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Right! Got to toe the line. Don't ask questions. Swallow the propaganda. Believe the narrative.. ..wait a minute..

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Being both hypocritical and triggered enough to mass-downvote is something more they have in common it seems.

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Identity politics is for losers who lack self-worth, and need a parent to tell them what to do, or something else to make them feel superior and spoiled entitled brats. Be it the State for authoritarian (national) socialists/communists or authoritarian fascists. Be it gods for religious people. Be if faux "nobles/rich" or Class systems. It's all the same.

It has nothing to do with owning your own actions and consequences, individuality, or freedoms and rights.

Stop forum sliding, you neo-nazi pieces of infiltrating shit.

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The one on the left looks like a male J/K-pop star with longer hair. The one on the right looks like a female Babushka with long curled locks. Neither looks exactly good. Although the left one is slightly better.

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Look at and compare dates, versions, and sizes. Recognize and evaluate releasers and sites. Actually getting a virus is incredibly rare, even if you're only half-cautios. Also, maybe don't play the newest, shiniest, and trendiest game at release.

oh yeah, also don't take your browser privacy for granted.. Most browsers, even so-called "privacy" browsers are collecting telemetry or is open to data-gathering in some ways. Unless you're using (and have hardened) Pale Moon, Basilisk, LibreWolf, or ArkenFox, the bet is against you.

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It's good that they removed the google tracking. The link shows what the Terms of Service for Odyseey says. The clock icon behind the statement shows when it was.. done? Either since tosdr (DR: didn't read) last looked at it, or since the site updated it. Not sure. The time says 2022/08/09 for most though. So, about 10 months ago. I tried https://themarkup.org/blacklight on it as well, but it hasn't been working for me lately.

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"Librarian is a way to use Odysee (LBRY) without being tracked."

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I hope you don't look up to kiddy-diddler pastors and priests, to make that unfounded accusation. I guess ad homs and divisive rhetoric is all you're good at. Atheism+, yes. Atheists, no. Imagine not even being able to make a distinction between all the worlds atheists, without anything besides a lack of belief in common, and a group created by the pre-woke, even pre-SJW, to infiltrate, sunder, corrupt, and twist. Much like you're doing.. you promote fascism, genocide, purges, tyranny, and slavery. See, two can fling shit without the need to back up anything. Pathetic. Your grift is identity politics, the exact same thing you "appear" to lament. Turn thy gaze from the abyss, lest you join the nemesis you seek to thwart.

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Get out of here with your identity politics you fifth columnist. Even the name points to a RINO's patsy. christians hate when they're all being filtered through the same comb, so should understand that atheists are even less than a hegemonic force of like-minded individuals. The author of the article never once mentions atheists and is fact a proponent of religious freedom. Which includes atheism. Your spin is nothing but a pitiful attempt at sowing division in a rank opposed to your true agenda. Get bent.

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Don't use google. Use Brave Search, Mojeek, Yep, Infotiger, Right Dao, or Alexandria.

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Vikings Valhalla The Game, featuring/centered around Queen Estrid Haakon and helping her defend from Saxons or christian invaders. You can choose body type 1 or 2, and skintones above bronze. All vikings are multicultural in an absolute even ratio from the current hierarchy of oppression.

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Addendum to this; You can also use the site https://themarkup.org/blacklight without needing to install an addon, but it takes quite a while longer, and you have to go through a lot of shell companies and hiding-in-plain-sight companies like doubleclick, firebase, gfont, etc, to know it's google.

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All of them are heavily using google third party injections on their site (even Daily Caller). Viewable with https://addons.palemoon.org/addon/ematrix/

RINO's, controlled opposition, paying lipservice, capitalist-communist (putting profit over purported ideology). Take your pick.

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Indeed. Being Mediterranean might have some things being of more relevance due to local shared culture, but it is by no means a definitive thing. Being a man or straight likewise. He could in fact have more in common with an Irish or Japanese lesbian woman than his closes male neighbhour. Getting fixated on skin and sex is just as idiotic as those who do so on the left. Identity Politics divide. He should use his mutable hobbies, values, and views as shared interests instead of something un-changeable and un-choosable.

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A Pacifist will always win over a Warrior, in combat. But there are many avenues of war and ways of fighting, that doesn't include combat. Culture, Science, Arts, Education, etc.

They also don't have a way forward, only a way to destroy what is. Their tactics are all slash and burn. Sowing confusion, lies, and propaganda. That doesn't bode well for building a society of trust and truth. Theirs would be an actual Pyrrhic victory.

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The adults are still alive, and could make new kids, so it's not exactly ashes.

I do agree that some principles are more important than others. Hence why I used Scope in my initial post. When they're too broad, they're ineffective at most. That's different from breaking the principle you have though. I'll allow for "exception to the rule" though.

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Theoretically, yes Although that's a different kind of "movement", as well as a different kind of particle. But I get your meaning.

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