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It's called a "currency" but really it's a stock like as in the stock market.

You could trade a stock directly to somebody, pay 1 share of nVidia for 1 cattle, but primarily you add one step of selling it for cash and trading with cash. Same thing with bitcoin. The 10 transactions per second harkens back to when the stock market had a trading floor and people shouting orders.

OP saying it's a pyramid scheme is like calling the stock market a pyramid scheme. In a sense, but stocks are also a way to preserve wealth since it tracks inflation (when a currency devalues the amount you can get for selling your stock increases).

Only with bitcoin you don't have to bet on the performance of a company. You're betting on the continuation of a 'bitcoin economy'. If there's a disruption of a global economy, networks, or trust in bitcoin you could lose your investment, but probably those things are less likely than the CEO being arrested for a crime and tanking a stock.

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"Before 2020" on Google search finds pages that existed before 2020 that currently match your search terms.

Any news site has a panel with current news links to get you to read other stories there, so what happens is any trending topic will just return random articles from pre-2020 that Google has seen the current trending section of.

So the news articles from your "before" date actually about the topic are impossible to find at least until the current interest dies down and you forget about looking into it, and any page that used to have it and was censored won't be returned so you can't even find links to wayback.

As a way to enforce the Current Narrative while giving the illusion of being able to research the past it's absolute genius.

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This guy seems against the racial discrimination. He's like 'dude the company is so getting sued for this'.

He's not trying to keep anything secret, because he's not telling on himself.

The only reason for him to not talk about it is if he were to get O'Keefed and Disney retaliates, but that's just a stepping stone to better career or an unfair termination lawsuit.

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I like Idle Dice way better than cookie clicker.

I find it hilarious how every time you maximize an exponential vs polynomial curve there's an entire new one layered on top that opens up. It eventually gets really crazy.

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It's like the vaccine, a partial immunity that fades a lot over time.

They can't be sued over the damage the vaccine caused, but they can be sued over false statements about it. You can't sue them for getting myocarditis or turbo cancer, but you can sue for them hiding from you that they knew you would.

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D2 is old enough you can play it in virtualbox, so I would just torrent it and do that. I'd never run a pirated game outside a VM though.

Or you can get it from battle.net if you really want to give Blizzard $10.

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In games there's Telltale's The Walking Dead. "Season" 1 and 2.

Kenny is a loving father that does everything to protect his family. When he loses them it's absolutely devastating, but he goes on to find a new family where he's a loving husband and creates a safe, happy environment during an apocalypse. When the apocalypse takes that he (depending on your choices) adopts the girl and that's the happy ending.

Or you can side with the woke psycho bitch and her and the girl live a miserable life in a self-imposed concentration camp.

Season 1 was written with a lot of care to have natural reactions to your choices, with each dialog having 6-12 different versions depending on choices and is actually a good story. Season 2 was written by woke-tards and is objectively terrible, but like in other media where they write the hero characters as villains and vice versa here they accidentally make siding with the family man the good endings.

I love these games as a personality test. If you didn't side with Kenny the whole time then you have leftist tendencies and need to reevaluate life.

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The only other example I can think of is Russia's Better Than Us. The show is about robots and humans, but the main character father in it is portrayed like a real man.

The only thing he does wrong is not being able to perform a miracle surgery to save a high-ranking official's kid. For that he gets sent to the shit job and his wife hates him.

He's not a weak pushover, he's responsible and loving to his kids (who come across as real kids not hollywood-abused weirdos), and his wife is seen as a real bitch for blaming him for something that was not his fault and even herself recognizes that she's being unfair and bitchy.

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One recent example: Breaking Bad, episode 2 through season 4.

Episode 1 he's the weak, browbeaten, pathetic man from today's culture then gets cancer and "he's awake". After that he's living to his full potential, providing for and protecting his family, bending his wife over instead of getting a handjob on his birthday. "Who's in charge? Me. That's how I live my life."

What does a man do, Walter? A man provides for his family.

This is why in season 5 the writers had Walter literally go "full nazi" and turn into a cartoon villain. Gilligan said in interviews that the audience was over time supposed to see Walter as Bad Man, but they were still on his side - and the reason was they tried to make him hated by making him a Man, a "b-badass d-ddad" in Jr's words. He even adopts Jessie into his family, and protects and nurtures him. To the writers providing for family, being smart and strong and bold, doing the things that are necessary to be a man, are negative things so they were caught flatfooted when the audience liked Walter more.

So in Season 5 they have him renounce everything - he did it all for himself, he's actually an evil racist white supremacist at heart. Bullshit. There's no foundation at all for that before S05.

