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Criminalization of normal behavior; applauding actual criminality.

I'd call this "Anarcho-tyranny", but that's just using selective enforcement to keep the criminals advancing your cause from being punished, and heavily punishing anyone that resists. This is a full step further. To quote Isaiah 5:20 "Calling evil good, and good evil."

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It will eventually lead to a showdown for the people that are creating this tragedy.

They are hoping that they are seen as weak and unable to fight, and so are left alone.

In essence, they are shaking a hornets nest while stomping around a snakes hide, believing nothing bad will happen.

APDSmith 19 points ago +20 / -1

derailing school board meetings

Don't these horrible plebians know that the purpose of school meetings is to unconditionally praise the school staff and rubber-stamp pay raises?

Just who has been telling these deplorables that they are entitled to accountability for their taxes?

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An organization representing tens of thousands of school officials across the U.S. has appealed to the federal government for help in protecting school staffers under “immediate threat.” In a letter sent Wednesday, National School Boards Association President Viola Garcia and Interim Executive Director and CEO Chip Slaven appeal directly to President Joe Biden, asking him to step in amid rising threats to school officials due to the right-wing furor surrounding mask mandates and critical race theory. “As these acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials have increased, the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes,” the letter says.

It goes on to detail several recent incidents of “threats or actual acts of violence” against school officials, including “angry mobs” derailing school board meetings and at least one instance of alleged aggravated battery during a meeting. The group is asking for assistance from the FBI and U.S. Secret Service in assessing and monitoring threats to school officials, and for the U.S. Postal Inspection Service to help filter out threatening letters targeting staffers, board members, and students.

This is a good example of what "protests" are under liberal democracy; a tool to legitimize change, where any dissenting protests against ruling class ideology aren't tolerated and instead amount to heresy.

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It goes on to detail several recent incidents of “threats or actual acts of violence” against school officials, including “angry mobs” derailing school board meetings and at least one instance of alleged aggravated battery during a meeting

One instance of alleged battery in a country of 350,000,000 people?? Call in the FBI!!

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My god, they are literally calling for your mail to be monitored and read...

That’s... As scary as the rest of it. This shit’s seriously fucked...

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So, parents angry that their kids are being taught white people are evil and chopping your tits/cock off is cool.... Those parents are soon to be called terrorists.

Argue with the school?

Say goodbye to your kids.

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I'd like to see them fucking try.

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See, I was hoping that them “coming for our children” (this includes Pfizer) would be enough to get people to fight back, and rise up. But, umm, no, that ain’t what’s happening, at all, so...

I’m literally not sure there is anything left, that might persuade people to fucking DO something. Even literally taking their kids away...

Modern people just don’t... Seem willing to do ANYTHING, to rock the boat. Anywhere in the “West”... :-(

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Watering the tree of liberty requires more than just tyrant blood.

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archive commies man

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Left wing of capital is still capitalist, and the archive didn't work when I tried to (neither the other one).

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Lol too funny. Maybe they should resign or somethin.

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The Marxist cries out in pain as she teaches your captive children to hate themselves, their family, their nation, their race, their faith, their biological sex...

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Thank you for admitting it.

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Interestingly, almost this exact same “push” is happening in Aus, right now, too (at least in my state), however with the threat of state police, rather than the FBI equivalent, or the feds...

And also we don’t have school boards, per se. It’s on a “school catchment” basis...

But I’m not kidding when I say the wording, and the “perceived threat”, and then coming at the parents with the treat of jail time, IS EXACTLY THE SAME...

That can’t be a coincidence, surely. No fucking way.

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you serve these people, you don't get safety from them.