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yes. common cold and flu. nobody ever paid attention to it, until covid19. and suddenly it's the ONLY defining feature of this allegedly deadly disease. laughable.

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yeah, unless you inject the questionable vax into yourself, with that hydra (not sure if true), ivermectin is just a placebo. placebos work, because most people get better just by doing nothing, lol. rest and relaxation cured most of mankinds illnesses, and good food/hydration.

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The only way to play. Your belief will turn into knowledge, my friend.

Every agenda that involves fear, is based on lies.

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Well, given that the vaccine turns you into a little spike protein factory, is it even such a stretch to consider that the vaxes cause the similar pathogenic effects as "the virus"?

That is, of course, if you believe in the virus, and the whole scientism around it, which I no longer do.

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Of course, it's all corrupted by the masons/pharisee elite.

Thanks for the analysis, you are fully up to speed with it all. I wasn't a Christian when I read it. I know the subversions now.

btw, time = chronos = saturnus

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Have to say, only an oppressed lesbian could write chapter after chapter filled with women's thoughts. Man, that killed me good in this series. The endless female problems, lol.

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It's called research and having a keen eye, developed over years.

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63 is indeed a satanic symbol, just like 36. It represents 3x6. 666.

Just the regular fake news coding. Once you spot the symbols, the veil drops.

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Where we are headed, no ark is gonna save you. Only faith and repentance.

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the transpocalypse. been tweeting about it for years, but not believed. it's finally going into the open now, as predicted. as in the days of Noah, so shall it be when Christ returns. we are there now.

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Transgender actress Jamie Clayton.

It's finally happening, the revealing of one of the big hidden satanic agendas. Days of Noah.

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I like white women, yeah. Not saying there are no issues. Many are misled though, by the subverting tranny feminist instigators they have as role models.

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He leaves out the big thing, like all controlled op shills, namely God and Creation.

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Thanks, mister. It was indeed ironic lol. Make no mistake, I know of no credible evidence to support a globe. That's another matter.

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Truth is always in bad taste, that's the nature of it. Pharisees have been leading us astray since the beginning, and they still do. All corruption leads to their involvement. Hollywood, wars, porn, gambling, the allopathic poisoning of mankind, and all major lie-agendas.

  1. There is no universe. There is just earth, the moon, under the firmament, the stars as flickering lights on the firmament, and the heavens above/clouds, where God resides. Any other interpretation is pseudoscientific brainwash planted by the roscrucian/freemasonic/pharisee elite. Nothing has ever left earth. Nasa is an expensive joke.
  2. If God knows what we choose, doesn't mean we have no choice. That said, I don't know what God knows exactly. Can't speak for Him. Still though, we have free will and a sense of morality. If you deny this you can just give up. And maybe you should, because you were predestined to lol.
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Here, I just made a post on the end times.


With regard to postmillenial preterism, you have to be insane or insanely brainwashed to believe in the fact that A. Christ has already returned, and let World War II happen. B. NOBODY recorded anything of Christ's return, while ALL will see him when he returns. ALL.

Rev 1:7 Behold, he comes with clouds and EVERY EYE shall see him, even those who pierced him, and all the families of The Earth shall mourn for him; yes and amen!

Preterism is pharisee nonsense.

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No, I'm not a Calvinist at all, I said several times that we have free will, there is no predestination. Another pharisee corruption (Calvin's real name was Cauuin, aka Cohen) There is no God lining it all up. He just can see what is going to happen, all permutations of all humans in history combined. We have been given a glimpse of the future, 2000 years ago, with specific signs, and now, it's all coming to pass.

God bless

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