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Whats a cricket?

I dont speak australian fluently.

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Peak "Some people are only alive because its illegal to kill them" moment.

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Reddit is just 5 troons with 1 million accounts each.

Change my mind.

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Modern Marxism isnt what Marx envisioned, otherwise it would be both racist and antisemitic.

His movement, while retarded, was hijacked and made 100 times worse.

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Feminists have always been butthurt harpies jealous of other women who take out their insecurities on men. Ever since the first wave these stooges of Marxism have sought to make the rest of humanity as miserable as they are, and I would very much say they succeeded. However, theyve also successfully made themselves even more miserable, much to the amusement of their masters, I would assume.

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The latter is pretty normal, they're also forced to take the completely useless flu shot.

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Are they fighting antifa or people who dont want to be forced into experimental medical procedures?

Either way, free real-estate for the Mafia.

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Back in saner times, he would be sat on a chair and twitch for a while before expiring.

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Its all about power.

Their promoting of degeneracy that no one wanted: power.

Abusing children: power.

Being open hypocrites: power/

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German man: Grows a testicle

German Government: SNIP SNIP

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Possibly, though it irks me that Gallileo gets credit for something Copernicus discovered, merely because those in power hate the Church.

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Gallileo was actually wrong.

His models were complete garbage.

He used CIRCULAR orbits.

He was literally peer reviewed by the inquisition and their Geocentric models were more mathematically sound.

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It how theyre biologically designed. They submit to authority. Normally its their husband, but in our degenerate society, its the state. Marxism destroyed women and the family using feminism to achieve this.

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