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Tax cuts ARE Putin. Don't let your income be DISPOSABLE like RUSSIAN SOLDIERS

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I agree, legitimate concern. There are a lot of beloved yet commercially vulnerable intellectual properties whose owners have licensed shows or movies to them. I don't see what stops them from using the same formula for a microtransaction catalog.

If they ubiquitously flaunt promises of residuals in the faces of hacks, sell-outs, and has-beens they already do business with they'd be drowning in more cultural miasma than you can shake a discord server full of tranny programmers at.

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History attempts to accurately explain things like that. "Spontaneous generation", (feminism simply popping up out of nowhere because, like, SPORK LULZ)... does not explain it whatsoever. That idea is antithetical to the physical operation of the universe on a basic, basic level.

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Fair enough Imp. I was disappointed that you short-sold me personally.

Bundling us all into one singular personality (like, say, a racist would do with races..), it's fair to say the group would suck her up short-term over good faith from any israel-bashing. But I think you are underestimating the habit of vigilance that many JQpilled people practice with their talking heads and politicians.

It is actually a culture of paranoia where you are shamed for worshiping anyone but Jesus or Hitler's spiritual sequel, neither of whom are women. It would be hard to get a pro woman thing off the ground there unless it's a thread about unzogging and otherwise being a manly provider and protector for women in their lives; literal-who women none of whom are running for office.

I'm not saying that as a collective we don't have any dim light bulbs. Loudly buzzing dum light bulbs. And imo, some sabateurs like any halfway based community deals with. So like, what you said is fair and I'm sorry I basically called you dumb, again.

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Come on, you know that's a terrible answer. I think you are being dismissive of the history behind your number 1 issue because you actually do know quite a lot about it and it's a pain point for the rationalization that society's biggest baddest stringpulling pupetteer boogeymen are actually virtue signalling communal fleshlight white women who buy Live Laugh Love signs, drink seltzer, and compete with each other over their messiah complexes.

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Bah, I try and give you respect sometimes Imp, but occasionally I wonder if you have the equipment upstairs to project another person's mindset. I make some imaginary Imp in my head only to have my projection of you humiliated by the shallowness of reality. It should be the other way around, you should humiliate my projection of you by outshining it with your depth and understanding.

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Imp, it is really more like 3 beloved women. I see that women are reacting to please higher authority like they always do. I am complaining about the nature of that authority.

If you'd be willing to take a request from me, would you tell me how you think modern feminism came to be? If you do I'm bound to learn something, either about history or some narrative skew that I take issue with. There's no way we have the same understanding, despite it leading to something both of us dislike (feminism), and both for the same reason (its destructive effect on men and our society).

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As much as I bitch, in America I know I'd be happier with Trump than Biden, even though Trump is a worm on culture pain points.

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Trump sort of had that going in 2015. Anecdotally, my current beliefs sort of bubbled up from my dislike of islam and exploring the hierarchy of identity associated with their western immigration. It went on to migrancy in general and eventually other issues that are given the cold shoulder by the state, its media, and legions of unpaid moderators bullying people trying to chit chat. I wish euros well but if the best they can muster is "israel good bc mooslims rapey" that is pretty duped and doomed.

Like, enjoy the immigration literally never ceasing ever even a little bit, somehow, despite the local "right wing" politicians complaining openly about muslims. It is like in America with people hyperfocused on blacks, as if 70iq drug dealers on the street corner are orchestrating what is happening all across the continent.

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She is pro israel because proving she is not a fascist is more important than whatever. It doesn't seem like it's due to any actual issue stance affected by israel, only signaling "israel good" so that she can say she signals "israel good".

I'm with you 100% on her because that makes me assume she is a worm on all right wing positions. I'm tired of le based mami's, they are in the bucket with Romneys of the world as far as I'm concerned. If a female politician is not a full on purist playing anchorwoman for the right wing, then they might as well be feminist frequency radio guest stars as far as I care. There only so many fakes and grifters you can sling at an audience before they get tired of the plot

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I wouldn't bet anything on that being the case.

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be named Bacon


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Today we are presented with the case of-


Come again?

you are sitting

Uh I-

you don't have standing

but it's our own election la-


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This is a great decision and I applaud them. If only they would avoid ruining other entertainment due to its inherent toxic whiteness instead of blackwashing it

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I heard rank and file traitors are actually good guys, so I assume this man must be Christraitor Wray

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woke homophobia is real

I have less than zero interest in "no YOU'RE the REAL homophobes" lmao

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I hate famous people so much. It's a personality flaw or something. I can always justify it some specific way or another on a per-person basis, but the thing they all have in common is that they are famous. I don't think it's jealousy, unless I'm just really blind to it. Fame sounds terrible. 90% of attention is just bloodsucking. It sounds soul-destroying.

Just think of how fake people can be and crank that up to 11. And if you buy into it, you have to be fake back to everybody day in and day out or you get excommunicated from a lifestyle you've maintained by voluntarily surrendering your inner self to a meme.

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You show that you're aware that all women, blacks, jews, etc etc are not singular entities respectively, so what is your excuse? You should be capable of abstraction. You must realize you're feigning a genuine handicap that low IQ people suffer. It seems like it'd be for the sake of social virtue which would make you extremely fucking confused about this corner of society.

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It is incredible reading this comment knowing you are probably referring to western White women and not like, a group of people who hate you and purposefully destroy the culture you love.

I suppose the execs at multinational media mega-corporations should take off their tiny hats, get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.

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