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It doesn't deliver "the same genetic material"; it's DNA not mRNA, and the mRNA created inside the cell by J&J to make the protein isn't long-lasting methylated uradine like Pfizer/Moderna.

I think you're confused that they both end up producing spike protein and attaching it to the cell wall, but this is only one aspect that make Pfizer/Moderna vaccines so destructive.

The reprogramming any cell and the methylated mRNA are also both very bad and J&J does neither.

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They use a passive, objectless voice because it's natural to fill in like for like.

Your life is more important than your property.

Is what they want you to think, but that's not the issue.

Their life is not more important than your property.

That's not actually a difficult proposition; they're worthless lowlife scum and have no right to ruin or even impact your wellbeing.

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It'll be incredibly difficult to purge feminist/liberal teachers because of unions and lack of good teachers with degrees.

What can be done is make them afraid to show their crazy beliefs.

If degeneracy is not acceptable in general society then those teachers will still be loons but they'll keep it to themselves. That's where things being merciless on Bud / Disney, never letting up and never forgiving comes in. Swing the pendulum back as fast and hard as you can.

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Even if the feed is locked up offline just the threat of evidence and accountability will still fix a lot of the problems.

Girls won't even accuse their male teacher if they know the video will just be pulled up and they'll be proven a liar.

Feminist teachers will be afraid of teaching anything besides the curriculum knowing any kid can complain and have the teacher's bigotry used against them.

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The film has a 68% critic score and a 95% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Looks like RottenTomatoes is the one doing the real hard work in "curating" high scores; metacritic has it at 22% normal person score below 59% critic.

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The J&J DNA vaccine is based on a virus that only infects certain cells. Pfizer/Moderna mRNA infects any cell type.

J&J gets into your lymph nodes and it's just more garbage to filter out. Pfizer/Moderna get into your lymph nodes and compromise your immune system.

mRNA also gets transcripted back into your nuclear DNA at least in liver cells, J&J does not. mRNA vaccine trains your immune system to respond to covid like a now-tolerated allergy which neither J&J nor any other treatment or disease does.

J&J still has you cells produce spike, which is bad on its own, and more people get blood clots right after taking it but on the balance it's waaay better than the mRNA.

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AI is raising the lower bar.

Soon web sites instead of capchas like "images with cars" will have IQ tests like "adjust the sin wave of this magnetic envelope so that anti-neutrons can pass through it but anti-gravitons cannot".

Then the internet will divide between the crappy internet where every joe has a reddit he says dumb shit on and the anonymous smart internet of yore.

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If a sequence like this is present in the DNA, the DNA is easily migrated to the nucleus.

Haven't looked into these promoter/cancer claims, but there is published research that parts of the mRNA sequence get incorporated back into the DNA of (at least) liver cells in humans.

Supposedly it isn't the whole thing and can't continue making spike forever and presumably it's detected by 'checksum' and the cell kills itself, but who knows.

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Or when NYT(?) said Trump lied when he said 40% black unemployment, and you read the end to find out the actual number was 37%.

He rounded it to the nearest 5, how dare he!?

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But it can't happen because the internet has divided people into those who research and those who repeat.

So any actual debate is now between an informed, rational side and an ignorant irrational one, for example is mainstream media trustworthy, whereas classically the debate was over which side had a better argument not which had one at all.

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They want no majority race so they can finally destroy the country.

With a majority race, the majority makes decisions that help the country because helping the country helps them the most.

Without a majority race it's everybody for themselves rather than for the country because helping the country helps your adversaries, and easy to force shifting alliances between races against the others and against the country itself because any racial alliance is temporary.

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He's certainly had a number of bad takes on woke-adjacent movies recently.

The thing to remember is Drinker is Scottish, so his comfort zone is waay to the left of normal Americans and when it comes to race swaps and things like that he's just tired of it, but it doesn't reach any personal level like for those that have to cohabit with blacks so it's easier for him to look past it in otherwise tolerable movies.

