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Literally do not give a shit about this Literal Who. Never did.

The son of a pornographer who went around everywhere in a golden wheelchair. Spent 10 years in College, never graduated, and chopped his dick off. Lied about being harrassed while filming videos "in hiding" at what was demonstrably proven to be the same house.

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Look at how the PlayStation is given a narrative of dominance. They did sell more consoles, but no where near the amount claimed. But this is the narrative, and it must be told this way.

Was with you until this. Where the fuck did that come from at all other than bitter soying?

It's well-established across many sources that Sony basically ran away with the video game market at an astronomical scale once the PS1 launched and maintained an iron grip on it for the next 10 years thereafter with the Japs firmly in charge. The only struggle Sony had in that first decade (non-handheld-wise) was getting the PS2 into gear (because with many of its major titles not releasing until 2001, customers were reluctant to invest in the new console given Sega's recent flops). Any narrative other than that is wishful revisionism at best and shameless lying at worst.

There are no consoles in the history of video gaming that have had more blatant lies told about them in order to discredit their otherworldly success than the first two Playstations, and likely originate from some butthurt salesmen who struggled to shift their company's offerings (and at least in one instance, a poorly-translated IGN article from 2000).

Thirdies who couldn't afford a newer console inflated sales later on because they still made it!

Total myth, from its launch in 2000, the PS2 had already outsold what the GameCube and Xbox would sell in their life time before it had even been on the market for 18 months. By Summer '02, the N64 (32m) units would be outsold. Six months after that, the PS2 would reach 50m units, outselling the SNES, and by the end of 2003, it had outsold the NES at 62m units worldwide.

Sales reached 150m by mid-2010, well before the PS4 came out. Sales were consistently high for over a decade, and it took the Nintendo DS about 10 revisions and pandering to China to try and weasel its way into the #1 spot.


More untrue slander, because every console that sells a lot of units will have a lot of shit on it. The Switch has around 5,000 titles on it at last count, ergo, how come I hardly ever hear about the ~4,800 or so that aren't lavished with praise?

And lest us forget, the Wii had such unforgettable bangers as:

  • Link's Crossbow Training (#18)
  • Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (#25)
  • Deca Sports (#36)
  • Carnival Games (#46)
  • We Ski (#52)
  • Big Beach Sports (#54)
  • Active Life: Outdoor Challenge (#57)

Yakuza, the 94th best selling PS2 title, shipped 100,000 more units than Pikmin, the GameCube's 16th best-selling title did. And the former only came out a year before the PS3 launched, whereas Pikmin was a Day 1 GC launch title and had a full 5 years on the market before the release of the Wii. That's how much bigger software sales were for Sony than they were for Nintendo in the 2000s.

Most people used their PS2 as a DVD player!

Worst urban myth in the history of video gaming. Someone happened to read an IGN article of how early Japanese consumers were using their PS2s in the week or so after their launch and decided to turn it into slander without even contemplating basic logic.

The cheapest DVD player in 2000... would have been a used DVD player, or a new entry level model. Or even a rental. No-one in their right mind would have gone miles out of their way to buy a $300 games console where 90% of the functionality they'd never use just to watch a few movies they probably already had on VHS and unless they were a discerning cinephile, would not have cared in the slightest about the quality, resolution or aspect ratio differences between VHS and DVD.

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I googled it myself out of curiosity and it's fucking weird - it's like the SJWs have constructed an alternate universe where every second AAA title was programmed using it.

The most famous 'twine baby' (urgh) is Depression Quest. You cannot name anything else without googling it first.

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It's vindicating but at the same time infuriating to see that everything you feared 10 years ago is now occurring in real time: https://archive.ph/P9wcf

Corruption of games with leftist ideology and eventually gamification will be guaranteed. This has huge ramification for the youth of tomorrow, who are mostly influenced by games rather than the shit they see on TV or movies (which are all trash now).

/pol/ was right the whole damn time. Too many people didn't want to listen. They wanted to get all the gays and the jews and the second-wave feminists on our side. And where did that get us? All that twerking for "muh pr" and history has chosen to remember us as a "hate group that targeted wimmenz ;_;"

Fuck Cole R. Lamberson, aka Acid Man. We probably wouldn't be in this fucking mess if that cryptoleftist namefag had STAYED THE FUCK OUT of our movement and we just openly boycotted woke shite from the beginning as we do now.

Fuck GGHQ, then, now and forever. Fucking shithole. If only Niko wasn't a retard and didn't leak the board login to the AyyTeam.

S4T was right the whole time until he went insane and killed his own mom.

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What is happening was inevitable. Most of us had forgotten GG by 2017/2018 because Acidman (and Niko before him) successfully managed to bury the movement through the mismanagement of its respective board on 8ch and chasing "PR" through talking heads like Milo Yiannapolis and zio-feminists like Christina Hoff Sommers rather than just going for the metaphorical jugular.

But the journos did not forget GG. They kept bringing it up and bringing it up. They got 'Intimidation Game' written for SVU ("Gamer Girls Go Home" if you can even recall that) and the Colbert appearances to manipulate public opinion (or what little existed since the internet was nowhere near as influential in everyday life as it is now), and then they kept dogpiling and twerking on it. Making sure the fire never died down and there was always a tiny little flame still burning for their perverse enjoyment.

When TLOU2 came out in 2020, the wheels began turning again. Millions of gamers rejected Cuckmann's fantasy. That Korean streamer who'd only lost his father recently cut up the disc. There was a definite split re-emerging.

And then in the last few months, SBI came to light. Gas was being released, and when journos went after Kabrutus, that was the spark needed to turn that tiny little fire into a raging inferno once more.

All they had to do was shut up about GG. But they didn't. Because they're predictable dumbasses.

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I tried using Wayback a few days ago and got basically nowhere.

Did the URLs change at some point?

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Yeah, that's part of my motivation - the GG Wiki is basically the only impartial, detailed source out there. I plan to rewatch a few hours of This Week In Stupid from late 2014 before Sargon became a cult of personality and scour Twitter/ED/KiwiFarms for anything that survived the many, many purges.

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Apologies if it's already been talked about at length in the past - it's been a couple years since I last visited as the topic has recently resurfaced and it was working fine back then.

Even viewing the page source does not show me anything.