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I have been notified over the last month by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) that five more of my (now) 296 complaints (probably the most ever filed by a single individual) alleging Title IX violations in higher education ha[ve] been successfully resolved in my favor. That brings the total number of Title IX complaints to date that have been favorably resolved to 38[,] and there are more than 100 ongoing federal investigations of civil rights violations based on my complaints that I expect to also be successfully resolved in my favor (given the clarity of Title IX’s legal standard above and the clear and frequent violations of that law in higher education).

Successful resolutions are corrections of illegal Title IX violations involving sex-specific, female-only, no[-]males[-]allowed programs with one of three outcomes: 1) the discriminatory programs are discontinued, 2) the discriminatory female-only programs are offset with an equivalent male-only program, or 3) the discriminatory female-only programs are converted to coeducational programs open to all genders.

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This submission is about archive.vn, not archive.org.

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It works fine if you disable cookies and Javascript on all archive.* domains.

Alternatively (e. g., if the site gives you a captcha test, so you can't disable Javascript), you can just use a different browser for the sole purpose of creating and viewing archives.

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According to this blog post, Liberapay had some problems with its former payment processor (MangoPay), but those have now been ironed out after a switch to Stripe and PayPal (and the removal of wallets in favor of lump-sum payments that are still displayed as recurring donations).

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The archiver's argument is that blocking everyone in a country based on the fraudulent activities of just a few people in that country is "nationalist" and just as unsupportable as racial discrimination.