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It is. The problem is that Disney lobbied to male it "life of the author plus 125 some odd years” in the 2000s, which is insane.

I prefer progressive copyright. To copyright something, you submit all relevant material to the National Copyright Library which also acts as an archive. It costs a fee to do so, which maintains the Library.

The fee is $1 for the first year, to allow anyone to copyright their work. The second year is $2, third year is $4, doubling every year until no one wants to pay it and the work reverts to public domain.

This way a five or even ten year copyright is reasonable, but 20 would be unlikely unless the work was pretty popular, and upwards of 50 would be nuts.

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Countries like Canada are increasingly turning to regulatory changes to protect domestic interests in light of the big inroads the world’s biggest digital companies have made in transforming how households watch programs, listen to music, conduct day-to-day business and consume news

Oh? Not in light of the federal government running the CBC into the ground, to the point that even liberals are open to fully defunding it?

The fees they plan to take in won't even cover the CBCs anual budget. But sure, let's have the feds ruin more Canadian content, they ruin everything else...

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Hot take: race and gender swapping characters isn't ruining comics; the writing and art in comics has gone to shit and "diversity" is a smokescreen to distract from this.

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Considering their immediate reaction, and all the odds ties between the killer and the RCMP, it may be more a matter of "Why wait for a good tragedy?"

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And then demand sympathy, yes, this is the entire point of "being" trans.

The only cure to this situation is to mercilessly bully them. It might seem cruel but, in the long run, it will save people from seeing trannyism as a viable life choice.

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That's my problem with this label; abnormal does not equal bad.

Regular excercise, in this day and age, is abnormal. Where I live, not being vaxxed is abnormal. Raising your kids outside of the public education system is abnormal etc, etc.

It also is a bit of a cop out. They're not actually saying it's bad either, just weird; what exactly are they implying?

I prefer the term hedonistic. There's no material benefit to society from homosexuality, it's purely for the enjoyment of those who partake. Therefore, while it shouldn't necessarily be banned (unless, you know, there was a good reason like our birth rates dropped below replacement levels), it should be treated like cigarettes, porn, or alcohol; no public advertising, possibly heavily taxed, and anyone pushing it on kids should be charged with child abuse.

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It's a totally different situation.

The disgusting hypocritical republicans want to show kids porn featuring adults (I guess..?), while the progressive, compassionate, twitter queers want to make porn of kids and show it to adults, which is fine.

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This "academic" posts an infographic showing more deaths in Canada than the States, goes "Booyah, take that Ameri-tards", and completely ignores the disclaimer, in the same infographic, stating that the number of deaths may not be accurate.

The absolute state of Canadian Universities...

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They just straight up hate father's day and would do anything to remove it's impact.

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The reason they can do this is because Disney, back in the early 2000s, extended copyrights to last the entire length of the authors life plus 125 years, which they lobby to extend every decade; they now own everything forever. My suggestion of progressive copyright fees ($1 for the first year, doubling every year after) was, sadly, ignored.

The only cure for this crap is a widespread distain for copyright. We need fan comics/movies/games of popular IPs, even if most of them are bad, because they won't be worse than the licensed stuff.

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I'm just staying out of spite, at this point, lol

I fly a flag on my car and I wear my convoy swag all the time. I've had several people, usually once a day, compliment me on them. I've yet to hear anyone trying to give me shit, irl.

This is the brave keyboard warrior. She's got a lot to say when she doesn't have to look me in the eye to say it.

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The worst thing about this is not that they hired this bitch, but that they obviously don't have a system in place to verify the articles they publish; they just take joirnalists at their word.

You can't even call it a news organization at this point.

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Just sue them.

Discrimination based on race was always illegal, even when people were bitching about "systemic racism" or the "gender wage gap".

Trust me, it's far worse to have to go through our Human Rights Tribunals than it is to just have your business burned to the ground.

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Isn't Zoe Quinn the one who bullied Alec Howlowka until he killed himself?

If so, I lean towards funny.

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Leon Gary Plauché (November 10, 1945 – October 23, 2014) was an American HERO man known for the 1984 vigilante killing of Jeff Doucet, who had kidnapped and molested Plauché's son, Jody. The killing occurred on Friday, March 16, 1984, and was captured on camera by a local news crew. Although Plauché shot and killed Doucet, he was given a seven-year suspended sentence with five years' probation and 300 hours of community service for the shooting and received no prison time.

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These people aren't really human, they've allowed themselves to be posessed by demons.

If they won't be saved, they'll perish. We should help them if we can, otherwise we should prepare for the tower to fall.

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Makes you wonder if it's possible to raise someone to be gay, and then to wonder how many people that's happened to...

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The fact that they both transitioned suggests that they want to be gay, rather than having an inherent attraction to women or men.

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Homosexuals can only reproduce through grooming.

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I'm on the fence about involving kids in political movements, but I've taken my kids to trucker rallies and they've never had faces like that. They look scared.

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Until this year, it's never been observed outside of Africa, afaik.

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