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...Isn't it common for kids to HATE their assigned readings?

Is this "Isaiah Sahfqat" really as native Canadian as his name implies? It seems like a plot to make people hate indigenous literature.

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The reason being they needed more organs.

Oh wait, sorry, GG-time-machine mixup, that post was meant for two years from now.

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I know Gal Gadot got some minor heat when that pedoy leftist literal rape-cult leader tried to get her to step on him and give some man-hating voiceclips but she was just weirded out and wouldn't indulge him in the interview.

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And notice how they HATED that. The sheer hate and frothing rage the left had for Alita Battle Angel, a mid-tier live-action anime adaptation, was incredible. The idea that a movie could feature a woman action MC and be liked by a primarily male audience, with a target audience that was male, was so anathema to their ideology that they just broke into a wrathful mess.

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Yeah, the FreedomToons cartoon about this specific situation kind of highlights how weirdly glowy the whole thing is, just how extreme this level of information seems, albeit in a humorous context.

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This is a pretty old post, I remember seeing this list, or perhaps one just like it, many years ago.

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This is why I'm in a job that's already been destroyed by automation. The people who are left, are a very particular customer crowd who have the option to use automation, but specifically seek out human-led options.

The odds of this market disappearing quickly is unlikely. Slowly as a zeitgeist moves on? Sure. But I'll be done by then, too.

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Nothing says "We have confidence in our product" like "don't talk about our product, we make it not allowed to discuss anything relating to our product!"

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True, they do seem to have confused the number. 52/53% is the black criminality meme number statistic, 41/42% is the trans suicide meme number statistic, seems they got some wires crossed in their shitposting.

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Begone, silly fool. Return to the land of the living, this is the land of the dead gamers, with customs of rationality and logic that clearly are too strange for your ken.

Or in our nomenclature: Lurk moar.

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It's the exact same as Nation of Islam's origin myth of Yakub inventing white people in a lab to be the ultimate evil savage destroyers, unable to lead or cooperate or love or organize themselves, who somehow took over the world even with the prophets using laser beam death rays to blow up their enclaves.

When you're trying to dehumanize an enemy in order to encourage others to join you in your hate brigade, you need to stress that they're incredibly powerful and dangerous, but also incredibly weak to the slightest resistance at the same time.

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Well, one thing they're not superior at is mathematical logic, at least that particular one.

If she's infinitely superior, then any level of (dis)advantage that is weaker than a 100% reduction into nothing, is infinite. She could only have 0.00000000000001% the development level of a man, and if she was indeed infinitely superior, she would BE infinitely superior. But clearly, she is not, as if she were, her argument would convince men, which it doesn't.

Therefore, we can conclude that she is a liar, and discard her opinions.

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Content warning: This game is shit. Sheeeeee-iiiiit. Wait, that's transphobic. Theyyyyyyyy-iiiiit.

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It's considered low-end. I've got a clunker of a laptop that's literally falling apart, and it's got 12 gigs of ram (an 8 and a 4 in sequence). It was high-end... 10 years ago.

That said, what do they need the additional ram for? Lazy programming? If it's a remake/remaster, the AI should be the same or similar, shouldn't it? So it can't be for running the calculations and predictions. Is it all hair physics?

I've noticed modern games requiring just absurd power and filesize both, whose game complexity, even graphical complexity, do not justify it. But they're just so sloppily programmed that they need the extra to compensate.

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It's an easy comparison: It's printed material that some people find great comfort in, some don't care either way, while others believe it to be distasteful and in need of removal. You're afraid of Japanese people drawing cartoon women, and just the same, some atheists are afraid of the bible. (in the woke, "-phobic" sense)

The content actually doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is people's reactions to the content. Some half-god guy in a black leather book saying "slaves should be well-behaved, and pay your taxes on time", or some big titty half-demon grill in a black leather outfit saying it, either way, it's the same. The only real thing of importance in the conversation is if 1% of the population who happen to have high roles in media influence believe it to be "offensive", and if the 99% will give them precedent and power.

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Don't worry, you're next, and we won't be there to defend you.

What'll it be? Christianity? That's offensive to the woke. We could ban that, make sure they feel comfortable with the bans, just like you do now.

It's a culture war, pick a side. Are you pro-censorship, or anti-censorship? It's not "of what?", it's in general for all legal things. If you think Japanese games should be illegal, sure, lobby for it, but don't advocate censorship of legal material.

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They've got some weird preoccupation with hating the anime art style, but aside from that, I don't think there's anything in particular.

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A lot of apartments have convenience stores in their first floor.

This is a bit overkill, though.

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Turns out, white westerners (I know, he's Jewish, whatever) shitting all over another culture's cultural works doesn't get a good reception. Who knew?

Maybe eventually, white westerners (I know, Jewish, whatever) will learn to stop shitting all over foreign cultures like Japan's.

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