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That’s AUS for ya. It’s also literally illegal to buy a bullet proof vest, not because it’s a threat to anyone but because it prevents the state from killing you.

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that's fucked up

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Lawl, 15 years for wearing a respirator to a protest.

How many women do you suppose you could rape in Australia and not get 15 years?

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If you're a minority probably zero years and your victim will have to go to sensitivity training.

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Adrian Ernest Bayley spent eleven years in prison for a total of eight rapes and attempted rapes. So at least that many.

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8 RAPES and he only got 11 years, whereas they're threatening people with 15 for daring to protect themselves?

Politicians' heads need to roll in Australia.

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I saw a show about those underground towns, they are actually hella cool, I'd live there

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Glow post

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Comment Removed: Rule 2 - Violent Speech

Don't glow.

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It's time to put away the gloves.

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"Stop resisting!" 🚿

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I'm assuming the jails are equipped with gas vents.

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Me: ... None of this matters because as more and more people are stuffed into the internment camps, conditions are going to deteriorate, other diseases are going to spread, and violence in the camps is going to increase because of the maltreatment. This will be used as justification for more authoritarian policies, and an even more severe crackdown. That's when a lot more bodies are going to start really piling up. The mass media is already prepared to excuse mass deaths in these camps as dirty anti-vaxxers getting what they deserve for putting the health of the state at risk.

Redditor: I forget sometimes that my hatred of progressivism, and my desire for journalist accountability and free speech lumps me in with some crazy conspiracy theorists but it's always amusing to be reminded of it.

Me: The mass media has been excusing leftist massacres for over 100 years. The rhetoric of the unvaccinated as plague-barers that need to be ostracized from society is already present. Your government is already forcing people into camps. You have no idea how little it will take for them to commit mass murder. You're well past the point of extraordinary danger. Even at the height of the American internment program, no one was crying for the Japanese American citizens to be purged from society. ... There is no conspiracy here, just the ghosts of history screaming out to you while you strut across a graveyard.

Parts of a real argument from Reddit KIA2 with a regular.

I mean, jesus, if you can't see the problem coming now.

Fucking anti-Leftists walking right into the fucking camps. I don't know how close to bring the dots together to some of these Australians, man.

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Yeah, and it’s not me you’re arguing with, this time/for once, lol...

Seriously, though, that’s my entire family (parents are virtue signalling narcs. Not leftist, but they’ll happily support leftist shit if it “benefits” them), and many of my “friends”...

I literally can’t even tell them I’m unvaxxed, or they will never speak to me again... :-/

I also know a girl whose family MAKES masks. From cloth. And “gives them away”. Just to signal their virtue... :-(

As the other reply says, we tell everyone we know who will listen, but the mind control... Makes that very hard. There’s literally no audiovisual media service here that isn’t on board with this. Not Sky News. Not cable. Not streaming. Not even talkback radio. None...

It’s quite scary to see how effectively that brainwashed THE ENTIRE POPULATION of a country... :-/

Even LockdownSkeppyAu (on Reddit, so perhaps not surprising) is compromised, now...

It’s... Hard to remain hopeful, here, these days...

I can’t see this ending “mostly peacefully”, to be honest...

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we're telling everyone we know - but the mind control is disturbing to say the least

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The best option is to save who you can.

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They're Australian. Have you tried picture books? :-D


They [MAGAs] could have managed the shock if it only involved the government. But the behavior of the corporate press is really what radicalized them. They hate journalists more than they hate any politician or gov't official, because they feel most betrayed by them. 14/x

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People supporting the government have REALLY got to be twisting themselves in pretzels to justify this one.

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Try wearing eye-protective goggles that have that nose part.
Problem solved.

It doesn't protect your identity and they can't deem it a mask; however, it will protect you from their stupid foam.
Either way, screw these assholes. If the court systems aren't completely screwed to shit — which I know they partially are but I'm not sure how bad — ask a Judge explicitly how you're supposed to comply with both. If he says you can't other than not protesting, then sue them from violating your civil rights using shitty duplicitous communist legal tactics.

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"I'm just going swimming."

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Get a prop snorkel and a signpost, "swimming in BS".

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I hope they have see through masks

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They'd still be able to claim your see-through mask was protecting you from their chemical weapons.

Stop resisting and all that.

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At this rate, nobody would care if a bunch of crooked cops got lynched for enforcing questionable laws.

The protesters should bum rush them like in the other protest but lynch the bastards this time by slitting their throats when they are pinned.

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Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Calling this policy Orwellian is an understatement.

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Just wear a standard surgical mask.

It doesn't protect you from anything.

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Just abolish Gov already.

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Insert Parks & Rec "directly to jail" meme

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Sadly not surprising with New Australia being the Orwellian State that it is. Before Clown World I really wanted to go especially since my late Father (RIP) wanted to go with me before he passed. It pains me with this knowledge but it seems like I dodged a bullet there... figuratively and likely literally too.

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Isn’t it just one state? I don’t even wear masks period and I protest and go outside any time I like. New Zealand has the entire country under house arrest and for some reason they don’t get 1/10th of the hate Australia does.

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New Zealand has the entire country under house arrest and for some reason they don’t get 1/10th of the hate Australia does.

There are multiple factors that I suspect contribute to this:

  1. The population of NSW is significantly larger than the population of New Zealand.

  2. NZ may be seen as a lost cause even since before COVID.

  3. Large protests and the imagery that comes with them helps to generate publicity.

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Which state are you, anyway??

I also don’t wear a mask, but... No one here protests. At all. The entire pandemic...

