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Do you connect to the media box remotely or just at home? It seems like the OVPN side needs some ports filtered. Raspi can handle the encryption?

Does sonarr or any of this have ads? I would recommend some sort of blacklist with local DNS in that case.

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Pidgin english was a way for the settlers and cowboys to trade with the various tribes. That "How!" isn't making fun of them, it's what an old-timey indian would learn as a greeting.

The etymology of "red skin" was probably a french translation (peaux rouges) in the early 1700s, and it didn't have a pejorative meaning until around 2005. Just like "black" or "white" isn't considered prejudiced in modern context, but "yellow" is, I'd say it's murkey waters where wording is concerned. Did natives actually have red skin? I'm not sure, but I know I get flushed when I drink. I always thought the Peter Pan indians were all drinking and having a solid pow-wow, didn't they smoke a pipe with children in that movie? That cartoony caricature wasn't seen as problematic until the late nineties in my memory.


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Compare 'Bitter feminists compare childbirth to "taking a dump". Just how miserable are you?' and 'Statues of presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Abe Lincoln, vandalized and taken down in Portland, Oregon.', both on the front page today.

We're looking at a story about something shocking that happened recently, and some gay author's opinion on motherhood, one of these is news, one of these I don't give a shit about. It's fair to post whatever, it's not like this is a super busy board, like you say, but I have seen a ton of these random attention seeking tweets in the last week or two.

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I guess. I just see a lot of "check out what this asshole on twitter said" posts, and if I wanted to see that I'd check twitter.

If they're referring to something relevant, like games journalism, let's focus that discussion rather than reacting to a twitterer.

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So- WHITE people have autonomy, but colored people are innocent like beasts?

What he meant was even worse than what he said though.

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I just listened to some guy ramble on about identity politics for 12 minutes, so let me summarize: Get woke, go broke. His advice was to not buy their completely-woke, or even half-woke bullshit products.

I liked his point on how groups will "gate-keep" by just having a common set of values. The so called "gate-keeping" of the comics community is that you can't start excluding people and make everything about you and your politics.

Imagine all the various fans at your favorite Comic-Con, an inclusive and tolerant fandom with diverse ideologies and tastes, a large cross-section of American culture. You have everyone from the awkward board-game enthusiast who's been dumping paychecks into comics for forty years, to the Overwatch e-girl that craves anything Deadpool.

Now imagine the big name comic and movie makers call them all "toxic" and bash them for being "white males", trying to explain away the sales figures of their terribly written stories. Only the cool kids would get it, everyone who doesn't consume this product are nerds.

The fandom was forged in the weird outcast subcultures, so there's no way this bullying would affect it.

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Can we please stop posting every post on twitter here? I have no idea who these random people are, nor do I care what they think. This guy's not even famous.

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Timecodes are nice, fucking use them.

So it's about this speedrunner RWhiteGoose, who would post shit on his discord and later apologized for his views.

discord screenshots


This video is only referring to him by the descriptor, not accusing him of an already resolved matter.

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You're painting with a broad brush there. Yes, different cultures have generally different parenting styles, the Asian academic pressure is real, Asia is a big place though. Are we saying everyone with Asian ancestry has been pressed to get straight 'A's all their life? What about the white kids who grew up to get straight 'A's? There's probably a few blacks who didn't grow up in the ghetto stealing cars (I'm pretty sure!).

Different cultures have developed their own way for reasons, culture is the result of environment. The expectations you listed are indeed stereotypes about parenting styles, and the worldview of cultures has been gradually shaped for generations. Certainly some cultures prize intellect or societal standing over others, and some cultures are more accepting of teen pregnancies, those will interplay with the education of that culture's population.

There are large populations of people who adhere to the identities and expectations of their cultural heritage, but there aren't fences holding people in. Culture continues to change as our communication increases, and we all get to see what works, as it changes our collective worldview.

Racism is the issue right now because there is a lot of money and power at stake, and dividing people up and playing sides is how they can benefit. They like to perpetuate all the stereotypes about these cultures, and proliferate the divisive ideas. Media men sensationalize news and drive the false narratives that they're paid to. Con men rake in money while agitating race relations.

Remember we all bleed red so we must all be equal!

That's not true, all men are created equal.

