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whatever, 2 women doomed humanity and you call that book woke?

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Intersectional idiots don't get that they are replacing one bias with another, they are not making "society better". Intersectionality is absurd thus anything that comes that ideology is by definition absurd.

The problem is that, to get rid of that absurd ideology, people need to have the guts to risk their livelihood, jobs, friends and even family and speak up. The truth is that only people who already made it can speak because they have very little to lose in terms of opportunity. Today more than ever, Money is free speech . Graham Lineham, some woke actor, as soon as he started to point out that no, trannies aren't women, he was shun from everywhere and his wife left him, so there is a price to pay to denounce that absurdity.

Of course clearly the "judges" privileged non white participants because woke optics, absolutely no question. The judges were objectively racist.

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What business does a shitskin have being in rural Britain?

and who invited them and let them stay? White people create their own problem. Nobody forced them into white guilt.

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this is the most racist shit I've ever read. And I've read Mein Kampf...

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I mean, fuck him. He is still that edgy kid with daddy issues, he married that bitch out of spite for his family, but you bet she will betray him the moment she doesn't need him anymore. She will use him to make as much money as she can then throw him out like a piece of shit... it's written all over her face, the only person who isn't seeing that is Harry.

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Dude, just "identify as a woman", problem solved. Change your gender on your ID or something and force the administration to acknowledge you as a female and sue them for "transphobia" if they don't acknowledge your "gender expression" or treat you differently than other female employees, use their own stupid games against them...

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Ratajkowski what is it? Slovak? Polish?

The son needs to be aware she said that shit pretty quickly. He's going to hate his unhinged mom hopefully and maybe will escape her brainwashing him that way. I bet he is 4/5 year away from being made a tranny by her if he doesn't revolt.

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"invaders". Trudeau is letting them in. When you open your house to anybody, it doesn't make them invaders, it makes them guests; It's just that the host is a dumb fuck elected by other dumb fucks. White Canadians are asking for it they since they keep voting Trudeau.

People like you keep on losing because you're more angry at the barbarians than your "civilized" peers who are too happy to turn your county into a shit hole. The problem are the barbarians, it's their enablers who are just the same color as you are. Wherever you go, even if tomorrow an island would appear and you'd decided that only you peers can live on that Island, plenty of your peers would quickly ruin things just for the sake of chaos and destruction, under guise of "progress".

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Stormfucks/stormfags are a living meme. Even more so the idiots who accuse anyone that isn't a jew hater here of being part of the hasbara...

I mean, if you're going to insult every single other race that isn't the "master race", surely you can take a few insults in returns, that's fair, on the internet, there is no such thing as a "master race"...

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can't wait for that vomit inducing doggy-style sex scene... although something tells me the show is going to flop hard.

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To be frank, given the terrible state of Canada's healthcare system and hospitals, Canada surely needs a whole bunch of nurses, doctors and co, because let's face it, it's worse than in USA...

The truth is a lot of countries that have universal healthcare systems or semi-public will face harsh times in the future, the NHS is in shambles, the french health care system is on its death bed and as the population gets older and the government doesn't want to pay to train new doctors or nurses, the only solution in the short term is immigration or letting people die in the gutter...

There is no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to healthcare.

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I'm pretty sure one of them is not jewish according to the jews themselves.

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A true Messiah would talk directly to people's mind and wouldn't need to spam some random forum on the internet. You are fucking spammer and a loser, idiot.

A so called prophet that can't perform a miracle is a fraud.

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I mean "incel" use to mean something specific. It's just that tankies and journos on twitter made it into an insult as meaningful as "nazi", "fascist" or even "racist".

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"Inquisitor, Call Exterminatus on DC"

The way you fight this shit is pretty clear:

1/ Obviously point out the absurdity of it

2/ But also you need to provide alternative content.

Just bitching about stuff like a lot of youtubers do all the time isn't interesting, these channels ALSO need to promote GOOD content and often NEVER DO THAT.

Obviously, it's easier to create and distribute books, board games or comics, aside from when woke idiots are engaged in tortuous interference, than to create and distribute videogames or movies that would not only reject the intersectional framework but actively mock it or denounce it.

This is the reason comics gate was somehow successful but gamergate failed. Gamergate not only failed at creating alternatives in game reporting and game development but subs like r/kotakuinaction on reddit actively went against the people who tried to do something about it. the former sub is controlled by a bunch of SJW (and some of them are trannies) anyway.

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The guy needs to sue, it's a slam dunk. The crazy whore, but also reddit and the university, for obvious damages. It's a slam dunk case any law firm would take pro-bono.

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He's not her kid.

Are you sure about that?

According to The Texan, Younger and Georgulas “decided to have children through in vitro fertilization (IVF).” They requested male children and had twin boys in 2012.


So unless you can find me a source that denies that, it's very much HER kid.

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Everybody Can Become Millionaire With AscensionJoy

If that was really the case you wouldn't be wasting your time spamming remote places on the internet, you'd be fucking white prostitutes all day on a remote Island and playing golf, broke ass motherfucker grasping at straws.

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The mom is willing to chop off her own kid's dick in order to prop up her pediatrics business and get back at the father.

The story is weird though. The dad was kicked out of the military for "homosexual behavior", the twins were conceived in vitro, and their marriage was annulled by a judge as the dad allegedly lied about his diplomas, his job, and what not...

But whatever happened between the 2, the fact that a judge authorizes the castration of a kid obviously manipulated by his own mother says a lot about how evil and depraved USA as a society has become. The USA is now putting the trans ideology before some safety of children. What's next? Putting pedo's well-being BEFORE the safety of children?

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It's not so much disruption as there was no such thing as "private property" for native tribes, since these tribes were nomads.

Civilizations are not universal. For the british empire, northern America was just yet another avenue for "growth". After all, Adam Smith the father of capitalism, was british.

"the great replacement" is going to happen because white westerners are massively cucks, simps and idiots who spend their time trying to pander to eunuchs all the time for god knows what reason...

Civilizations come and go, the LGBT civilization obviously isn't going to reproduce itself since gay sex can't produce babies, and white women who massively vote progressive want abortions as they see babies as a liability.

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That's progress we can believe in! Seriously, once you accept the absurdity of transgenderism then anything goes, that's what a lot of idiots mainstream don't get. ANYTHING GOES, you can make any argument whatsoever once you accept an absurd logic.

Soon you'll have parents offering their 5 year old to pedophiles for sex relief in public libraries, not just sex show performers performing in front of them kids, they are literally going to fuck them under "parent supervision" and these parents will get woke points on Twitter from their kids being raped. Of course the parents will claim the kids "consented"; If a kid is old enough to consent to hormones and puberty blockers, then a kid is old enough to consent to sex with a pedophile.

AGAIN, the key thing here is "absurd logic".

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"Do it" with the emperor's voice. Hollywood's bonfire needs more dollars to be burned.

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