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China spends their money influencing our media and if you want access to their market for it and your other products you play along. Most companies prefer more money than less and happily sacrifice their principles. I also think those are red rifles and the color balance is off or has been altered as their white gloves appear a different color as well.

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You're a damned idiot and need to get your little bitch ass here to apologize for spreading outright lies as it was clear as day in every article I had read she was alleging multiple young healthy people that refused the vaccine were her patients.

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How long were vaccines widely available to the young in Alabama and how long after could someone be considered fully vaxxed? I think late March or April at the earliest. That said this woman said it happened multiple times and we already know "healthy" isn't the average coronavirus death, since most are averaging at least 3 co-morbidities so what are the odds she had multiple, young, healthy patients need to be intubated by her within 3-4 months? Probably as good as your odds of winning the next powerball.

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Yep. You're worth more to this doctors life as a dead prop she could get attention with on social media than as someone worth living. She's a liar and thanks to posts like these we can prove it, but I don't doubt that there are doctors not much different than her killing patients like here especially since a dead covid patient is literally worth more than a living one.


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You're the MVP. I was looking for such a detailed chart on the CDC as you were able to find, but I noticed that less than 50 people under the age of 30 died for the entire state WITH covid and less than 180 people under the age of 40, across the whole state since the start of the epidemic. What are the odds that this one doctor had multiple, HEALTHY young patients after young people were able to get the vaccine and be "fully vaxxed", especially with how few covid deaths were listed without a single co-morbidity (6 percent or less if I'm not mistaken)?