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Over half of the NT is Paul. Mark is Paul's preaching. Acts is about half Paul, recorded by Luke. Take Paul out and you've little left. John Peter James and Jude are significant, but to remove Paul is to reject the Church that Jesus builds.

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This is not the only statement on the subject. All need to be considered, and balanced.

Secularists have no business interfering with that.

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It's about the kingdoms of this world are irrelevant, while God's Kingdom is primary.

This would indicate the Amish sincerely hold their beliefs. While people are in their homes trying to prove otherwise, they should sincerely use their guns against the inspectors.

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There is no possibility of an effective vaccine for wuflu. Not only is it a coronavirus like the common cold that there has never been a vaccine for, it has an animal reservoir. A vaccine will never stamp it out.

Build a strong immune system, use medicine when that fails. No problem!

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We started with you accusing me of dishonesty. You should be able to see there is none. Now you're accusing THE most beloved member on .win of dishonesty, for absolutely no reason at all.

Do you really want to cling to that irrational paranoia? This has nothing to do with onsite activity, but your inner health. It damages anyone to hang onto stuff like this. What's the difficulty with letting it go?

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You presume he has the same interface as you, that does not need to be true

It is true. The exception is that he might be able to access code and mess with things that way. Our main dev would be able to tell, and all trust of Perun would be out the window. It hasn't happened.

Did you read the lyrics to Suspicious minds? I mistakenly assumed your burnout was from reddit; ik it was some other "corrupt organization(s)"

I still don't get the trust issue. It's not like you're revealing personal information, nor is it a girlfriend

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It is correct that gaming wasn't consulted before being turned over to this group of drunk 14 year old degenerates. Neither was anybody consulted before they were allowed to take over general, and it's not really used much since. So massively more harm was done to general and by extension all of .win because of the function general is designed to serve.

The whole episode seems very strange to me. Why involve gaming if IP2 was going to have a new home in 3 days? I can guarantee you if Perun had made that decision himself he would not have stayed in the owner's good graces. Likewise, I can guarantee you our main guy isn't the one who cleaned up gaming after this 3 days. Most likely he made both those decisions, in the midst of writing code for the site.

Now if you want to know about problems, OmegaCanada.win is separately owned by a rogue mod, but affiliated with the .win network ...

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I do not know his level of authority or access, and messing with logs is very common pattern in compromised organizations

There is no possibility of that on .win. It's built into the software. The closest we have to that is stickying something will often show as unstickying, and vice versa. It's confusing, but does not affect you.

Perun is mod, not admin. He doesn't act s a normal mod, which is why I called him a liason. That means whoever is left helping our main guy as admin is hidden from all of us. You may not be aware but we lost the TD.win domain due to actual doxing. These guys aren't getting doxxed!

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This seems to be the best comment in the linked thread:

Why are these retards even allowed on the website in the first place? Why are they being sent to other boards when they have their own board? Just tell them to fuck off to 4chan and be done with it.

I agree.

Other than that, calling to fire Perun makes no sense. He isn't paid. You don't know if the site owner decided to let IP2 loose in gaming but everybody blamed Perun for it. You don't know if Perun cleaned everything up using access to the C account

This amounts to IP2 being a constant problem across .win. They describe themselves as drunk 14 year olds. It affected gaming for 3 days. 3 months ago.

That's it.

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have asked C himself for clarification, that was months ago. My Message to this day remains deleted in the win.gaming where I ask for a official statement regarding peruns fuckup

Expecting to get a response from C is not reasonable. Again, he basically does everything to run this site as a dev.

It's generally considered poor form to criticize mod action in any forum. That's what modmail is for. It works a lot better if first mention is there, respectful, and succinct.

What am I supposed to see in that link if your comments is deleted?

So you have public mod logs, but are worried Perun messes about maliciously at will? Please help me understand

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How can that work when we have a known "super mod" which overrules arbitrarily?

Very fair point! Has Perun taken the reins of gaming other than this really strange 3 day spell?

Modmail does go to the whole group of that specific .win, but it getting deleted later shouldn't be a problem unless it's just ignored. Mods can't delete modmail btw, afaIk it exists forever. I'd hope there's some automatic purge function but I haven't seen evidence of that.

otherwise you have a centralized structure that will be corrupted

This is where knowing the history and creation of .win becomes important. You can read it. Our current "top dog" is legendary; for vision, faithfulness to it, and dev ability. If there's a cause for concern it's the project getting too big for him, burnout, and others involved being jerks. I have not seen or heard anything negative out of Perun other than my interaction with you. I'm not saying you're wrong but you haven't given me anything specific other than 3 days that were really strange by all accounts.

That truly was a panic situation. Personally, I think it was a mistake to bring at least 2 groups here, IP2 (the one that caused the shitstorm) being the worst. That's hindsight. I know why they were brought over and the intentions were good.

I still don't see how any of this impacts you now other than burnout from past Reddit experience?


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I wanted to respond to the quote here. Mods on .win don't create the ... anything. YOU do! Mods simply keep things within bounds that YOU choose. It's impossible to create rules that cover everything. Judgment will always be required. We should be periodically asking what priorities, criteria, etc people want.

Implementing that is a compromise, meaning nobody ever gets what they want. Part of making this work is making mod logs public so people can see if one mod is off base. All (or at least most) mods should be replaced periodically to avoid burnout and increase participation, IMHO.

Mods can steer a .win down the middle of its stated purpose by stickying posts. Hopefully that's the biggest part of the duty and there aren't many reports.

This is an impromptu representation of the attitude .win mods should have. It's 180 degrees opposite from your quote, which sounds like Reddit

I know nothing about KIA or gaming .wins. Maybe you can take something here and inject it into the community and do some good? Also, modmail. I really don't understand how trust even enters into it except:.

  1. doxxing. Actual, identify you IRL lose your job burn down your house doxxing, not the vague use of it I have seen from some mods.

  2. stealing your work. I think the user agreement says anything you submit becomes property of .win or something like that but if you were presenting code and somebody took credit for your work and took your job yeah that would suck.

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