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The only appropriate taco is made with a deep-fried hard shell.

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Because not the two

That's how your response translates to English. Were you trying to say: "why not both" ?

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Look up dancing boys, https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/documentary/dancingboys/ transgenderism in Iran Arabs in Europe are not only grooming girls to pass around and gang rape they are apparently plying young boys with drugs and blackmail as well. They put on the piais face, but at home they are marrying their first cousins, men holding hands and passing around the neighbor boy.

Thomas Sewell was explaining on a recent livestream he used to work in a youth home in Australia, the local Mussies were grooming young teenage boys for sex trafficking. But the feminist administration would not address the drug addiction or exploitation part of the problem. They only cared about unrelated Western Male toxicity.

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Muslims prefer to keep their homosexuality and degeneracy in private. That is all.

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What Demon-ination is this?

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Have you ever actually talked to the Savior, Buddha??

the guy is as dumb as a box of rocks.

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You are like a flat Earther. No amount of evidence counter to your narrative will be taken in by you. I don't blame everything on the jews, retarded Liberals have a part in societal degradation as well.

Public enlightenment is just laying out a set of rules and customs to the masses. Wholesomeness. Community, a common cause. Its nothing revolutionary meant to tear down societal norms and reshape the people into something more stupid and easier to control.

Public relations however is another bag of worms.

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Have you never read a history book written before the 1960s? LOL.

Anyways. There used to be a lot of instructional videos on how to be a good citizen in the 1950s. Uncle Walt was more in that vein.

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Disney by Uncle_Walt was public enlightenment.


I just realized I stepped into a Impossible1 thread before reading the whole synopsis. Yikes.

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Not the good stuff

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So, man cursed by an evil wizard to look like a homely he/she who drinks absinthe?

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Is the one on the left meant to be a meth smoking tranny?

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Well aktually, Anime and manga represent an ethnically homogeneous culture, Americans cannot be allowed for the greatness of that to sink in.. NeoCons seething.

Anyway, I could not listen to that guy's voice longer than 20 seconds.

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Those who cling to the dysgenic system will mostly die out over time. Reject the system and thrive. If it was that simple these problems would be solved in a couple of generations. But there are a few other pressures. There are solutions, but they will not be comfortable, but better in the long run.

  • Secede in place: separate your energy and support from the institutions.
  • Separate and build anew: Remove yourself physically and financially.
  • Revolt against the modern world: Consciously use your energy in opposition to the modern paradigm.
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From my perspective it seems more like a societal issue than the institution of marriage itself. The couples who believe in the traditional covenant of marriage, those who regularly go to church, believe in God, and or have a better balance on life/ ratio make a better go of it than many others I know. Marriage as a contract with God and not the state are different things.

While all couples can have conflicts, traditionally the try their all to work things out. The problem with our overreaching government is that it wants to be in control of a woman's life. Placing all the benefits of a husband's contributions with welfare and programs.

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Now lets unsubscribe to all the approved media.

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The elites have always been the main problem. Ruling and non ruling elites who think this situation is fine because it divides those they rule.

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Julie Bindel

I looked her up on YouTube. Shes does look like an absolute goblin. Each... video... she's featured in looks like a fucking dumpster fire. So, just a cursory investigation reveals a truly toxic lady. I wonder if she will get clobbered by an angry tranny?

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