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They posted an apology(?) at the top now.

Récemment, IGN France a produit et publié une preview de Stellar Blade contenant un passage offensant qui n’aurait jamais dû être conservé. Le texte est à présent modifié et voici nos excuses officielles auprès du personnel du studio Shift Up Corporation.

Aussi, merci de noter qu’IGN France est une branche indépendante d’IGN et que la rédaction de d’IGN n’a rien à voir avec cet incident.

Le texte original de la preview Stellar Blade contenait des propos qui n’avaient pas leur place. Bien qu’il n’ait jamais été notre intention de manquer de respect ni à Shift Up, ni à aucun de ses employés ou leur travail, nous reconnaissons que la phrase prise dans son sens littéral était hors de propos et nous la regrettons.

Pour quiconque chez Shift Up Corporation s’est senti visé et insulté personnellement par ce passage, nous sommes vraiment désolés et nous nous excusons platement.


Recently, IGN France produced and published a preview of Stellar Blade containing an offensive passage that should never have been retained. The text has now been modified, and here's our official apology to the staff at Shift Up Corporation.

Also, please note that IGN France is an independent branch of IGN and that IGN's editorial staff had nothing to do with this incident.

The original text of the Stellar Blade preview contained statements that were out of place. While it was never our intention to disrespect either Shift Up or any of its employees or their work, we recognize that the sentence taken in its literal sense was out of place and we regret it.

For anyone at Shift Up Corporation who felt personally targeted and insulted by this passage, we are truly sorry and apologize profusely.

Also, BEN OSSOLA is no longer in the byline after the 1st, I didn't notice it was in the archived version.

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What do these characters mean? GVRD-45

Looks like some kind of code.

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So does anyone have evidence Jake Angeli was paid to be there, or was affiliated with the Antifa infiltrators? Or was this just his style?

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We're going to see more speakeasy indoor dining, I've already seen closed-up hair salons open the back door for business.

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Believe it or not, the average age of a Minecraft player is 24

I know you're saying there's a ton of kids who play the game, and you're right, but it's one of the most popular games ever sold, and has millions of mature players, so don't be so dismissive.

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After announcing a mandatory migration from Mojang to Microsoft accounts last month, now there are moderators ready to permanently ban Community Guidelines breakers from all versions of Minecraft.

They currently only monitor Realms and "Featured Servers", not private servers. It's unknown whether in-game voice chat is being monitored.

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the way people are using that segment is horseshit!

Ah yes, linking to the full segment without comment.

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I tell people to remember who told you these things. When we uncover the truth, make it clear who was trying to bury it all along.

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Don't forget the "Yawn" which has no place in civil discourse. This is a huge threat to our democracy.

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it emerged that RCMP spies have used the software tools at their disposal to access the dark web, but also to see Facebook users’ friends list, even if it had been set to private.

The powerful software itself allows RCMP to conduct their surveillance while going undercover.

I can't even parse this. I'm reading the source now.

“dark web crawler”

This is almost certainly a normal web crawler for TOR addresses.

a tool which can “unlock friends on private friend lists,”

used software on a “covert laptop” in its investigation of organized crime and motorcycle gangs, it noted. The software also enables officers to extract entire timelines of Facebook users into Excel forms.

So the Mutual Friends trick? https://github.com/prili/fb-hfc

This story is that Mounties are using cop tools to find crime and shit, violating people's "facebook privacy". Looks like they have a nice kit on an "undercover" laptop, sweet.

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So, a voting machine using a land line to dial-up the vote drop-off server isn't connecting to the internet. That's basically a fax machine.

Pretty good show, I hope to see a side-by-side of this with a new show claiming the voting systems are flawless.

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The MSM don't care about ratings, they're paid to produce and spread propaganda.

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So women need men's help to succeed. Gotcha.

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The BOFHs of the world can roll this shit back overnight. But it will go unnoticed by the woke.

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weirdest spam


Definitely use NoScript along with uBlock Origin. There are cross-compatible browser exploits, and you never know if they detect your OS or just shotgun with all the malware that will run.

NoScript gets your permission to run a lot of malware vectors, while the ad blocker has blacklists for some malware sites.

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It's politics playing Medicine, and that's a very dangerous game.

I couldn't agree more.

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Why is it so difficult for you to enjoy a video game when you think the story is bad?

Why is it so difficult for you to just ignore the story and have fun with the gameplay?

Why do you delete your questions?

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(Meta) Why do you call this the "Official Gamergate Forum" when gaming and gaming culture is rarely discussed here.

a response (not mine)

Most modern games are so woke that nobody here is interested in them. I'm glad to talk to you about games from 2015 or earlier if you want.

You're responding to the 6 people that upvoted that.

It's pretty clear you're just here to confirm your own delusion that this is somehow an anti-American "toxic and hostile" community.

In the off chance you're not a complete fool just here to troll, I'll explain again. KiA2 isn't focused on gaming, it's not a gaming forum. We never have been here to talk about the gameplay and art of vidya. This is about truth in journalism, and KiA2 split to have less restrictive posting guidelines so we can post about other woke bullshit.

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Why do you keep asking random accusatory questions and deleting your posts, you French stoner cunt?

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Why can't you answer if this site, kotakuinaction2, is run by and moderated by Americans or not?

What's your question?

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