you collected, but it also adds a lot of QoL features and a couple handfuls of quests in and of itself. Plus NPCs and maybe a dungeon or three, I can't even tell what's from what any more. But I can't imagine playing without it.

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So I play Skyrim with the Dragonborn Museum mod (highly recommend, btw). I specifically raid tombs and lost cities for stuff to put in my museum. And it's tons of fun and satisfying, too.

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When people say stuff made here in Canada was too expensive, I point at the corduroy jacket I bought in 1992 and is still in perfect shape that cost me all of a $20 bill. It's kind of a shame the Made in Canada tag faded away years ago.

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Next they'll start telling each other that an all-Japanese society is "so boring" and how "lazy and entitled" Japanese workers are ....

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Shitty bridges fslling down, falling down ... 🎵

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I'd say that the kid is going to get eaten alive, but he already noticed. As long as he's allowed to keep noticing, he might be OK. He might grow up kind but wary.

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Well, they stole it by way of Louis Farrakhan's "Rainbow Coalition", which no one seems to remember any more. Them or their og "Million Man March". Farrakhan stole the rainbow first.

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500 tons? Wow, I worked with plastic injector machines that weighed that much. They were huge, but inside (the smallest ones were 50 T)

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I can only really afford penny stocks at the moment, though it looks like one or two of those might be a bit ghosty, they just don't do anything.

I do have a mutual fund (and a TFSA) through the bank that I deposit a little bit into every month, been doing so for a few years now. I figured it was time to "diversify" a little bit, and there's no savings bonds here any more.

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I have a managed mutual fund through my bank that I put $25 into every month. Also a TFSA, same amount.

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