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It's also palatable to stodgy Evangelical boomers.

My inlaws think it's funny when I get LGB chants started at events. They would not tolerate FJB at all.

We still need them, so might as well keep them on board.

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Video games are like anything else. If it's unhealthy, it's unhealthy. If it's not, it's not.

If video games prevent you from developing or achieving life goals, or if they're the only skill you have or the only thing you can talk about, or if they are the dominant lens through which you see the world, if you are so sensitive to any critique of video game culture that even this mild comment makes you mad- that's a problem.

If it's just something you enjoy or it helps you unwind so you can go out and face the real world again or if it's a skill you are cultivating amid a host of other skills, then they're a good thing.

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This isn't really left vs right anymore. Otherwise guys like Rubin or Ngo wouldn't be on our side. This is globalists vs nationalists.

I'm not a truther, but there's no question that 9/11 lead to great advancement of the globalist agenda.

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Not sure if this is criticism or not, but if it is, I would counter that a nationalist Russia lacks the capacity to challenge on the world stage

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I don't believe for a second that Russia cares about those peoples' rights.

HOWEVER it is in their best interest for the US to stop bending over to accept Xi's tiny pecker. And as long as the rest of Europe is useless, Russia is a natural ally to help check China. I'd be fine working with them as long as they can help us get the Chicoms out of the deep state.

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This is the type of thing we've used as an excuse to overthrow governments in the ME and Central America in the past.

Just sayin

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If thr UK were to try to enforce its Dominion over Canada, what would our obligation be? We're allied to both, but rh UK would be in the legal right, but also the Monroe doctrine.

That is, if we cared about holding up our alliances and laws when they're inconvenient.

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This is correct. I work in tech. The libs with no families just work all the time because it's their entire life. Means they gain promotion and influence far out of touch with their actual ability/wisdom.

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Be hyper alert about what they watch. Don't let anyone, including grandparents or other influencers give you any shit about it at all. Be very firm and very aggressive about it. Be an asshole about it. "Timmy can not come over to your house again if I find out he watched anything not approved" My inlaws are awesome people, and while they're conservative, they're completely asleep to what's going on. They didn't see the big deal in letting my kids watch whatever kiddy nonsense was on Netflix. And being boomers, their world revolves around the TV. The kids came to associate them with TV so heavily that even when they visited us, our otherwise well behaved kiddos would throw tantrums expecting TV. It got.bad enough that I had to threaten to cut them off from seeing the kids at all until they were older if they couldn't respect our wishes about screen time. You and your spouse are the boss and you must make everyone respect your parental strategy. Fortunately things are better now and the grands are actually getting to know the kids instead of just spacing out together.

Anyway, also put them in well vetted private schools or homeschool them.

Most importantly, instill in them a faith in God and a working world philosophy by which they can identify and reject the world's bullshit when they get too old to be fully protected anymore.

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Snowball came at night and destroyed the windmill.

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I have toddler son who is absolutely glued to my wife's hip. (Much the same why my daughter is glued to me. Almost like the sexes are desgined to be in communion with each other or something.)

The concept of a mother hating her son for being her son is baffling, saddening, and rage inducing all at the same time. What manner of evil is this that it can overcome and pervert even our most basic instincts?

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Or cause him to ape his mother's bigotry - just in the opposite direction.

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Yeah that's what we had but they managed to "progressively" errode it over time because Tocqueville was right.

The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money

And he was right because Adam's was right

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

Since we are not longer moral or religious in the major population centers, those who still are have no choice but to either live under secular tyranny or separate from them entirely

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I don't think people ever threw copious amounts of money at women they could never obtain before female supremacists took over the schools and culture

Someone hasn't read the classics.

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