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As per the title, yesterday, I noted how some companies I have supported for a while decided to express support for LGBT pride month, a.k.a degeneracy and pedophilia enabling.

I want to take real action and be part of the solution.

However, this is the first time I have done anything like this.

I want to express how I have been a lifelong supporter of their racing series and that they got me through times when I was experiencing serious identity and anxiety issues of my own.

I am now past that, and therefore I want to say that I know what it's like to feel uncertain about oneself. However, we have been seeing a wave of morally questionable trends get promoted as child and family friendly in the name of LGBT support and I think that it will do more damage than good in the long run.

Specifically, I want to point out that the LGBT movement these series are supporting is now a destructive and deceitful ideology that promotes:

*Sexually explicit and provocative behavior in public and targeted toward children

*The grooming of kids through open discussion of sexual acts and identity politics with them that confuse them and put them at risk of exacerbating natural inner turmoil.

*The removal of natural body parts and developmental complication from hormones therapy taken as part of "gender-affirming care", which could damage their bone structure, inhibit their development, and critically destroy their health among other risks.

*Creating arbitrary genders that further confuse them and harm their ability to adapt and adjust to life

*Overall, exploiting and sexually grooming and abusing children

*The prosecution and ostracization of anyone who so much as questions any of the above.

I also welcome suggestions for links to any video or news article examples that truly illustrate that the LGBT movement they're backing is no longer about love or acceptance but instead perversion and hate.

I appreciate any feedback this community offers on the matter. I supported these organizations for a long time, and I want them to realize what they're actually supporting. I want us to take the institutions and companies that built our country up back.