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Several world powers to play off one another. A multipolar world. Sure. Makes it easier for the banker clans and other elite familys to control the plebes.

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It’s all about decentralizing the power centers, Independant countries. No one country can be self sufficient. Depending on the global supply line which is operated by elite political families and business men. This is Authoritarian capitalism. Not too different from Bolshevikism.

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Most are distracted by the latest Elon Musk Twitter debacle to see it.

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Oh I know. I’m a couple steps ahead of this. Got my stockpile. Got my garden going. But where to next Anon?

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Mrs. Doubtfire passed better than that former Twitter employee.

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Be a stronger and smarter man then. Your ancestors figured it out. Either the world has changed and you need to adapt to it or you are not of your ancestors stock. It obvious feminism and faggotry are weapons of war.

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Women are easily led by propaganda. They follow the strong and influential. Who controls our media and shapes our culture? I mostly see Jews and niggers in media and advertising. (The devils have been allowed to buy and subvert our institutions. Shiny gaudy baubles for the future of the nation)

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Consume product. Don't ask questions. Get excited for next product.

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I wonder how many these need to be removed by a sad ER physician?

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Mary Poppins remake. This time in da hood.

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Deconstructing our culture with woke revisionism is primary their goal. Profit is secondary. I have not watched a Disney film in 10 years anyhow.

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One is more aesthetically pleasing. One is more dynamic. Checks out. Emotion versus technique.

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It is very systematic is it not. Erase us from our culture. Erase us from our history. Then. Erase us from the lands of our ancestors. I do hope more wake up to what we are up against.

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It does seem kind of pick and choose for sure. I have not caught him recommending books of philosophy and Libertarian economics like some.

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Aha! That sounds like version of MGTOW and Libertarian absolutism.

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Not the ladies! I checked out his Feminism page. Kek.

Seriously though I have seen many on Gab provide many sources in support for the NSDAP being very pro Christianity. Here is a 1947 Encyclopea Britannica https://files.catbox.moe/3sm7vb.jpg

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LOL. Is Mr. Impossible Jewish perhaps?

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You don't strike me as a Christain Impossible 1. Why the kvetching about Uncle Adolf?

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