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My guess is that the number of covid positive people that make it past BP is an awful lot lower than in the the 100,000,000 or so Americans who haven't been vaccinated yet.

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Because statistically the vaccine reduces the effect of the virus.

If you can get through it without taking up a hospital bed then that bed is free for someone who can't fix whatever their problem is at home.

It's even more important for ICU beds.

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Oh look! Here's a flower by the fence in the exercise yard at the ADX in Florence, Colorado!

See? It's not all bad!

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I'm only speaking about this case.

If the libel laws could be applied universally many of the commenters on .win would be in trouble.

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a tool for destroying the enemies of the System.

It shouldn't be news that pissing off powerful people can earn you a punch on the nose.

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It sure is open and shut. The definition of libel is pretty clear and there's nothing in it about intent: "defamation with a permanent record, such as an email, a radio or TV broadcast, a newspaper, a website posting, etc."

If you're going to go on public record to talk shit about someone you better have your facts straight.

It's on him.

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Tommy Robertson lied about the boy on Facebook and admitted it. Open and shut. Couldn't be clearer.

30 November 2018 "Tommy Robinson has confessed to spreading fake news about five Muslims attacking a boy at the school where a Syrian refugee was filmed being bullied. The former EDL leader said in a Facebook video post on Friday “he had been completely mugged off” by “some leftie”. "


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The article says data visualization is a poor tool for convincing people because you can make both pro and con vaccine data visualization arguments from the same data.

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To put it another way: All they need to do is say "All restrictions lifted". They don't need a 4th box in this graphic.

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Or they just say "No more restrictions", without the pretty coloured graphic.

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there would be a large reservoir in animals - which we are not able to find.

That statement is false, and anyone who wants to check it can google "coronavirus in bats"

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Don't change the subject.

I have no problem if you want to swallow the misinformation being fed to you. The fear generated by a global pandemic makes people react in weird ways, and if goofball statements help you sleep at night I'm not going to judge you.

I'm just pointing out to people who have an open mind that the comment attributed to Rand Paul is silly, and anyone who wants to know why just has to read a bit on zoonosis to realize that viruses commonly have hosts that they don't harm.

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it doesn’t even seem to infect bats very well

This is the kind of nonsense you can get when a once-upon-a-time eye doctor starts talking about infectious diseases. Read up on "Zoonosis" to understand how silly that statement is.

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Hm. I think I'm going to have to concede this one. I can't find the web page that gave me the six year figure.

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