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Ah, I didn't see that one. Tricky. Yeah, they'll probably use the SPLC's definition of a "hate group", i.e. "anything right of Mao including the Easter bunny".

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Category 2 is relatively uncontroversial, but Category 1 ("harassment") is the one they'll use to hang everybody. If it were actually enforced fairly and in accordance with its meaning at law then no one would care... but this is Twitch we're talking about. Calling someone a 'simp' is probably Harassment in their book at this point.

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How do you respond to people who tell you that you are being selfish if you don’t treat Covid like the zombie apocalypse where millions are dying each day?

"Die, Heretic."

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Easy solution: GeoIP block everyone coming out of Colorado. If they attempt to prosecute you for operating a website without registering there, politely remind them that merely entering a service into the stream of commerce, without more, does not establish a business presence within a state... and they can go fuck themselves.

That said, raise a big stink and I don't see this passing.

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France has its own problems. The only ones who can liberate America from tyranny are Americans.

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It wasn't even that American workers were anti-communist, but specifically that they didn't respond to class warfare rhetoric. That was because the communists never quite understood America and the fact that it was not a well-established nation-state with a contracting middle class. When communism first showed up on American shores the country was still expanding so there was still room for class mobility. Even into the 1950s the G.I. Bill created a path to the middle class for millions.

Only now that the country has more or less filled up and the frontier is closed do people start responding to the rhetoric of class warfare -- because it actually applies. Of course by now the establishment has switched to using racist rhetoric instead. Doesn't matter, though. The working class knows who their actual oppressors are, and it sure ain't "wypipo".

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It happens. I mean, look what happened to Russia. They didn't properly gulag a certain Marxist and Germany made good use of them to knock Russia out of the Great War.

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I'm just going to state the obvious: You guys know that 90% of the articles screeching about racism/sexism are cooked up to drive traffic, right? And I'm not talking about traffic to the site that publishes them, but rather to increase awareness about the product they're complaining about so you'll go consume it. You DO realize that, don't you?

In the last twenty years we've seen such an uptick in angry ranting media precisely because they know what you don't: pitting half the audience against itself drives engagement better than anything else. That this also causes them to become polarized and engage in tossing firebombs is apparently an acceptable cost of doing business for them.

The solution to all of this is to stop consuming corporate culture altogether. Doesn't matter if they're making things you find acceptable -- don't buy it. Stop buying. No, really, STOP FUCKING BUYING. Get a hobby that doesn't involve wasting money on buying shit you don't need.