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The first 3 videos are the most entertaining and they aren't super long. The lady explains her point of view while she's on the phone with the investigators in those. They are uploaded to the same channel that this one is.

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Apparently Reddit only saves the latest version of comments/posts. I have no idea if this is true or not, but nuking it overwrites the comments and posts so the latest version is not the original comment. Doesn't hurt to do in my opinion.

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Yea but this made from the perspective of someone who is sympathetic to LGBT.

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I'm unsure.. I replied back with the following, however they did not get back to me (I probably wasted my time, whatevs)

"Nope, I actually meant to say wealth transfer. Wage gaps exist in every economic class. There is a wage gap between me (lower class) and the people making middle-class wages. There is nothing wrong with that. "Wealth transfer," in this instance, refers to the bulk of the sales and profits going to the 1%. Despite what people might think, America's economy is ran by small businesses. It's simple math, really.. when small businesses aren't allowed to run, but big corporations are.. what is then transferred? Wealth. And who is it transferred to? Corporations.

As for your other points, I decline. The language is being framed in very astute ways that I disagree with. For the sake of spectators reading this, I will not engage further.


The choices I make are not based on "right" and "wrong"

I guess that answers my concern from before;

I would hope that your opinions are not shaped by the praise you get in your office by the metrics of how far you can push a message or tactfully get your point across.

I know the separation of morality choices vs. career defining decisions. It's easy to get caught up in the feeling that you're in a club tribe and you must push for none other than that sentiment. It's at least a primal trait. Why go against the grain when everyone is on the same page in your workplace? Why ever question anything in an environment like that, right? Just play ball. Especially if there is a practical guarantee that all your coworkers will stay employed by the same dully-elected officials year after year. Hard choices to be made in this environment are most definitely based on political tactics rather than morality for the populace.

I would also like to add that it's interesting you brought up the year 2008 for wealth inequality, given that Democrats were seemingly against corporate America back then, however in 2020 support policy that benefits corporate America the most.

Why has the platform changed so much?"

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Dude fuck off.

  • ADL is the Anti-Defamation League.
  • JDL is the Jewish Defense League.
  • (JADL) Jewish Anti-Defamation League is not a thing

Fuck out of here with calling everything that's leftwing "Jewish" just because it's convenient to you. You're an embarrassment to this site.

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Facebook admins deleted it from The Conservative Twins page. Latest Project Veritas video shows proof they do this (which won't show up when you search it btw).

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This from a post on reddit where everyone predicted the next few months.