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The racial segregation laws (anti-white racial restrictions on representing a party are pretty disgusting)

European press is pretty cucked, but once people realize how the labour party is run I doubt they will win many elections again.

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It's surprising how different conspiracies.win is from here -

Over there it appears the mods use stickies to sticky his own stories?

Why don't they just rename it into his private blog?

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The future of America - except "voting out" will be something else

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Only one race in the history of the world ended slavery.

Based on that fact alone I would expect inciting racial victimhood and fake grievances in blacks to be more dangerous than anything we have historically seen except Rwanda.

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This wouldn't even protect us against what Reddit did -

Reddit used parallel construction to ban 50% of reddit - 'this subreddit has threats against the police'

(one comment had 1 threat)

Meanwhile admins deliberately ignored ACTUAL terroristic threats and detailed threats against the police on bad_cop_no_donut all day long hitting the front page.

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Guardian journalists hate white people more than Hitler hated jews.

They're normally muslim and hate western society

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Notice they picked the 'whitest sounding guys name'

In reality it would be DeShawn or Trevon who is knocking up 100s of women without caring

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It's a dangerous lie that 'black people are not racist'

It is pushed by woke academics and liberal organisations :


In order to say this they have to ignore all the black hate groups ( see above for splc)

and they have to ignore every interracial crime (blacks lead by a long way)

Luckily for whites- Asians and Hispanics live with blacks and know very well that they are extremely racist

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THIS is the correct way to view things -

It is not only that men are choosing to do IT or 'work with things' - they are being systematically bullied out of 'easier' and 'air conditioned' management or academia by feminists

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Canada is 'welcoming' 100,000 of these "refugees"?

There isn't 'magic soil' in canada that teaches these cultures not to murder women....

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"it doesn't matter who you can blame, it only matters who can pay"

damn - that's a beautiful quote.

That perfectly explains why feminists complain about 'white men spreading their legs on the train' - but completely ignore 'iranian women getting stoned to death for allegations of infidelity'

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Apparently this had been going on for months- it was only due to this being a black family at a Korean establishment that it was even raised.

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Reddit's troon army will censor it from the light of day.

One thing about transgender people - they dominate social media

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Prior to the Auckland supermarket attack, Samsudeen was being watched by New Zealand police 24 hours a day after High Court ruled that he could not be jailed for planning an earlier, foiled terrorist attack.

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Remember - "trust and safety measures and departments" have led to people being arrested and tortured :


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