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This should be a whole series.
Videos of chaos enabled by democrats and/or perpetrated by leftists.

The riots gave us so much footage of leftists gleefully trying to destroy civilization.
Portland is producing new content every night.

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We talked about what books he reads now since it is his favorite hobby. Apparently he only reads books with harems in them and lesbians which is fine by me of-course but then he took time to educate me about "the spectrum" which by the way is retarded. He only watches movies with a lesbian or at least a bisexual chick as main role

Lol, this part isn't SJW.
He's clearly spending too much time watching lesbian porn.

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His hands and head look unnaturally large for his tiny body.
Is this edited or is this guy a real life bobblehead?

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I miss when it actually meant the opposite.
One of the things that bothers me the most about how far left silicon valley is today is that I remember the early 2000's when it was ultra libertarian.

That flip was not organic.

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It's a warning.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
Only a fool assumes victory.

Don't like this prediction? Don't let it happen.

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As long as it's private transfers of legal firearms, that follow relevant state laws, it is 100% legal.

We were doing it for YEARS on reddit before the tech industry collectively decided to go hard for gun control after ... one of the school shootings, I don't remember which one atm.

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I think they sold their souls to the admin devil to get the sub back from david-me.

There was almost certainly an agreement that came with strings attached, like admin input on rules and moderation.

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No person shall use saidit

Good thing this isn't saidit!

to solicit, facilitate any transaction, or gift including: ... ATF defined firearms or ammo as defined by the ATF, ... 3D printing files to produce the aforementioned,

This is a load of bullshit, none of this is illegal.
We just copying reddit's bullshit sitewide rules now?