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You have to look at the fragile minds of those requiring such affirmation.

Also, imagining yourself as a cowboy or astronaut requires a degree of empathy that shitskins sorely lack.

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Well. Who wants to demand a refund, then? They've publicly stated that those state's monies are not wanted.

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Facts also say that you can shove that bullshit right the fuck up your ass.

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Yeah, it needs to lose those burnt cheetos on its haid because they hold lice.

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The jewish media does the deeds of the jewish handlers who control our politics.

Including silencing dissent ... by any means necessary.

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The Y's been co-opted ever since ... and before ... the song about it. It was known as a place for faggotry on the downlow.

It does not surprise me that this organization took the troon's side.

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I declare Biden's occupation of the White House illegal and unconstitutional with assistance from the corrupt Congress.

I vote that they should ALL hang. Good, bad, indifferent. All are complicit in the corruption.

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