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The transporter should work by physically sending a transporter pad then sending the people. It'd be scientifically rationalizable, practically reasonable by 'landing' much faster than a manned shuttle, and provide interesting limitations. edit: like Galaxy Quest pods, another reason why it's the best Trek.

TNG is the best of times and the blurst of times. They invented the Borg, then a 37? dimensional shape that kills the Borg. Lore and then killed him because Spiner had spine problems. Troi as the goddess of empathy, then a bridge officer.

Half of the TNG writer's room must have been geniuses and the other half fools.

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Watched this divorce lawyer interview and at one point he talks about this like 80 year old guy who's wife divorced him for cheating and how depressing that was to realize that he'll never stop wanting to chase after women, ever.

It's like that. You don't age out of Diablo 2, or Left 4 Dead, or Unreal Tournament 2004, or Team Fortress (minus bots). Great games like these will always be fun at any age.

Their problem is they're making games that aren't fun. Diablo 4 is like chewing gum that's on the 2' high shelf so kids see it; it tastes sweet for 2 seconds then it's like chewing petroleum waste.

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What you don't understand is that Google wants this ads vs adblock game.

The escalation is basically a price war. Youtube makes ads unblockable, they get more revenue while increasing costs for competitors like Rumble with the idea that Rumble goes out of business before Youtube.

The end result they foresee to this tit-for-tat is locked down 'trusted' browsers, everybody having to sign in, and no competitors. Then they have total control over what everybody sees and thinks.

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S01 opened with a unique style and world building from a small pre-woke ~2005 era developer's imagination.

It ended with waif girl boss overpowering an Arnold Schwarzenegger-type meathead on steroids.

S02 will for sure have a lesbian sex scene between a male-to-female and an underage furry. The bad guy will be an Orange Man analogue and the theme will be climate change (aka 'magic pollution').

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You forgot Fox and some others. And these are responsible for the moral decay promulgated by Hollywood even way back when.

What does that have to do with United Artists, Disney, and 20th Century?

Look at the list of UA films. There were a lot of non-Jewish movies made early on and as (((they've))) infiltrated these decent studios the lack of morality has increased.

Great example is the original Disney's Duck Tales - full of moral messages about responsibility, hard work, fairness - versus Spielberg's Tiny Toon Adventures with its senseless violence and degeneracy.

edit: as expected the guy who proclaims "so easily disproved" has nothing to say.

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This is also incorrect:

"Hollywood has always been primarily been made up in the powerful positions of Jews."

United Artists (Charlie Chaplan et al) wasn't Jewish except for one Jew as short-time President (who was married to a Catholic and brother married to a non-Jew).

Disney wasn't Jewish at all until Eisner in 1984.

20th Century Studios (before Fox) was founded by the barely-Jewish UA guy and with an American in charge of all production.

...together these are responsible for a huge number of decent, non-degenerate Hollywood films. Rocky for instance was written, directed, and distributed by non-Jews - only paid for by Jews. The decline of Hollywood morals tracks to how much these studios were taken over by Jews.

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To add to some good takes, to me this says for sure Joe Biden isn't running the show anymore.

He's been protecting his little crime family for half a century and stole an election, but now he can't get his son off from relatively minor charges? He would if he could.

I think the deeps have looked at the polls and faced with having to cheat in like ten states this time and risk armed conflict they're going to make the Bidens the fall guy and deal with Trump some other way.

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You can use VirtualBox to try out Linux and then later to run your scanner in Windows.

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Turned off TPM just so Win 11 wouldn't be installed by 'accident'. For me the threat of boot sector malware isn't a big concern.

You can get wushowhide.diagcab from Microsoft to skip any update you want, but it's a lot of effort whereas before it was just uncheck the checkbox.

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Anything USB you can just pass through to a virtual machine running windows. Like if you need some old scanner to work.

Not ideal, but not that annoying. Shouldn't stop you from using Linux.

But in any case I'd try out Linux in a VM under windows for a while so you start with a distro you can tolerate. Most linux distros now have terrible GUIs that look nice and have near-zero usability.

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I think they just want it in the news. More days talking about "felon" Trump.

They've got July 11th? when they sentence Trump to 136 years of jail, stayed immediately by appeals and then nothing until the election. The other cases aren't going to give them any good headlines before Nov.

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Or they're not human. Certainly aren't humane, with their foreign wars and regime change and the other things.

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They'll just charge Canadians more.

$15 Netflix in US will be $20 Netflix in Canada.

Just another tax on dumb people who can't figure out how to pay for US Netflix or safely torrent.

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It's a dumb conspiracy theory that makes no sense at all.

But really it's the same power Trump has over everybody else; he's a master of human nature or in other words "the art of the deal".

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