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Generalizing people and stereotyping a group is the definition of prejudice ("racism" if you like). It disrespects those who are exemplary, even in cases of positive stereotypes (such as athletic ability of West African descendants). Human beings do have physical genetic differences based on genetics, "race" is real, but we also have unparalleled variances which surpass all generalized traits, making prejudices based on genetics largely useless. Our species learns and develops logic as we grow up, and there's so much genetic diversity that IQ can be wildly different between siblings. "Black people say" and "Black people are" are generalizations which are mostly wrong. I've known plenty of blacks that "behave like white people" (except they're just acting like normal blacks), and plenty of whites who do not behave. There's plenty with more "brain power" than me, that's pretty fuckin' rude to presume blacks are all brawn like that.

You're mixing up race and inner-city culture. Plenty of diversity in the hood. Let me say nobody wants to grow up poor, with less protection and less opportunity, struggling to survive, conforming to a culture that celebrates thugs and has no time for education. Calling the cops on robberies is considered "escalation" to some communities, because the consequences for everyone involved aren't favorable. This distrust of authority isn't some inherent trait, it's learned from encounters with the worst funded and worst trained cops. These communities do not want to "defund the police", but they do want to avoid getting fucked over by police. Resisting arrest is a dumb shit thing to do though, I wouldn't call that a racial thing though, that's a criminal thing.

I'm not sure what you mean with all the sports talk. Do kids still aspire to be in the NFL when they grow up? Times change, and I'm sorry for your loss sports fans.

Identity politics is just plain racism, it's designed for race baiters to get money and power. I don't believe in the past four years that western civilization has become more racist, it's all mud slinging, "divide and conquer". Don't lose track of who's stoking the embers. Hint: BLM isn't representative of the black community.

I never once thought Black Lives didn't matter, who's saying they don't? The BLM organization doesn't seem to have anything to do with protecting the community though, it's a paper thin front for a socialist movement, their slogan is only a distraction from their true aims. They can't hide where their money comes from, and don't bother hiding what their goals are.

A lot of stuff you've said is referring to corporate policies and activist group positions. I hope that you can step back and examine why you think all those things, and you may find that it's not the family downtown that wants free stuff that you have a problem with, but the consultants and lobbyists which preach these racist claims. Don't fight their props, but those who would divide the people to themselves profit.

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If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants. -Isaac Newton

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Wait, the quirky kid was actually hunting? I honestly don't remember any of that nonsense, and nobody could persuade me to watch it again. Alt Universe Will and Deanna seemed nice though, would have dinner at their cabin.

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The next Star Trek series should center around you and Jonathan Frakes. "Nepenthe" was by far the best episode of "Picard." Pay no mind to the naysayers--you're amazing.

I like those actors too, but nobody should be praising Star Trek Picard in any way.

That episode was just adding to the clusterfuck. Something about a super rare disease that only antielectrons can cure, but reverse charged electrons are unobtainable to retired starfleet admirals with dying kids, and it was somehow Picard's fault.

I guess it was the most memorable episode. They went to a cozy house in the woods where Riker cooks a pizza in one of those outdoor brick ovens, and they all sit around talking pleasantly for a while before smoke comes from the oven, but it was just a slice of tomato that fell from the pizza into the fire, "Burnt tomato!", the pizza was fine. Out of all of season 1, this was the least regrettable sequence to watch.

Agree completely that Retired Admiral Riker's Cooking would be a big hit on CBS All Access. What? Oh.

How do you cancel Paramount Plus?

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Imagine keeping your politics private and not alienating half your customers. It's remarkable how pressured these companies are to pander to a few noisy twitter bots.

How does a corporation employing thousands even have a political opinion? It's insulting to the people who actually make those eggo waffles that their brand publicly supports marxists, murderers, and rapists.

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Google Maps is doing some affirmative action as well.

This transparent pandering is surprisingly taken well by a lot of people. Identity politics is very popular in communities where people stand to gain something from it. And these racist businesses have every right to discriminate. I don't know anyone who will stop using google maps due to the bold black "B"s on black-owned businesses, in fact, the most racists will see it as a convenient service (one way or the other).

Morgan Freeman makes a great point.

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A lot of devs in here interested in giving away trademarks?

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Eh, they aren't doing that, they claim to be fans and are backpedaling hard in the interview. The title is a bit clickbait, but the space.com interviewer was the one phrasing it "toxic". They aren't doing any favors to the IP, but we don't have to buy their garbage either.

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Someone who likes money is prepared to make good movies instead of whatever Star Wars is now? Way too late.

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Pretty sure that's not the official BLM organization run by "trained marxists" insta.

Regardless of whether there are certain communities with more crime, we should ask who is paying for this movement, and who benefits from the violence and discord in the U.S. This isn't a black and white issue. Lording crime statistics over some dysfunctional group of people isn't a win for truth and freedom, but is just playing into the hands of those that want racial conflict.