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To be fair in Australia a lot of union members and tradesmen are schrodinger's far right they are both left wing and right wing depending on what day of the week and what topic is being discussed in the media.

Setka is famously corrupt so him betraying his union isn't anything special, there was already accusations that he had been getting kick backs from businesses to accept deals that disadvantaged union members (the CFMEU and the Maritime Workers Union in Australia are famously corrupt and nepotistic).

This current protest is around Construction workers just in Victoria but they have started discussing expanding the mandatory vaccinations to mine workers, as well which is another large workforce that the union represents and there are many in the mines that are very resistant to vaccinations.

In WA we have a state government (Labor) which has: Blocked free speech and restricted political views Source 1
Source 2
Caved to Chinese pressure and censored mentions of Taiwan and Covid Source
Stripped votes away from people and his political opposition Source
Gave away government owned facilities to corporate allies Source
Refused to commit to giving up emergency powers when reaching targeted vaccination levelsSource
Trying to force mandatory vaccination Source

The problem is the people don't realise how much of an authoritarian lurch the government has taken, only when you present it all at once do they go oh that does seem a bit much. Aussies are extremely apathetic and if it isn't directly in front of them or effecting sports coverage they won't notice or care.

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The Liberal party aren't conservatives, they are neolibs.

The conservative/libertarian parts of the party have died off towards the end of the Howard era. Now we are stuck with morons whose only redeeming feature is at least they aren't commies.

Labour is to intertwined with Wolf warriors and influence from Chine through the union movements and factions they are beholden to. Liberals are under influence from them just because "muh trade". One Nation has to much stigma to ever be taken serious, Clive Palmer is just worried about his own ego, NXT would burn the country down if it got South Australia something, Greens are communists pretending they aren't, Nationals on the federal level are neutered puppets of the Liberal party and every one else has been smeared as clowns by the media so we end up with the two ineffective parties that dominate politics. Scomo is better than Turnbull but the depth of talent in the party is dire.

Labour is similar.

The problem with Aussie political parties is they don't seem to care about doing the job, they only seem to care about winning the job application.

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I'm getting worried that my work is going to start forcing it.

The police union is fighting the state government's requirement that they wear masks for their full shift in a state that has zero community transmissions and no covid restrictions other than interstate/international travel requiring 2 weeks quarantining. It will be interesting to see the outcome of that case

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Do they really not understand that pay is determined by supply and demand.

Why are sanitation workers paid more than housecleaners.... because there are less people willing to become santitation workers than housecleaners.

Higher skilled jobs are higher paid because there are less people capable of doing the role in. Stuff like housecleaner is low paid because it has zero barriers to entry (no qualifications required), there is a large amount of people willing to do it, and no organised body that artificially decreases supply (e.g. union).

Its amazing how ignorant of basic economics these people are.

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I still think Trump will win.

If he does I expect leftist meltdown 2.0, if the Dems get more seats in the House of Reps then they will block everything and will run the country into the ground rather than work with Trump.

If Biden wins then expect more corruption, the MSM, big tech to fall in line and censorship and restrictions to get worse. There will be crackdowns across the board on social media under the guise of "cracking down on white supremacy", but the real aim will be to break up the supporter base that helped Trump into power. China and Russia will be emboldened because of how weak Biden and Obama were on them last time and they will be more aggressive in their border expansion (remember under Obama Russia and China expanded their territory the most since the end of the cold war).

If Biden wins I am genuinely concerned with the future of western leadership of the worlds culture and that China and its censorious ideology will be start supplanting it.

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It depends what you are after.

There is the MAGA parody stuff that Tim Lim does which is tongue in cheek and a bit funny but definitely a poltiical book.

Doug Ernst's Soul Finder was a good book that is devoid of politics and has good art.

EvS's stuff has great art, the story isn't my thing but it is standard comicbook stuff, it is very reminiscent of 90's stuff.

Jon Malin's Graveyard Shift has good art and is an action hero book.

Richard Meyer's his Iron Sights 1 book was a great story and great writing, the art is stylised and takes a bit to get used to but matches the story style. The sequel is a little less tight with the narrative and didn't flow as good but was still ok, you can tell the sequel he was going for a Robert Rodriguez El Mariachi feel. The Jawbreakers stuff is a bit more of a standard popcorn affair. The first one (Lost Souls) was ok but he tried to do a "in media res" style and it just made things confusing, the art was top notch. God King was a bit tighter with the narrative but again it still felt like we were missing a few pages of setup.

