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Yes, George Floyd should have stayed in the car. Yes, George Floyd should have just listened. However, at no point was George Floyd advancing to go after senators and other lawmakers. You can tell me that Ashlii and company “just wanted to talk” as others have been suspiciously quick to point out. But like it or not, Ashlii was part of a mob, and mob mentality is a real thing. Who knows what would have happened had they not been stopped dead in their tracks after that final breach. Ashlii Babbitt was a direct threat. George Floyd was not. There is no comparison to be made and in doing so, you’ve potentially invalidated any good points you were going to make.

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The VAST majority of BRC’s customer base was right wing gun “enthusiasts”, ex military (same thing) and Joe Bros.

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Maybe you aren’t, but you’re still very, very retarded.

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“Let’s not jump to conclusions” is the equivalent of the Rittenhouse judge saying nobody could refer to the people Kyle shot as “victims.”

Are you retarded?

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Conservafags are gigantic pussies in real life. Not even kidding. Last time they tried anything, one of theirs got capped and they all tucked tail and scurried away. RIP in piece Fatlii Blabbitt

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my opinion is informed entirely by memes and propaganda I see in my Facebook feed

Many such cases.

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You mean like republicans trying desperately to lower age of consent and defend child brides? Those kind of leftists?

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We should audit every state. Especially the ones where trump won. Texas is very fishy, I agree.

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allow me to create an army of strawmen to tell you what your opinion is

Dont think I will.

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They raided the homes over the stolen diary of Ashley Biden. Not because another retard rightoid lost another election. Cope, seethe, etc...

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So I called my local congressman and he said to tell you that you’re a “gigantic fucking faggot” and also “Trump cheated and still lost to a corpse.” Whatever that meant.

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You know Trump could have pardoned them but instead pardoned rappers and bankers, right?

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