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Fandom is pozzed too sadly. Any way, commenting to be reminded, as I want to know about any good Sci-Fi news-sites myself.

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I guess the whole country of Japan is just shockfull of cases of pedophilia rape and sexual abuse of minors. It's a wonder they can even get anything done. They'll be sure to collapse any time now, and bring forth some evil god that's not even part of their religion.

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Pedophilia is attraction to a person under the age of 12. Which drawn art isn't. Just like the act of simulating murder in videogames isn't literal murder of a real person.

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Ya'll must be thinking of some other Tay's. Only Tay I know is Chocolate Rain Tay.

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Brandon Herrera (The AK-Guy). Best gun and meme vids. Sometimes watch Taofladermaus or Garand Thumb if an interesting Related vid pops up in the sidebar.

The Why Files. Great storyteller about Conspiracy Theories, and then breaks them down or props them up with logical and skeptical analysis after the fact.

Zeducation. For the memes.

AwakenWithJP. Anti-Clown world humour.

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Then you're a hypocrite, and no better than what you claim to oppose. They're also all about identity politics and banning stuff they're against. You're only the flipside coin of their version of authotarianism. Which ends in Theocratic cultures like Islam. A known "ally" of woke TQIA+.

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Nice to know, to avoid. The site is also cuckflared and spying on you with third party google analytics tracker injections.

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No, it's not. It's drawn art, not real life. Videogames aren't violence either. Typical old idpol christian Rightwing talking points coming back in style I see.

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Is it viewable on a site that doesn't require google (chromium & third party injects), nor cuckflare?

Tried 12ft.io and archive.org, but cuckflare is blocking access to those right now.. Trying to save it in archive.ph, but not sure it'll display page 2 from just an archivation.

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You'd be surprised. Most people, and reviewers (who started it), only rate between 6 and 10..

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All the things. I recently printed out a car on my 3D printer too.

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I can see how a person who takes what a fiction book says as truth also can't distuingish between real and drawn in pictures..

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The saying is "The blood of the Covenant is thicker than the water of the womb". So it actually means that bonds you forged yourself can be stronger than family.

As an addendum, this is not Transhumanism.. This is Otherkin. Mental illness trans"species". Please don't confuse the two.

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Now, don't get shocked, but I consider them skinny when I'm seeing the outlines of bones. I consider them muscly when I'm seeing the contours of muscles. I consider them fat when I'm seeing bulging fat deposits.

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I don't much listen to reviewers. Had an online aquintance tell me it wasn't that bad. Besides, I wasn't paying for it.

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Cowboy Bebop is one of my fav anime, and I managed to dredge through all episodes of the live-action show. But it was indeed a hollow and empty-feeling carcass of what the anime is. It has the most basic of basic ingredients, but it's missing the additions to flesh it out, and they poured the typical twist with the seasoning.

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