Downcast is a solid story that leans a bit more YA

Everglade Angels was very much a YA horror story

Black and White from Art Thibert, solid art solid story

The Lonestar books - good art, popcorn fun story.

Vestige - sitting on my to read pile

Most of the CG stuff is apolitical. That was the whole point of CG in the first place was that they wanted partisan politics out. There are the creators like Tim Lim that are typically telling political stories from a conservative viewpoint but majority of them are going for the popcorn action movie type feel of 80's and 90's comics

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Anything by Ed Brubaker is almost always good.

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Yeah she made statements trying to get the spotlight of her.

It was a brilliant example of the media not caring about the individual but just pushing a narrative.

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Of course he did.

After he got dragged over the coals for not being fast enough at denouncing comicsgate he has bent over backwards trying to appease the outrage mob.

Zhang oversaw the colossal failure of kickstarters comicbook crowdfunding attempts and drove millions of dollars away from them to indiegogo. She has proven that she puts personal politics over business, anyone who does business with her should know that and understand she will purposefully drive away dome customers.

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Big issue is that the .win sites is how janky it is on mobile still.

They have said they are coming up with a mobile app but even though I have saved the link on my phone as a book mark the site still isn't super easy to use so when people get a little inconvenienced they default back to the easy option which is still reddit.

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Cyberpunk is also about the complete and utter failure and collapse of government. If they think Cyberpunk as a genre is prosocialist they have such a myopic view of socialism that is so detached from reality when they are being sent to the labour camps they will still be singing the praises of it.

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That's right sign a letter against cancel culture.

It's not like that list of signatures are going to be used for anything else... like get a list of people to cancel.

Glad they are putting their signature where their mouth is but nothing will change while these spineless tech companies keep folding to the leftist censors.

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Prejudiced News/Commentary and False Claims.... so are all the Russia hoax people going to get banned?

Hate Event involvement as in a massive cop hate movement and protests?

Violent group affiliation as in BLM, Antifa, Black Bloc groups etc.?

Dehumanizing language, does that include calling people that they disagree with Nazi's? What about calling a baby just a clump of cells?

Intolerant Religious Content... well we know that just means intolerant Christian content...

Anti-immigration.. what?

White Advocacy/Nationalism... what about other racial supremacists and nationalists? There are genocides being committed this day in some countries just because you can't identify the ethnic group getting cleansed doesn't mean that it isn't happening.

This whole thing smacks of west coast American upper class liberal elitism people whose whole life experience stems from upper class circles and liberal echo chambers. They think because they did a tour of a poor neighbourhood (or drove past) that they are "educated" on the issues.

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He also might take votes of the black voter base.

Biden is really strong with that demographic which is one of the main reasons he won the primaries. Trump while better than most repubs is not.

If Kanye can draw some of them to him then it will more likely hurt Biden than Trump. The question will be will the black voter base vote on policy and party lines or will they vote purely on race of the candidate (because lets be serious... Kanye).

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I know a person who was in the child abuse squadron of the police.

When they got video's they had to watch through them multiple times to determine the amount of offences that were committed and mark down details so they could find corroborating evidence. It's been a fair few years since he worked there but he still has nightmares and flashbacks of that stuff and he admitted its affected his relationship with his kids because he sees them as potential victims.

A horrible job and there isn't any support. The people work in that department until they are burnt out and either quit or transfer. People wonder why cops develop that emotionless cold unempathetic exterior, its because if they didn't they wouldn't survive the job. Its the only way to cope, and its also hard to care when someone is crying about their stolen TV when the cop had previously investigated an infant's death from internal damages from a gang rape. Hell, hard to empathize when they have just had to go tell some family that their son or daughter has died in a car crash even.

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You are asking people to break habits and routines that they have been doing for awhile.

Also while its easy to setup the shortcut and the mobile version of the site is decent, the reddit app is still more convenient and a smoother experience for people to use. Never underestimate how much a small inconvenience will turn away people.

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Its still amazing that no one knows what was in the manifesto and what he said his motivations were. I point out that everything NZ did was exactly what this guy wanted and people don't believe me, they just think this guy was a Trump supporting white supremacist. No matter what you tell them that was the narrative spun by the media and they ate it up wholesale.

