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See, Hitler employed Jews in the Nazi order. Wait.... 😐😑

This seems super fake and gay. 🤔

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We saw it coming. Ha hah ha. It was funny. 😂But, that won't happen here 😐. Damn, I've been ignoring the pedophiles and human sacrifice. 😥😠Time to clean house!

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Finkelstein-Burg no doubt.

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That sounds about right. The real leaders are nameless bankers.

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[Maybe she just wants to molest children]


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Arabs don't typically take white Western brides. Those type of ladies historically were just used for sex, but seldom for procreation purposes. Those types were beat to death if they became impregnated.

[cattle to the slaughter]

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Make purging degenerates cute and wholesome.

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It's probably just a collage of actual things going on.

Ted Talks on Pedophilia


Article about ted talk


You can go down a rabbit hole about this sick stuff.

NAMBLA is a real organization. Etc.

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What has this 'Comedian' ever contributed?

His skin is paper-thin and his hands baby-soft. Faggot grifter.

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Larry Fink of Blackrock investments is behind much of this 'Gender and Equity' shenanigans. You must retain a high social credit score to secure investments in his all-encompassing banking stranglehold. [paid all by your retirement investment money and the federal reserve] This guy is the dirtiest of gangsters. He is at least on the level of George Soros.

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How would you describe your Haitian or Chinese neighbors?

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Stop! It's already dead... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcZzlPGnKdU

The original series ended with a thud. No use trying to desecrate Futurama's corpse.

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