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Obviously one is BC, but pleasedon'tbeOntariopleasedon'tbeOntariopleasedon'tbeOn...

“It is incumbent on all school boards to ensure all students – most especially 2SLGBTQ+ students – feel supported, reflected in their schools, and welcomed within our communities,” Ontario Minister of Education Stephen Lecce wrote in a June 2 statement to kick off Pride Month.


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It's the Ontario Conservative party, the one that got voted in because everyone was sick of the corrupt Liberals, who's doing this. Granted there are new right wing parties springing up now, but they won't have any real traction for a long time.

I think it's a media/twitter problem where all the politicians think the loud, opinionated, danger hairs represent the general opinion of the masses so they all cater to the faggotry. In reality, most of us are on board with the truckers (as long as we're paying attention...)

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And to not be associated with total degenerates just because of their sex preference.

You could be a perfectly normal, social, person who happens to be gay, but if you're a total degenerate coomer, you're definitely gay (among other things).

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Fortunately, the people who deserve the backlash put huge rainbow targets on their homes, cars, amd persons.

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Which means "alt-right" media is now big business.

Prepare to watch it be subverted.

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I wonder what implications this has for copyright.

Since the original version has been disavowed by the copyright holder, does that mean it's no longer protected?

Conversely, could they go after people who still have copies of the original for owning a "modified" copy?

Probably not, but I wonder what recourse there is for people trying to preserve original versions of these movies.

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In Canada there are a lot of companies that do not give out references, as policy.

Asking for references is pointless anyway; either the person is at the company, and recruiters can ask them directly, or they're unknown and trivially easy to fake.

Just laziness on the part of HR.

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At the very least, a total redesign; we don't need factory workers, after all.

I've been homeschooling for a few years, and I love it, but there are some limitations. I'd honestly rather have a local school, like we have now, where parents are simply much more involved.

Ideally, every class would have a teacher with training on how to prepare lessons and create exercises. The teacher would have 2-3 parents assisting them by working with the kids individually, who would rotate so that every parent would have to put in some time. As I mentioned elsewhere, classes would have the same kids K through 8 so the parents and teachers would build a raport over the years, promoting culture.

With these highly trained teachers and hands-on parents, curricula could be designed at the school level based on State-wide standard tests. Exchanges could be done with schools who consistently score high on tests to create best practice guidelines to help schools that are struggling.

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That’s okay, the world needs ditch diggers too.

Yes, and the education system should be training them as well.

I'm in roofing right now and I can tell you that, in 10 years, there will be no roofers, regardless of how much you're willing to pay for a roof, because no one will be able to actually climb a ladder and work for 10 hours outside.

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I like #4, but that also relies on having functional standardized tests.

What is "Level 2" and how does a student acheive it. Will all Level 2 students at a school have the same proficiency? Home about across the Board? Or the country?

The biggest advantage I can see of bringing different ages together is that there's no more of this "no child left behind" feel-goodery.

I picture a system where each teacher takes a group of kids from K-8. Every year, a few more graduate and there's a new crop of kindergardeners; older students are expected to mentor and guide the younger students. Curriculum is clearly laid out and tests are done quarterly, if the student is ready. Some classes are general, but each school will have classes that focus on things like music, history, engineering, athletics, etc that students can transfer to if they meet the prerequisite levels.

I'd also like the general classes to actually run the school, insofar as possible. Stuff like cleaning classrooms, basic maintenance, grounds keeping, and food programs could all be run by classes of kids. This way, everyone gets a turn doing the nitty gritty that keeps the school running, and they also get the choice of pursuing academics or something more grounded.

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This is "Anti-racism".

People excuse or ignore crime commited by a person when said person belongs to a group that's been stereotyped as doing that crime. Then more people of that group get away with committing the crime and the stereotype intensifies.

The best example is the Pakistani rape gangs in the UK, where police were instructed to ignore the matter.

Anti-racism does not reduce racism; it allows, or even promotes, people to engage on negative stereotypes, reinforcing those stereotypes.

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White male, unemployed, doesn't bathe, lazy, fat, sleeps on the floor like a hobo...

Now I want to see a movie about this version of Spiderman facing off against the Jordan Peterson Red Skull, lol

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Yeah, I could sit through the first one because I enjoyed the animation (and someone gifted it to me), but the story was painful.

Miles/Peter's arc was literally "You're good: believe in yourself". Gwen had no purpose other than to girl boss and be a romantic partner for Miles (something the feminists happened to not notice, just as we're supposed to not notice yet another example of Hollywood pushing mycegination). The others were cardboard characatures.

The only interesting character was Kingpin: the supervillain destroyed by the loss of the family that he loved. But they did nothing with it; instead of exploring the obvious parallels between this and the death of Uncle Ben, they just went "sucks to be evil, lol".

I really don't get who went back for more.

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It's dumb that they aren't pretty much all Peter Parker (or mostly villains).

The whole point of Uncle Ben dying was it caused traumatic pain and filled Peter with a sense of justice. It's heavily implied, especially in the movies, that he would have used his powers selfishly if not for Ben's influence.

If some other chucklehead had been bitten, they would likely have turned into a villain, which means most of the non-Peter Spidermans should have been villains. Spiderman came about because of an unlikely series of events, so to say that every universe, no matter how different, would just produce a heroic Spiderman automatically because reasons, is lazy.

Or, even more likely, they would mostly be Peter, but versions of him that made different choices. They did that in the finale of the 90s animated series and it was a good way to put Peter's choices in context, rather than doubting everything he had done to that point.

But we all know exactly what they're doing. They're killing Peter Parker off (or making him into a doughy loser who gives up). If there are other heroic Spidermans in the multiverse, the most likely explanation is that the original Spiderman died and was replaced by a copycat (which is explicitely what happened in the case of both Miles and Gwen).

It's demoralizational propaganda against white males, period. They aren't getting more "representation" for POCs, they're literally afirmative actioning Spiderman by replacing him with people of a more acceptable complexion or genitals, rather than creating new characters (Safespace and Snowflake, anyone?)

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More like:

I once saw a restaurant that had BLM and LGBQRST flags in the window and flyers for drag queen baby bathing workshops, and I really wanted a burger, so I went in and they charged me more because I was only in two protected classes and the minimum was four. Has anyone else eaten there?

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The funniest thing about the "never been ceded" part, particularily by the government, is they're basically saying "yeah, we believe this is your land, and it was taken from you unfairly, and it should be given back but...nah"

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The Canadian military also admitted that the pandemic was an opportunity to try out experimental propaganda on it's own citizens.

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The problem is, that's been the MO of the Left for decades.

Remember when Jon Steward seemed to be in favour of free speech and limited government power...until his team was the one calling the shots? And he's far from alone.

I'm not saying that's the case with Musk but, at this point, if you aren't vehemently and unequivocably fighting for clear principals, the benefit of the doubt is gone.

As for this movie, despite some qualms I have with Matt Walsh, I wouldn't rate it more than PG. IIRC, there are no pics of post surgery genitals or anything; maybe some swearing, and a couple things I would clarify for a child who wasn't familiar with the situation.

I can't think of a reason any 13yo would be in any way traumatized by this movie; it's basically a bunch of interviews.

So why the censorship?

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