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In all honesty, that is a gotcha ... but not admissable since the IRS only counts back 7 years. Oddly Biblical number ...

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... Jet trails, sunset times, frog noises and astrogating got them to honking a horn nearby.

That's scary.

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Hey ... remember when a bunch of autistic gamers decided to tell the Russian military where a terrorist cell in the middle east was? That was a real blast.

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So ... proof that in-preference exists and can be used as examples against other, globalist type groups that practice the same in-preferences.

You know what should happen but is both discouraged and criminalized?

Hmmm.... I wonder what happened the last time in-preference happened among a certain group of mench.

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The jews were making far to much money from slavery to allow this.

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Looking for another round of #NotAllMudslimes hashes, too.

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Hmm ... have the og black discs and a PS2 ... so I can legally emulate the only FF7 that matters.

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To play the advocate most infernal ...

I have issue with the point as stated in paragraph 48. Was not Mary, in fact, the surrogate of God, the Father?

Is not St. Joseph venerated as the "Holy Stepfather"?

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Do a round-robin yourself. Take a passage from King Lear in original Shakespearian English and roll it into Chinese ... then into German ... then into Brazilian Portuguese and then back to English.

Hell ... do it with the first chapter of Genesis from the RSV2CE

Enjoy the lulz.

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Every movement needs its martyrs. Every Holodomor has its body pit. Every revolution has its Alamo. Remember.

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I use Vivaldi.

Sure, it's chromium, but 'eh.

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This is what they've stolen from you and gave it to lesser deserving creatures.

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No idea. Who is Gilbert Grape?

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It'll take a crane to move the casket.

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Welllllll... the games match the injected diversity in sports, but that was inevitable as the field-pickers needed something to do.

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