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Yeah, but not yet. If Trump can win despite this shit, the boot that crushes them will be welcome. We may be coming to an era where many pests can be quashed to applause.

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Well, Trump is the unusual circumstance in my mind. In the current climate, Carlos Danger's transgressions would have been swept under the rug.

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It's not. Under normal circumstances, it would be, but anything that could be negative for Biden will be ignored or dismissed by the media, and only news junkies (who have likely already made up their minds on how they're voting) will be aware of stories like this.

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As we returned home, a family of seven rather than the family of eight that arrived at the beach less than a week earlier


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Let's try a hypothetical, and look at it from a place outside of altruism and empathy.

In our hypothetical, we have a form of energy production that is responsible for 13% of power, but 56% of pollution. Now, the other 87% of energy production also produces pollution, but with a far greater power:pollution ratio. Let's say your goal is to reduce pollution. Do you target that 13% that is responsible for over half the pollution, or do you target the entire energy sector equally?

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The madness was that we denied what was self evident out of idealism and indoctrination. 13/50 isn't a new phenomena, it was just something we completely ignored. We were taught to ignore it and make excuse for it, but never to examine it. When we finally did examine it, we realized what a bag of lies we were sold.

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That doesn't ring as true. There simply aren't that many high paid positions. Some women may be able to get token affirmative action roles with decent pay in the name of optics, but for the vast majority of work, they just increase the worker supply and devalue labor.

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Feminism hasn't benefitted women, though. It benefits those who desire cheap labor and weak families in the West.

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Around 10% test positive on average, with it doubling in hotspots and cutting in half or more in cool areas. Since most doctors don't get that you may not test positive until 4-8 days after symptoms, the tests are often administered too early, and they're loathe to administer followup tests because of cost, and admission of improper treatment.

Trump didn't make an error. He got sick, like we're all going to. People are too stupid to contain this, so the only option is for it to run its course.

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It doesn't have to be "all" to be a massively destabilizing force on civilization. 1 in 100 peckerwoods can still sustain a high trust society. 3 in 10, and neighbors aren't going to be very neighborly. Demographics are destiny, and there are plenty of legacies to prove it.

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Reparations from white Americans who never owned slaves to black Americans who were never slaves is not logical.

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The average American pays $11,165.39

lol, no.

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Not really. It's an investment to create jobs so they aren't living on the dole. Programs like that should be racially targeted. No different from heavily policing black communities. You put the resources where they'll do the most good.

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Honest advice? Don't alienate your kin.

In six weeks, we're looking at two potential situations:

  1. Trump wins. The left has been slow cooking under Democrat/Funder rhetoric and resrouces. If your family buys this shit, they're probably going to be part of the explosion. This will drastically increase faction on all side. Under those circumstances, you'll probably be best off at least being on good terms with family.

  2. Biden wins. The left is on the right side of history. Maybe things will simmer down, maybe they'll think it's time to extract some sense of vengeance while the government is at their back. Either way, faction increases, albeit at different rates depending on the action.

In either scenario, by being black, your choice of faction is already limited. Don't burn any bridges right now.

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All the dual income household really did was dilute the purchasing power of a single income by lowering the value of labor. It was a trick to ruin the family and increase the labor pool.

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How the fuck did this ever happen in my lifetime?

This is the legacy of the 60's. The American people were sold a bag of lies.

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The Gnome is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Gnome and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

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