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Skepticism is commendable; however I am entitled to treat the pagan gods as real in a post about a game that does so, even if the notion that the supernatural/aliens are real actually were schizophrenic rather than being the classical view. Believing that one IS Odin is a sign of schizophrenia; merely believing in him is not.

Here is how an intelligent, substantive critic would validate my post:

  1. Identify the central claim: the polyphasic MP mechanic
  2. Check CotW documentation by Googling
  3. Discover the documentation contradicts my post, claiming that HP recovers 2 per minute while resting.
  4. Test on Easy mode using the browser game version and determine that I am correct.
  5. Decide not to challenge further.

Expostulations of incredulity are readily manufactured by ChatGPT, so include some deductive reasoning to distinguish yourself from a bot.

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In the OP, I linked to r/CastleoftheWinds which ratiod my announcement of my Expert playthrough at 100%.

However, I'm happy to make this our last interaction.

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A bot can easily generate such accusations, but it cannot prove them by demonstrating a flaw in the reasoning, because bots do not understand their subject matter. Your theoretical bot would also need to play Castle of the Winds, which has no bots written for it, AFAIK.

If White racists were allowed in academia, I assure you I'd be writing in peer reviewed journals instead of here.

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Title + howto. Use to decompress while working at keyboard.

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Sephiroth's a hybrid half-angel, so he gets the anime hair.

I didn't even get to WH40k, or the Annuna cough

Spawn too.

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One doesn't need art to investigate what is statistically proven ad nauseam.

The ongoing conflict between avian and reptilian factions helps explain the Jewish insistence on and success at importing large numbers of sub-Saharans into White countries. Pointing that out is what caused the original removal. As if dragons were somehow inferior; so racist!

(Not All Jews Are Like That, Jannies.)

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People assume I'm German. Why would I bother answering your rude and stupid questions?

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There is a lot more than angels out there, and interdimensional beings can trivially mask their appearance to human eyes.

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Use a Firefox variant like Brave then

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I suggest always using a rotation of VPN servers and writing your banworthy material on a shitty browser dedicated to shitposting everywhere. cough Firefox

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You just explained why I shouldn't get a Wordpress account. They're censors like you. It's an unmonetized uncensored Substack. And the link is a continue reading for hitting your character limit. I could put it on a Gitlab if I thought you weren't just looking for an excuse. Instead I'll just delete the link and tell people to ask for it in the comments if they want to continue reading.

No, it doesn't violate rule 16. They aren't reptiles. Human macro-races are mammalian hybrids of avians (caucasians), insectoids (mongoloids), and reptilians (negroids). See Eugene McCarthy's Hybrid Stabilization Theory to understand how cross-species hybridization works. The duck-bill platypus is an obvious example. However, starseeding does not occur naturally.

Hybridization with vastly more advanced alien species does not make anyone inferior. So says my Ashkenazi-enhanced IQ.

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Apparently the statement "Sephiroth is Sigma as fuck" is controversial, not self-evident. I've tried creating r/SociosexualHierarchy, but expect the subreddit to be banned, considering Redditors hate the concept of Gamma inferiority.

OP is link rather than text because it requires two images displayed inline.