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Worse than that. Fat chick hiding the O.

Your brain is supposed to read this as "Go Ogle". Sick!

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Serious answer. My guess is they believe the cops should be going into these slums and cracking more skulls, Dredd style, spreading law and order.

I don't personally believe the cops are responsible for murders caused by not doing their job, but I understand how somebody could.

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They seem to be two orders of magnitude off from reality on every politically charged topic.

Covid they were a hundred times off on severity, mRNA a hundred times off on side effects, this police killings, actual amount of racism in the world, etc.

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It is actually abnormal for blacks at only 5% of males and 10% of females, but that's enough violence to destroy any Western-style civility and to perpetuate itself.

If you have a better solution I'm all ears.

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All the solutions are ugly because the only solutions are coming from people who want those ugly solutions.

You can't solve problems by pretending they don't exist and the scientists and policy wonks that could solve them in decent ways aren't trying.

For instance with blacks I'm certain that a huge portion of the problem is the MAO-A gene that makes some of them violent and impulsive, and existing medicine could restore the normal balance of neurotransmitters. Or policy wise these specific individuals could be isolated from other kids so the schools don't turn into jungles.

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"the fact that he had the third most deaths of any State ... on the China Virus"

Florida is the 3rd most populous state, so that's kind of expected.

"even Cuomo did better, #4"

New York is the 4th most populous state.

Basically nothing we did amounted to anything. Mostly it was all just how fat and unhealthy people were when they got covid.

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I think they pushed the Overton window too fast, so they're losing a plurality of the people who used to accept the legacy media as mainline 'truth.' (This includes me; I was brought up Blue Tribe.)

At least "Fair" amount of trust in Mass Media (Gallup):

70% Democrat (74% during watergate)  
14% Republican  

At least "Some" trust (Pew):

78% Democrat  
35% Republican  

These polls agree but the reported threshold is just different. So it's not Overton window unless it shifted exactly so much as to drop off Republicans and keep all Democrats.

Really it's Tribalism. Democrat trust shot up 20 points immediately after 2016 and the reason is intolerant liberals purged out "nazi" coworkers. Media was I believe roughly 2/3 D and 1/3 R before that and then was 95% D and 5% R shortly after Trump.

Give an example from NPR, Tom Ashbrook hosted On Point since 2002 -- fired 2017 due to intolerant liberal staff member. It's not clear what his political opinions are, but he interned with a Republican senator and by NPR standards he's far right. Under him, On Point would have episodes critical of mainstream narratives and immediately once he was gone it was all Democrat party line propaganda.

Or put another way, Overton Window is what's acceptable to the public. What shifted was what's acceptable to publish. People still find trannies disgusting, but you can't say that or so many other things in media and that's why nobody trusts them.

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There is kind of a point that it's too late once you've become really fat.

You see people who have lost a lot of weight and the excess skin is deeply disturbing and gross. Maybe less hard to look at than just being fat, but certainly up there with it.

Of course the takeaway should be to not get that fat, or to thin out as soon as possible before the skin fully stretches, or to prepare fatties that they'll need surgery to remove excess skin. Not to pretend everything is all right because it'll get worse before it gets better.

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Yes, you are rewarding the rapist and his family line. Duh^6.

You're in abject denial of reality.

It's one thing to say like 'I don't care about that or any other effects like forced gestation as much as it's immoral to abort a rapist's child', but many people take a more balanced view on these things. The problem here isn't really that you don't want any abortions like this, but that you deny that there are any other consideration. It sounds like your conviction is not strong enough to hold up if there are other factors besides just 'all life is precious end of story'.

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Does the rapist's line continue if the baby is not aborted? Yes, Darling.

This is simple a fact of life. If you raise a rape baby you are rewarding the rapist and his family line.

You're simply delusional if you believe there's only one consideration here.

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