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It's one of the most popular movie and game types. I think the fact that people will sit captivated for 3+ hours watching or 20, 30, 40+ hours playing games like this shows that there is a strong survival interest in society. I think it's because we're anticipating needing those skills and trying to put ourselves in that headspace. Return to monke/ dark ages incoming?

Idk. I just found this idea interesting.

Apocalypto, Cast Away, World War Z and games like Far Cry, The Last of Us, Dying Light... where you're supposed to play a character that is trying to survive, scavenging resources, setting traps, honing weapons, other strategy.

I also always thought "zombies" were a great metaphor for modern times/ civil unrest, only instead of eating you physically we have people behaving like animals, panic, competition for resources, etc.

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Trump will win hugely. He'll no longer be in a lame duck pattern, second term and nothing to lose. We're gonna get a show.