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The true pain of it all is that at one time it was very aligned with middle american values. I used to listen in the 90’s. Saturday mornings weren’t complete without “wait wait dont tell me“ and Prairie Home Companion. Listening now is a sadly dystopian experience. Whining sounds of miserable victimhood mentality.

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Keep going.

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Ignorance is bliss. Meanwhile the niggers went feral AGAIN and the jews finally took meaningful positions of power in america.

Amazing grace. I was blind, but now I see.

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You’ve described the perversion of morality. A skin suit for degeneracy. Real morality exists. Those who contest this typically have none under inspection.

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When this all ends, racism and antisemitism will be dead words. They’re both jewish rhetorical inventions that have no basis in natural language or the common vernacular.

Also, stop saying white. None of us classified as such should accept it. Demand your ethnic heritage be acknowledged, and be prepared to physically enforce it.

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Wait, so all the dicks ive been sucking are GAY??!

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Haha your last paragraph describes me over the last 3-4 years.

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My dad is 83, and he’ll still kick your ass and tell you why. Old age is an alibi abused by many elder folks.

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I was being facetious my man. Just calling out the fact that its a wood chipper out there at times, and the best course is often to just learn to laugh at it all.

You have a whole life of possibilities in front of you, on the basis of time alone. Me, I’m 52. I lost everything going into and thru the pandemic. Lost my 10 year relationship with a woman I truly loved, my 20 year old cat died, and shortly after that I lost my job for no vaccine. I’ve gone thru all of my savings and have no work prospects. Unemployed 2.5 years, now Im eating from the dumpsters. I used to make about 175k a year. I have every reason to cash in my chips. You don’t. I won’t be doing that either. Life is beautiful. I just made organic bison burgers on seeded brioche rolls with smoked cave aged cheddar. Amazing what gets thrown away. Shared em with my doggo. Giving up isn’t an option.

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You get all your shots? You sure are thinking an awful lot, maybe you need lower wages so you can work more, then you won’t have so much of this unproductive so called ‘thinking’ time?

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Dad is mean. Mom should be in charge.

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Pajeet shit is the cure. Bloody fuck you bloody bastard.

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Rubin is jew-ish. True jews could care less. They’ll use him where convenient but otherwise he is as disposable as any other goy.

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I know that. Just as you know Im pointing out the very hypocrisy of doing that. Im not christ cucking. Attempting to justify lying or cheating by shrouding it in an inversion of the golden rule shows that not only have you lost, you’ve also adopted their philosophy, which by extension makes you one no better than them. Throwing out the baby with the bath water. If this is what we become, then winning is the same outcome as losing.

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Then why make yourself look stupid by misuse of the phrase? You seem like a tough guy, just say an eye for an eye.

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Thats not how it goes. ... As you would have them do unto you. Unless you meant to pervert the golden rule into Islamic law, carry on.

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Focusrite is garbage at the consumer level. I bought a cheap Behringer UMC 1820 for $180 a year ago and it blows my Scarlet out of the water. Very pleased with it. 8 balanced ins and 8 TRS outs, 2 headphone monitors. Also has optical expansion so I was able to connect my old 8 input IO expander. 16 physical tracks for less than $200. Das crazy.

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we should try to wash the brown off of them in bleach, like we wash chicken?

Yeah sure whatever gets you out of here shebonnica.

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