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You forgot to somehow blame whiteness for Mexico

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Open secret is that Mexicans are horrendously (I’m sorry) colorist. It wouldn’t be a hard connection for them to make “whiteness” the villain in this context but it’s also why the lefts history of pandering to illegals has always been so twisted.

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Basically all races the world over hate black people. Even black people hate black people.

icockmyglock 7 points ago +8 / -1

My interactions with blacks have been 70% bad / 30% good. Only times that a gun has been pulled on me it was blacks. Blacks moved into a house down the street. 3 weeks after they moved in the house was in shambles. Only times I stagnate in my career it's because a black is my manager.

The other 30%.......I can't think of one good interaction tbfh......the times they pulled guns on me and I didn't get shot or robbed? Ok I guess that side of the interaction was "good".

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I actually wouldn't mind if the US invaded Australia to topple the brutal regime there. We would be welcomed as liberators.

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The last thing I need is a reason to cheer for the cartels.

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I am not surprised. One of the less talked about events going on right now is that Mexico has been trying to turn itself around and has been getting real sick and tired of being the doormat for everyone trying to break into America.

I remember a month or so ago there was reports of another migrant caravan trying to get up to the US border, and then it dropped out of the news. I did more looking into it and found out that the reason was because the Mexicans had (literally) beaten them back, with the Federales just beating the absolute tar out of them as they attempted to cross the border. So the caravan turned around and fell apart.

So its no shock that they look at the Haitians coming into the country and are taking an attitude of "How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, hombre?!"

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If you send me to Haiti, I have no one there to help me

How about you help yourself you useless fucking leech?

The father held off the agents for about 10 minutes as raids were conducted throughout the hotel. He was successful. Eventually, the authorities left him and his family alone.

Jesus Christ, this is such a fucking farce. Two groups of men with rifles, helmets, and body armor versus one nigger with a shard of glass, and they just leave him alone when he wouldn't do what they said? Even in fucking Mexico? No wonder that country is controlled by drug cartels, holy shit.

"Put down your weapon and come out!" "NO! I don't wanna! I want my tendies! Waah!" "Oh okay sir, in that case your complimentary room service will be here promptly, we apologize for the inconvenience."

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Is this a real article? ... oh, Buzzfeed lol.

> Haitians are being assaulted by Mexican police.

> This is why it's America's fault.

APDSmith 3 points ago +3 / -0

Buzzfeed news asserts that Haitians have such a bad country that they should be allowed to claim someone else's - anybody's really, just not their own?

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Remember when calling Haiti a shithole was the worst thing someone could do?

APDSmith 2 points ago +2 / -0

Yeah, but they call Haiti a shithole with love and empathy, or something.

borga 2 points ago +2 / -0

This is Canada in 2024

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why didn't they just go to the literal other side of the island? is the dominican republic worse than haiti?

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Dominicans do not like Haitians, at all. They will bus them in to do basic construction or other low/no skill work but make sure to bus them back out at the end of the day. No one likes Haitians, even Haitians.