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Its only for white haired nigger troons.

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Which is why in the next breath he fully acknowledges his powerlessness, and that he just wants to piss people off. They don’t even try to lie about motive any more. They fully understand that the programming has been done and facts no longer matter. Hell, why would anyone clearly violating your rights, care at all for your rights? They’re simply trying to provoke the fight to begin, so they can justify a totalitarian crackdown as an act of national defense.

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Exactly. Reminds me of what my pop used to say, and the level of concern he had for my personal autonomy: “If everyone jumped off of a bridge...”

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Cool. What a great guy. Shame someones going to disagree. Violently.

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I think its just standard instinctual hate for subhuman species.

I also understand why rappers are called MC now. Its because they’re multi-cultural.

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The problem is that they’ve chosen to systematically undermine democracy and refuse to respect religious freedom, free speech and many other inherent rights defended by the constitution of the United States.

They do this under the auspices of protecting society when in fact they only appear to defend the views of a select minority, while simultaneously eroding the rights of other individuals in the host countries in which they operate.

They are founded on and operate from the premise of fighting anti semitism when in fact they only serve to chill free expression and censor anything that criticizes the words or actions of individuals of a particular race. This is true racism. This causes actual harm.

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Its easy. Assimilate or your host country will die. Diversity is the greatest lie ever sold.

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Brother thats all I have left anymore worth keeping.

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Clarence Thomas is the exception that proves the nigger. Put a gold nugget in a litterbox and I guarantee you will never mistake it for a turd. But make no mistake, its still a litterbox full of turds.

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Accidental whorehouse cuck casino. He should be rope shopping by now.

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4k IU of D3 daily is the standard dose measurement. I take 8k because Im a beast. Great mood enhancer.

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