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I find it interesting that it clearly seems to depend on which server region you're unfortunate enough to be in what minority groups ruin the game you're trying to play. For me because I'm in the UK it's always fucking Turkish players, I actually don't mind the Russians or Chinese all that much because they tend to be okay in that they at least know how to play the game.

Turkish players though piss me off because they're always shitting up servers and spamming chat. In CS:2 in particular they were trying to vote spam against people they thought were 'bad players' which is a dick move even by my standards to pull on casual or they'd immediately start crying hacker if a guy on the other team was better than they were.

I hadn't put two and two together that it was probably the minorities doing this the most and it's definitely gotten worse because all the kids are on holiday now fucking up the servers. I just found it funny that we've got a migrant problem in gaming now and it's so widespread all sorts of people are noticing these twats.

Honestly, trust me, just log in for five seconds on any game now and you'll see it, I suppose I should just be grateful I don't have to deal with Indians because they're probably several times worse. Playing co-op with any of these awful fuckers sounds like it would be a nightmare which is why I gave up on GTA V and I bet it's terrible on the newer games as well.