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And this is one of those things that can single-handedly break up the union. Think Texas and Florida are going to be okay with the Federal government telling them they must implement rules that heavily favor the Democrats? Nope, me neither.

Texas and Florida will walk and take almost have the states with them, in whole or in part.

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Will there be a final post to submit thoughts on the book as a whole? I like the chapter by chapter analysis, but I also think it would be nice to allow everyone to collectively summarize their thoughts on the entire story and philosophy of the book.

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Jordan Peterson actually had a lecture about this very thing.

Summary: Yeah, all the holier-than-thou jackasses would happily become Nazis.

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Short Answer: Runaway Left-wing politics

Long Answer: The inevitable failure of democracy. Giving the vote to every Gimme-Gimme that votes blue no matter who. Our republic only lasted as long as it did because the vote was limited to people with a real stake in the country. Now we don't think, "How can I invest in the country?" instead we ask, "What can I get out of this country?"

For more information read some Robert Heinlein, of Starship Troopers fame. He was generally right in his predictions.

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She weighs 120 pounds MAX. Get out, move her, then get on with your day.

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Mr. Scalise, the media quietly high-fived each other when you were shot by that insane Lefty. The only time they will show outrage is when you shoot back.

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I don't think people would mind as much if resisting didn't put their safety and livelihood in jeopardy. Still, we're coming to that tipping point were the Left start attacking normal people just for wanting to be left alone. Once the sleeping giant awakens, you'll start to see a hard push back.

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I want two+ parties who both fucking love America and its ideals to compete against each other on the best way to realize those ideals.

We waved bye-bye to that back in the 60's when Democrats figured out they could pander to minorities for votes. From there it was just a matter of time for them to become overly lazy and corrupt.