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At first I thought she was just pandering to her base. She’s full blown QTard. There’s never any satisfaction with that mentality either so it will just keep become more delusional every time a happening doesn’t.

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Tell me Slavs don’t look like the word sounds.

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Crying out in pain as you strike me.

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Slavs look like the word sounds.

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Hahahahahaa keep stalking me. I love it. I’m 100% sure you’re this well adjusted irl!

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And you’re saying this in your own safe space. Why was this created again?

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It’s painfully clear that you either:

  1. Have a violent contempt and distain for women.

  2. Are paid to be here and the views you express are representative of an organization and aren’t necessarily your own.

Now, I’m inclined to believe the former, but I’ll leave room for my own error seeing as how our interactions are one dimensional.

Based on the identity you’ve created here, there really isn’t room for a third option.

Either of those options are unhinged enough to do the thing I jokingly suggested, by the way.

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Oh ok.

So I guess that stuff about the left controlling the MSM, twitter and social media, movies, television and two thirds of the government was bullshit, right?

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beat the shit up

Post flag.

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Theimpossible1 alt here:

He’s lying.

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When people say that the right attracts self centered narcissists who lack empathy, I point to examples like this post and agree with them.

The right is losing literally every battle they’re involved in. And it’s their unpopular positions and regressive policies that bear most of the blame.

This website and others like it are the American right’s death rattle. Conservatism in America will be extinguished under the weight of its own decisions.

Reality has a liberal bias. It’s dangerous, albeit amusing, that conservatives have constructed their own version of reality to live in, so enjoy your last opportunities to tell the world how bigoted, hateful and ignorant you are. They are fleeting.

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You just outed yourself as a “literal nobody shill.” For this literal who band.

Get help.

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Seems you’re the only dipshit who knows who they are.

Way to create your own prophecy.

Kind of like how you hate women because they can’t fucking stand you.

I think we all know how this ends.

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Unless they have a time machine, having “Trump 2020” merch publicly visible in September of 2021 is absolutely, positively, virtue signaling.

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They put signs in their yard to let the mob know that they're on their side.

Devil’s advocate here: I still see “Trump 2020” flags and signs in yards everywhere I go. This is also virtue signaling.

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