Even as the noose of restrictions tightens ever more...

To your point, though: there’s more Aussies on this forum. I think that’s part of it. I only know of one New Zealander on here, and they DO also get plenty of criticism, anyway. They’re just not quite as bad (on THIS issue), as Dan Andrewsstan...

Besides, I don’t think NZ cops are quite as heavily armed as ours... So there’s that.

We have quite literally the second-most militarized police force in the entire Anglosphere (and hell, in much of the developed West)... I do hope you know that.

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NZ is slightly less extreme, on most of this. And prior to lockdown, you could still LEAVE the country, if you wanted to. Unlike here...

But no, this is not just Vic. Vic is the worst, but NSW is not far behind. And the ACT, which is somehow even more “leftist” than Victoria... Is also fast catching them up, in the bullshit law stakes...

ACT also has the AFP as its police force (y’know, Capitol police, innit). Who are... Much less accountable than state police. And more heavily armed (generally speaking). And who will not hesitate to simply... Kill you, to get you out of the way, or in Newspeak, to “remove a threat”... :-(

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So those plastic head enclosure barriers the truly paranoid wear could actually be useful..

But wow, the audacity to make it illegal to follow the law.

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Anyone know where this is from? I assume from some legislation in a state? what lesislation is this from?

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Don't wear a mask for the capiscum foam, just eat a billion chillis a day and build up a tolorance.

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Its not really a tolerance, you are losing sensitivity permanently. Effectively killing your heat sensing nerves.

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Damn good thing, then. I eat spicy food that islanders complain is just needless heat, but I can't drink a cup of coffee until it cools for 20 minutes.

Heat and the neurotoxin known as capsicum have nothing in common. They cause a similar pain sensation, but that's like saying being bitten by rattlesnakes will kill your sensitivity to being stabbed in the chest. They're both a spikey, pokey pain, but if you're immune to rattlesnake venom, the sword will still hurt like hell. One is physical, one is bio/chemical.

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One is physical, one is bio/chemical.

Exactly my thoughts as well when I read that.

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lol, I was joking, but okay = )

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Can the USA just invade AUS already and topple the current regime?

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not sure that'd be much an improvement. Probably just lead the way to Australia being invaded by China when we get bored and leave in 20 years

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Let's put the Aboriginals in charge - couldn't possibly be any worse /s

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"Defund the police and bring in Aboriginal leadership, reparations now!"

-Leftist anarcho-progressive slogan, 2019, or extremist right-wing slogan, 2021.

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yeah, no I was being sarcastic

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Uhh... Are you fucking kidding me??

Do you want internment camps/race revenge murders?? Because that’s what you’d get.

The Aboriginals fucking HATE us. They literally want to burn society down. Unless you want literal reverse-apartheid South Africa (in fact, it’s not even reversed, because it’s minority rule), Iraq, or more than likely fucking Zimbabwe, this is quite literally the worst idea I’ve heard in... I don’t even know how long. Possibly at least as bad as vaccine passports. Maybe even worse...

Do you live here? Because that’s fucking crazy talk, dude. And this is coming from a former leftist. Seriously, just... Don’t even contend with that idea. Please. :-/

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Go visit Fitzroy Crossing (WA), or Wilcannia (NSW), or Yalata (SA), or Lockhart River and Aurukun (FNQ), or Palm Island (also QLD), or even just... Townsville or Redfern. Even Tassie has a couple of “no go zones”...

And then come back to me and tell me if you think this is still a good idea. Because I promise you, you won’t...

So I fucking thoroughly hope you are joking, because if not, you’re stunningly naïve... :-(

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i was being sarcastic

bamboozler1 2 points ago +2 / -0

Thank fucking fuck for that, then.

There was an Australian poster here yesterday decrying how “mean and uncaring” we are towards said AboriginEs, so...

There would seem to be at least one person here who might actually believe that, without the sarcasm, lawl... :-S

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i tell any bleeding heart to go and live with them for a month

bamboozler1 1 point ago +1 / -0

Fair. I would, too, but uhh, I just tend to not even bother engaging with those types, anymore... It’s too infuriating.

Though I note that, as of the last couple of months, the ABC (and not just Triple gay...) has started doing Land Acknowledgements, every time a new anchor comes on, as well as using Abbo words for “hello”, “goodbye”, “see you soon” and “welcome”...

Like, instead of “Coming to you live from Melbourne”, it’ll now be “Coming to you from Naaarm, on the lands of the Woodgeree Doodgeree people. SovereigntyNeverCeded (TM).”

Initially I just thought this might be the individual efforts of extremely left wing ABC news hosts, but it is now apparent to me that this is network-wide...

These fuckers want “Aboriginal rule”, as you sarcastically referred to, and they literally want to replace English, in the process...

That should be outrageous, but of course it isn’t. Not in Shithole-Straya, in 2021... :-(

FatalConceit 0 points ago +1 / -1

or in Aotearoa /s

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Is Australia being held hostage by china?

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Aussie faggots. Y'all still suck at rugby.

bamboozler1 1 point ago +1 / -0

🥝, are you..?

Union? Sure. League? Fuck no we don’t.

At least we’re still better at literally every other sport (apart from netball) that we play you cousins in! Rugby is all that you have, fucking lol...

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FACT CHECK: CONFLATED!!! They'll beat the fuckin' piss outta ya anyway, mate!?!? Whatcha on about? Yer takin the piss!!

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What's the punishment for wearing a mask to prevent pepper foam/spray? - 15 years.

What's the punishment for NOT wearing a mask to prevent covid? - 15 years.