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I’d rather have an IOU from Lloyd Christmas than this money getting printed now.

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No child left behind needs to go. If the federal government wants to be involved, they can write a check, but no more. Some kids are going to be left behind. That’s okay, the world needs ditch diggers too.

The state should largely be left out as well. A school district should be one high school and the schools that feed it. This small organization will be extremely susceptible to parental involvement.

The parents will get to choose what type of traditional Christianity will form the foundation of the moral teaching at the school. The student and faculty behavioral code will derive from that as well.

High achievers will be the focus. Middle and poor performing students will receive no special education. Smart kids will advance as far and as fast as they can.

The three “Rs” will be the goal of the teachers along with the religious education as a fourth R. Modern ideas, such as feminism, racial equality, or homosexuality, will be forbidden.

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Acksuly, conpro users love statistics about basketball americans.

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Tell them there is a hard working, well to do, husband in it for them and they will bring you Putin’s head on a platter.

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Also, when they complain about “men,” they are really just complaining about a couple of guys they keep falling for. Why wouldn’t those guys be assholes? They are neck deep in pussy.

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I read that these groups made women realize that even in NYC, they were all dating the same couple of guys. Lol

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Even the comments in favor of white pride are couched in critical theory and, therefore, shit. Social studies professors and Barista academics need to be burned at the stake.

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It’s nice to get away to one of the world’s most authoritarian nations and be surrounded by spymasters. Relaxing.

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Republicans just demonstrated that they are rubber stamps for dems with the debt ceiling deal, so it really doesn’t matter if the elections are fake or not. We get the government TPTB want us to have depending on their short term agenda.

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I’m in the US, so I had to glean what this is about from the comments.

People are being arrested for making fun of a soccer team?!?!

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Trump will be the next president. It is his destiny for he is the antichrist.

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Torquemada would run out of wood today.

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Jadzia will fuck anything, but no one makes a big deal about it.

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I didn’t even know Lizzo was a singer until today. After I saw this, I did some searches on her and listened to a song. It’s like looking into an alternate universe full of idiots.

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That denies reality. I don’t respect gays because sodomy is disgusting and an affront to God, however I can’t argue with their preference as that is undeniably subjective. The sex someone is born with is not. If you are a guy it is written in every cell of your body. Likewise with women.

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The prequels were bad compared to the OT, but unfortunately awesome compared to everything since.

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