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I just don't find fat to be attractive.

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Too fat for me. I don't mind lewd though.

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You must have left before Tobi got given the boot. There's no drama anymore. It's also in a much better position feature and bug-wise. You're wrong about the last part. It's not being outpaced by "the rate the internet is changing by". That's all on google. Which you just confirmed by changing to a google browser.. tsk tsk. I use Pale Moon 99% of the time, and it works on most sites. There are ways around the troublesome sites. It isn't the browser that should change, but the sites coding only for google.

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You can thank google trying to take over the web for that. Look up WHATWG.

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Migrate to Pale Moon, they don't use google's Web Extensions, unlike firefox and chrom/ium browsers.

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Or just block all that annoying stuff with uBlock Origin, µMatrix, ButWhyModal, RemoveOverlay, and always set block location and notifications.

Also, don't use any google chrome/ium or firefox browsers, because they're the ones implementing this stuff. They're also evil and woke.

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Thank you. I've personally stopped posting nitter links on supremereaders posts, since he seems to love twitter.

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You should seriously reconsider spending so much time on twitter. It's rotting your brain. You even still refuse nitter links. How much of an addicted shill are you?

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Then I hereby accuse you of being a Witch, and demand the water trial before the burning stake. Good luck with setting aside the rule of law and presumption of innocence.

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I wonder if changing the wording back on your own isn't counterproductive in the end. Less people will take notice and wake up from the absurdity if they're protected from seeing it.

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