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The fact that you know this person is a bit hmm.

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I want to see more of this:

Utah BLM and Proud Boys leaders hold joint press conference calling for unity in America

A black dude has to give a press conference that he's not a white supremacist 🙃

But seriously this is pretty heartwarming. Things are so amped up, it doesn't matter right now which side is right or wrong. Being able to talk to each other is the place we need to get to.

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I'm just saying a feminist game or antifa game or whatever can still be technically good.

It's a fallacy to think that only art you politically agree with can be good.

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Showering is racist. God damnit, when will these SJWs stop?

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It's possible to separate the quality of an art from the political opinion of an art.

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I don't actually see a problem with this one in particular. It is actually something an English speaking cross-dresser might say.

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The game is basically you're a steam punk neo-antifa and you go around murdering anti-orc/anti-troll racists. Pretty much murder porn (at least so far in the game).

The comparisons between orcs/trolls and brown people is the most blatant, hamfisted and cringey shit you'll ever see.

That said, it is a fun little tactical CRPG if you can get past the cringe.

Edit: Trolls also have max INT 6, so there's that too....