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Dean Cain is pretty based. He has appeared on Crowder a few times and always comes across as rational and patriotic

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Thats true but I replayed the first game before playing it and that part of the game was very much like that it didnt really open up until after you get the tiny bronco and can start properly exploring.

There is a little bit before that with being able to go to Fort condor and missing Gongaga but there isnt really a chance to go off the path much or side content until later.

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Polyamory is a load of shit.

Monogamy is more intimate as the couple shares stuff with each other that they share with no one else. They can dedicate their attention and affection entirely to one other person and that person reciprocates. In a good healthy relationship you are also best friends with your partner and enjoy spending time with them.

A polyamorous group cannot do this as they must share affection and attention amongst multiple people. Affection and attention are a limited resource and when they are split amongst multiple people it automatically decreases it.

It will always lead to someone in the group feeling neglected and starved and desperate for more as that is human nature.

But in saying that, that's just my personal views, if someone else wants to go off and do that, I'll judge you and look down on your relationship as being lesser but you do you, you shouldn't care what I think.

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No thanks.

I'm at the age where prostate exams have started to become a thing... if they discovered a new way to test for it that involved shoving bamboo needles under finger nails I'd be signing up so fast you'd get whiplash.

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I didn't mind the remake.

The combat system was good and the setting and locations were well done and definitely aligned with the original.

Things I didn't enjoy were the changes to the story, the watchers of fate or whatever they are calling them are a needless retarded story trope that detracts from the story and I hope they abandon them and just say they were Jenova cells fucking with everyone's mind for the next parts. The other thing that is an issue is that this game was short on story. They have padded it out with some sidequests but they didn't really add much. The battle arena is also just padding and will be replaced by the Gold saucers battle square IMO for the sequels.

All of my issues with the game stem entirely from the changes to the story beats. It ruins the pacing of the story and makes the story needlessly complicated and messy. The original had a good story that was complex enough without becoming convoluted. This one was convoluted and ridiculous, the whole time travel, fighting personifications of fate etc. crap is just wank. A massive fight with Jenova spawn (even have the Jenova spawn imitate Sephiroth for your Sephiroth jollies) but make it clear after you defeat it that it was only a weak offshoot of Jenova and a shadow of Sephiroth not anything that parallels the real power and strength of the two.

I'm still looking forward to the next releases but I hope now that the core mechanics are ironed out they add more story and move the prime storyline at a faster pace but I think we are going to be disappointed there. My biggest concerns is that they will abandon the project before they finish it as well as decide they will try and "fix" the story more.

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The neutral simplified version:

KotakuInAction had strict moderation. Partially to try to avoid getting banned from reddit and partially to try and keep things on topic. The mods at KotakuInAction wants to keep the movement focused on video games and not the greater culture war at large. KotakuInAction2 went with lighter moderation, while still having a focus on gaming also discusses the wider cultural war as well.

KIA1 probably overmoderated and a lot of relevant stuff wasn't allowed, but KIA2 is probably a bit too unfocused and a little spammy at times.

KiA mods wanted to keep the sub hyper focused on gaming and kept introducing rules to keep the focus narrow. Eventually they held a vote on one of the rules. The vote went the opposite way the mods wanted so they ignored the vote and brought in the rule that they wanted to in the first place and it ended up getting rid of every second post submitted. A sub was set up to try and mediate the difference between the community and the mods but the mods did not participate and ignored everything that the users raised (hats of to TheHat and AdamRises for making a big effort despite it being futile). That fell apart when one of the mods entered in there and only spent their time their insulting AoV before leaving.

KiA2 formed in protest. KiA increasingly seemed to attempt to narrow the scope whereas KiA2 accepted that GG is simply one field of battle in the wider culture war. The mods on KiA became more and more antagonistic against the people unhappy with the backflip and disregard of the vote, unhappy with the heavy handed moderation and attitude of many of the mods. The mods on KiA started banning longtime contributors and eventually kicked one of the only mods that was trying to keep moderating with the original spirit of the sub.

KiA2 became more and more active over this time. The mods on KiA doubled down and started calling users of KiA2 all the standard SJW insults (nazi, white supremacist etc.). The subs sort of entered into a bit of a stalemate and did their own thing (though some of the mods on KiA still felt the need to throw shade every now and then).

KiA is still going ok and KiA2 is coming on strong a getting good growth and activity.

KiA is trying to keep an image of being politically neutral whereas KiA2 is openly anti leftist at the moment because the issues with media are all stemming from leftism at the moment.

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